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  1. a long foot beard have you heard the taliban are shaving their heads? haribol.
  2. krsna has unlimited incarnations whenever there`s irreligion he descends to restore religion and protect his devotees from ir- religion.
  3. mateo krsna is not a myth. please trust me on this because i am your friend but if you thin k krsna isn`t you therefore consult the one whom you consider is the best person to ask t he question if krsna is a myth. he is no othe r than your father, dr. melvin.
  4. people are saying that krsna is a myth then let them say that but if we can convince them that krsna is not what they think he is then that would be a success. i repeat people have different mentalities and it is not our job anymore if what they believe is right. what i s important that we can convince people to ac cept krsna as their worshippable lord. if we can do it without enforcing them to become krsna conscious then the effort is worth it.
  5. why are scientists searching after a fish inc arnation when it`s staring intently back at t hem?
  6. your name is not permanent. it will die soon and therefore you should not grieve when you leave your name which represents the material body. if you think you love your name then it is ego in motion because it is in fact even rude and savage for some. in other words your very name speaks for itself.
  7. philippines was named after king philip of spain. it used to be part of the sri vijaya majapahit empire ruled by muslim rajas. philippine natives are not flips but are great warriors who came all the way from borneo, sumatra, java,india,ceylon, and other southeast asian territories.
  8. it`s kaliyuga age happening, arguing just for the sake of it. one wants to be converted to his fold and vice versa, leaving behind ruins and rubble of what was once a great edifice. people of whatever persuasion who possess an intelligence easily criticizes others think- ing himself to be great as if he can`t lose. but you can`t win `em all! people have differ ent mentalities and therefore it would be imp ossible to get them to agree with one`s point of view. even Krsna wasn`t able to win people to his side because others favor to join Kams a. that`s nature working as it should. hence i would advice that one refrain from giving o thers trouble. mrgari, a hunter, for example in his life left his prey flip-plopping to di e in pain because he loved to see them suffer first before they die. and the great sage nar ada questioned mrgari regarding this and left the hunter amazed when narada revived the dea d animals back to life. out of fear, mrgari b e came a follower of narada and bowed not to kill animals again. i do hope that you also b e come one of narada`s followers. mateo, praising the lord, by the way, is a good idea and keep up with your godly work. just call me whenever you need me. [This message has been edited by naradadeva (edited 11-13-2001).]
  9. Only paramahamsas discuss Krsna and his pastimes. Ducks and crows love to discuss sex life, economic development, and other rituals that destroy the self. So how can it be, as clear as day, when birds of the same feathers do really flock together!
  10. dear Mateo, Krsna is not a myth. He`s exploits are legendary. Dr. Melvin truly is deserving for presenting the history of Krsna and Rama as it is. If you are interested in Krsna consciousness, you may visit the websites dealing with this transcendence. You may send me your message here. And I will correspond accordingly. a servant of His divine grace.
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