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  1. But is it not our duty to help the helpless? In India, the situation is terrible with poverty everywhere you go and corruption as far as the eye can see! Violence (religious strife), cultural degradation, and social decay are also some of the many problems that country faces. But imagine a society based on the Vedic principles of government where the most power is concentrated on those who are in proper knowledge. I want to learn more about this system and how it actually would function but based on my limited understanding, I believe at the highest position would be a King (properly trained and englightened Kshatriya), and a council of Brahmins who act as sort of a senate/legislation. All decisions would be made with the advice of our scriptures and for the greater good of the people. Based on vedic philosophy and our scriptures, what would the priorites of such a govenrnment be? I believe they would be relief of poverty and religious upliftment to start with but the possiblities are endless (education, environment protection etc.). The benefit to the common man, muslim, hindu, christian or whatever, would be tremendous. What do you all think?
  2. Thank you everybody for your replies but I wanted to make a few clarifications. BruzWayne, I'm not suggesting that we make the politicans religious, i'm suggesting we put religious people INTO power and eliminate the materialistic politicians all together. Also I know this will be very difficult in the USA (where I live and the nation of my birth), so I think the revolution should start in Bharat (India). Jai Sri Krishna!
  3. Hari bol! I'm very happy to have found this forum because I've been looking for a place to communicate with other devotees. To see you all discussing about Krishna is truly a great thing. After studying the scriptures and vaishnav philosophy I can't help but wonder why we have not tried to take it to the political level. Shouldn't we take the advice of the vedic scriptures when it comes to how government should function and be structured? Shouldn't those with power be enlightened people with full knowledge of religion and morality (qualified brahmins and kshatriyas)? Obviously none of this is the case in any country, but I believe it is our duty to promote the vedic ideology in a political and religious sense, for the sake of humanity. Jai Sri Krishna!
  4. Hare Krishna! Nice picture, Govindaram! To the previous posters, please first learn about Krishna and his expansion Balram before posting such nonsense on this forum. Indeed govindaram, I can clearly see who the boss is /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  5. I am the only one posting under "amit" but now I have registered this username. The current government is secular and does not follow religion it is therefore demonic. My whole point is that this government is illegitmate and must be replaced with one that recieves its authority and morality from the scriptures. Madrasas and christian schools would be shut down but those who claimed to be muslims and christians could still continue to go to mosques or churches and worship as they please as long as they followed the law of the land and accepted their roles as subjects of the King. "Hinduism" would be discouraged and true religion would be taught in gurukulas and temples under the guidance of qualified brahmins. The vedas would once again reign supreme in the Kingdom of Bharat.
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