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  1. There are two personalities in the Universe that possess the soul of Ishvara - Krishna and Shiva, Shiva an emanation of Krishna but also the soul of Ishvara, makes these two personalities of the same person! Brahma is terminus, not the soul of Ishvara.
  2. Are you looking for something more than this - Bhaktivedanta VedaBase Network ?? check ebay !
  3. Its all about intoxication, not about the coffee itself - caffine is a brain altering intoxicant, but so is your own brain by thinking and doing certain things, so you have to use common sense- like is this intoxicating ?? or not. J.
  4. this is just a cleansing action, it means it is working on all levels, the seat of the emotion of anger in the body is the small intestin and the liver - if you dont want the out breaks while chanting, try a soothing liver tonic, at least 24hr in advance, you sfould notice a reduced outbreak of this feeling. J.
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