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  1. I had read somewhere that the Holy Tulasi not only being a medicinal plant also gives out oxygen during the night wherein all plants exhale carbon dioxide. Is it true is there any scientific refference to this? If so kindly guide me please. Hare Krishna
  2. well my friend there is a point when the knowledge rises in the self. You maybe on the brink of knowing yourself. There are two ways to GOD. One is through bhakti sankirtan and satsang. The other is through Gyana where the sould aspires for liberation and becoming one wiht the LORD. This is a time when you can think and ruminate about what you believe in and where are you going. This can lead you to concentrate in your own self and see where you stand in the path of GYANA. I can say only this much. Rest is the wish of HARI.
  3. Originally posted by Hedley: Hey Marco, aka Melvin, now to be know as MelMarc. You said your "father" Melvin committed suicide. Goes back to what I said on another MelMarc thread, it will be hard to know when he is telling the truth. Go take your meds MelMarc.
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