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  1. the god of the bible was a king not a god. and the pagan myths of the faiiths in that area reflect the same god a mean psychopath. all the middle eastern gods were just crazy. why would nayone with a any degree of sanity follow the bible god?
  2. he would not judge a good person for not believing in him because the whole of the christian faith has long been corrupt. one thing is for certian he was not the the supreme god. the end. jesus in not krishna. krishna is god nad jesus if real was his follower and worshiped krishna not your biblical jehovvaaaa. the god of the bible is a genocidal manic not a true god.
  3. how sweet what you say. but the reality is jesus is not a real person. the christ is a idea, no more no less. these arguments of yours are pathetic and certialy ill inspired by your imagination and your parroting of your dogma guides and your wild scriptures. your jesus is not a litteral person. if he is he was a hindu and vishnava. nota jew or hebrew or what ever manmade faith that is not god inspired. real religion is not hell fire and brimstone if you leave that out of your religion it pointless and blaphemy according to your faith. blind leading hte blind. i am sure your a good guy but your christina faith is just a ideology not a religion or a reality.
  4. karma and the gunas is why some are prone to illicit sex desires. sex for procreation is best. but homosexual sex is definatly demoniac sex. having desires is not bad, it is if your acting on the desires. illisit sex is wrong pure and simple. why are bisexuals and homosexals and their friends so insistant that we must give them total acceptance? why do i have to tolerate them? why do they get so upset if people despise them? this is human nature to do so and rightly so. i personally can not morally tolerate or accept them in the slightest. where in the scriptures says i have to tolerate or accept them? i understand it says view all in equanimity yes but not tolerance of their demoniac behaviors? but why do all these people insist on it? then they call you hatefull if you don't? i feel no hate toward homosexuals, but if i state that i am not tollerant, i am called a bigot or a hatefull person? it is very sad when you state you find certain behaviors immoral are a bad person? like my grandmother always said if you don't have anything nice to say do not say anything at all. if i were to do this, i would never speak about non-devotees or the the bad behaviors of devotees and non-devotees alike.. a few dictionary referances for those that have very low comprehension levels. equanimity: The quality of being calm and even-tempered; composure. acceptance : The act or process of accepting. The state of being accepted or acceptable. Favorable reception; approval. Belief in something; agreement. tolerance : The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others. Leeway for variation from a standard. The permissible deviation from a specified value of a structural dimension, often expressed as a percent. bigot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
  5. your correct. what was the spiritual part of the experiance was my coming to a little better understand of hinduism and begine getting rid of my mayavadi thinking and delutional thinking. so when that happend i had a eye opening experiance to the fact i need true spirituality. no more no less. it was spiritual no matter what anyone says, it changed me for the better and that is truely spiritual. guest; well i forgive you. please for give me. --there's no one to forgive... simply you have to understand that vaishnavism is philosophic. Everyone s happy of your decision to practice krsna consciousness, but ther's no doctrinal or philosophic way to interprete your experience as spiritual.. and there's the need to say it because no one has to think that drug experiences or nde experiences are spiritual so go in any gaudya vaishnava temple or association you like and simply chant hare krsna... that's enough. When you'll be more advanced your being against western devotees and your feeling a victim because my opinion about your experience will disappear.. you have come in a forum... and a forum is meant to discuss if you do not like to discuss.. do not come in a forum
  6. sumedh; i am guilty of this my self.
  7. a gang of zelots beating me to the ground. /images/graemlins/confused.gif this is amazing. i really dont care about if it was real or not. i am happy with KC. i can really see your no better then the xians fundys. all this bashing is really good for me no one has helped me at all, a few perhaps but mostly i get filth. you are really all knowing bunch aren't you. good luck you guys, well i am happy that pandits and devotees that i can talk face to face with are supportive and thing my experiance was a truly wonderful thing. over the years i have found that assocation at hare krishna centers is the worst thing for spiritual advancement casue it attracts freaks and burned out dopers, ya i did shrooms once and smoke pot for 6-8 months over 10 years ago, but i am going to stick with my personal studies of our acharya swami prabhpada and the our other acharyas and go to a traditional vishnava temple that follows the teaching of lord chataynia. i will stick with the all indian temples and avoid the ones with westerners and corupted indians. the only temple i feel comfortable in are all indian temples. i have mentioned topics here that people have told me at the hare krishna temples and was told it was wrong and horse puckey. your guys don't know what the other hand is doing. i am sick of the hare krishna orgs and there fanatical zelots. boy am i sick of americans. i am sick of kaliyuga. this is what i deserve i can not wait to move back the the deep deep northern wilderness where there is no tv or internet. some nice place in alaska. back to nature and peace and quiet. where i can chant with out distractions and do my private worship of krishna in peace and quiet. good luck i quit this forum. i will check back to see what nasty things are said to me and about me.. i understand the worst thing one can do is insult a devotee. well i forgive you. please for give me. also i am sincerly do appolgize as i am a very passionate person about my faith stuck in the gunas one day i will rise past this arrogence and i hope you all will too. when you become sick of the bull of material life. hare krishna
  8. a pandit that i told all about my experiance and he said it was pretty much ligit and keep studing KC and he said all the books the swami prabhupada wrote were excellent and he said your org is great. he said if since i did not have a massave vision from this substance; it is real. if it the things i heard in the vision were not according to scriptures then it was all delutions and a mental fabracation aka a mental lie. shiva said just study and gave me clues. so from what i said take it as divine intevention/karma. /images/graemlins/smile.gif i do not want to go into details cause it was so simple and i already stated it before i will not repeat my self. but shiva did not tell me anything different the what swami has said. so was it ligit according to the pandit that i told every thing too, i will go with his qualified yes. also the gentalmen that runs my local temple said "your karma lead you in this direction so i would not think about it too much but what happend is a positive thing you should never forget what he said and keep studing like i was instructed. /images/graemlins/shocked.gif so i will say your guys are incorrect about it being not a true experiance, what if i was a devotee in my last life (i was) then i am a devotee now and that vision was to put me back on track. so you guys are just guessing or being know it alls.
  9. so if my near death experiance was not a ligit spiritual experiance and i did not talk to shiva/rudhra. then what i imagined was not real eather, i imagined that he told me some simple things nothing grand or super enlighting just some clues to what was going on (study KC, be a bit nicer to people and open your eyes to karma enought to not think i can just be semi nice and i will havea wonderful after life, he also said the cycle of death and rebirth applys and you need to renounce it all to god and you got it all wrong and its in the hidu scriptures and i will find it when i see it and you will feel sercure in your spiriual finding enought to learnd about what your goal in life really is, when you read it you will feel like every thing else is just plain wrong, well when i read swaim prabuhpadas works i like it all and found no fault, now i dislike reading other socalled spiritual books, i only have a taste for KC litrature), or maybe i read a hare krishna book asa teen and forgot about it and i had a flash back to that. so does that make it any less spiritual? typically according to a few of you i am in delutional thinking and it a mental concoction. ok i desided your right i was go back to being a agnostic cause i never talked to shiva/rudhra and i was just having some vivid halucination and i was just sick in the head.
  10. he did not understand homosexual behavior he was in shock when confronted with a questions about it and confused when it was said in english to him so a hindi speaker explained it to him. he said a few things compleatly (nicely) against it. but in hindi culture it is the lowest thing a peson can be; below untouchables and dog eaters. in vedic religion homosexuality is the worst offence against god. just don't have sex with him be celibate and leave him if he will not except krishna and the regualtive pricipals. fight the urge give up the gay life style. you know its wrong and yes you were born with a gay genes but you dont have to be actively homosexual.
  11. my first iq test in the 3rd grade said 169, at 19 i took another and they said i was unscoreablely high and i was a savant genius over 200 iq. they even seid i was considered normal in my mental health level, also that most people are not normal in thier psychological profiles. i asked if people that put down they belive in god and ghost are paranoid scitzophrenics, she said yes. i naturally put athiest. cause i knew that is a dead giveaway. but then what i call god is not what they call god. their defintion of god is paranoid and scitzo. LOL what horse .. those psychologics have their own wacko religion. they are wacked out from the start.
  12. l ron hubbard was a navy operative that invented a method of brain washing field agents so they could not remember their operations. he then took this method that worked occasionally and started a cult to make money. they are basically brainwashed. the goverment funded his research and its a hollywood money cult and they destroy familys constantly. they only get the most simple minded and greedy types. such as tom cruse, kristy allie , john travota, lisa presley and a host of other simpletons, they are a highly demonic group and sue people and belive in this very strange alien worshiping religion. look up ex-scientoligists and their experiances, they get sued casue they are forced to sing legal papers to silence them about the groups methods such as starvation and seclution and forceing people to do strage meaning less tasks and getting paid pennys a day and sex abuse and the like.
  13. the bible does not say the chosen people are the jews. the word jews only appeared in modern times, the hebrews are not the jews and are not relation at all. the jews are not the people of isreal or the ones of the bible. the jews are a group of pagans that one of their kings forced the religion of babylonian talmud and kabbhalla on them. much like the latvians that were vedicans and a king desided that christian religion was a better religion to control them and forced conversion. isreal is not a physical place according to the oldest bibles. the ones printed in the last 1900 years are very inaccurate and purposly rewritten to decieve and mislead the peoples, bacislaly the bible liek the KJV is a book of lies and nonsense. the jews are not the chosen people, this is a modern idea. most jews especially the ordthodox jews are talmudist and kabbhalists and do not beleve in the torah or god for that matter they are atheists.
  14. and you know this how? judgemental arent we? you said "stop it and stop to recall experiences induced by material substance as spiritual.." your recieving info direct from god now? just so you know it was near death experiance, the poison from the mushrooms almost killed me i had toxic reactions from them so it was a real spirtiual experiance, and mushroom induced toxic reaction. i almost died and was told in the vision i could die and do i really want the be one the same cycle of death and rebirth. i was playing with fire and i almost got burned. i had fever tremors and puking and headaches after that. tellme do you knwo what toxic shock is? you can die from it. i was sick for 3 days from that garbage even though it was natural. it may have been poisonus mushrooms, secondly if you know how i ingested the mushrooms you would understand my situation i drank it with out knowing how potent it was and drank too much. very very very stupid i almost killed my self. rudhra most likely saved my life with his advice and krishna may have made sure i did not die. i did a horrible thing to my self and i suffered for it and by gods grace i am here to tell the devotees. /images/graemlins/mad.gif
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