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  1. Please trans. -- Please expl. the structure of -- Is "uttamaparijanAn" appositive to former word? Is "lajjamAnena" an adv.?
  2. I have told you "Concept of KriSNa" in Krishna Talk group. Now I post the matter on 3 entities of Buddha ********* Brahman -- Dharmakaya ViSNu -- Sambhogakaya KriSNa -- Nirmanakaya Three bodies of the Buddha (Skt. trikaya) 1. Dharmakaya: The Dharma-body, or the "body of reality", which is formless, unchanging, transcendental, and inconceivable. Synonymous with suchness, or emptiness. 2. Sambhogakaya: the "body of enjoyment", the celestial body of the Buddha. Personification of eternal perfection in its ultimate sense. It "resides" in the Pure Land and never manifests itself in the mundane world, but only in the celestial spheres, accompanied by enlightened Bodhisattvas. 3. Nirmanakaya: the "incarnated body" of the Buddha. In order to benefit certain sentient beings, a Buddha incarnates himself into an appropriate visible body, such as that of Sakyamuni Buddha. The incarnated body of the Buddha should not be confused with a magically produced Buddha. The former is a real, tangible human body which has a definite life span, The latter is an illusory Buddha-form which is produced with miraculous powers and can be withdrawn with miraculous powers (G.C.C. Chang).
  3. Right. This suggests that in spite of samsara, there may be continuity in incarnations due to sanga. In some NDE reports, souls would see the appearance of Christ/ViSNu from the darkness as a being of bright light. They would be shown their deeds of current life simultaneously in a roll of film or an opened scroll. They would then be given a couple of options of the future. Thus God's will & individuals' will would mingle to determine the future ways. These reports were depicted from the point of ethereal/astral world. In Tantra doctrines, on the contrary, death, incarnation, & karma are depicted from the point of people's collective inside world. Karma runs automatically in people's hearts that is interconnected as one world so that individuals become the parts & parcels of God. Thus if you say "I wouldn't be punished. No one can cast me down to hell." I can rely "You may go into & out of hell whenever you wish to, because God is just in your heart."
  4. According to Tantra doctrines, a soul departs from his body after death, but it still attaches to the fundamental element -- ether to be a being of ethereal light. Scientists concluded with arbitrary that there is no medium for electricity, magnetism, & force. People believe in the medium say that it exists in another world. But it is said in Tantra to be an unmanifested element. Consciousness is the approach to realize it.
  5. Don't too concern about it. The people love war will rush into black mouth of terror with their own legs automatically like robots.
  6. I ought to tell you why I'm so active at this topic -- It's a deep question. You won't solve it as long as you keep attaching to the senses & notions from the outer world, Avinash. Delicate logic is of no use. [This message has been edited by xvi000 (edited 02-27-2002).]
  7. Rel. of KriSNA with his brother: Black - White Rel. of Rama with his brothers: 1 = 1/2 + 1/2; 1/2 = 1/4 + 1/4; 1/4 = 1/8 + 1/8;
  8. You're approaching the answer. Don't stay any longer in Newton's age. A solid matter in macroscale consists of particles in irregular movement in microscale. If future is thoroughly fixed, all prophercies are insignificant; if it is thoroughly unknown, all prophets are cheats. These are the explanations of "God is/isn't omniscient."
  9. I understand Avinash's notion. He underestimates time, logic & God as a single line, an axiom, & a man. Clear away these stiff material models from your limited brain & accept a vivid, marvelous, unlimited cosmos. See -- Bhg. This Prakriti is My lower energy. My other higher energy is the Purusha by which this entire universe is sustained, O Arjuna. (7.05) ------ But those who worship the imperishable, the undefinable, the unmanifest, the omnipresent, the unthinkable, the unchanging, the immovable, and the eternal Brahman; (12.03) ------ Self-realization is more difficult for those who fix their mind on the formless Brahman, because the comprehension of the unmanifest Brahman by the average embodied human being is very difficult. (12.05) ------ Esdras II 4:1 Then the angel that had been sent to me, whose name was Uriel, answered 4:2 and said to me, "Your understanding has utterly failed regarding this world, and do you think you can comprehend the way of the Most High?" 4:3 Then I said, "Yes, my lord." And he replied to me, "I have been sent to show you three ways, and to put before you three problems. 4:4 If you can solve one of them for me, I also will show you the way you desire to see, and will teach you why the heart is evil." 4:5 I said, "Speak on, my lord." And he said to me, "Go, weigh for me the weight of fire, or measure for me a measure of wind, or call back for me the day that is past." 4:6 I answered and said, "Who of those that have been born can do this, that you ask me concerning these things?" 4:7 And he said to me, "If I had asked you, How many dwellings are in the heart of the sea, or how many streams are at the source of the deep, or how many streams are above the firmament, or which are the exits of hell, or which are the entrances of paradise? 4:8 Perhaps you would have said to me, I never went down into the deep, nor as yet into hell, neither did I ever ascend into heaven. 4:9 But now I have asked you only about fire and wind and the day, things through which you have passed and without which you cannot exist, and you have given me no answer about them!" 4:10 And he said to me, "You cannot understand the things with which you have grown up; 4:11 how then can your mind comprehend the way of the Most High? And how can one who is already worn out by the corrupt world understand incorruption?" When I heard this, I fell on my face 4:12 and said to him, "It would be better for us not to be here than to come here and live in ungodliness, and to suffer and not understand why." 4:13 He answered me and said, "I went into a forest of trees of the plain, and they made a plan 4:14 and said, Come, let us go and make war against the sea, that it may recede before us, and that we may make for ourselves more forests. 4:15 And in like manner the waves of the sea also made a plan and said, Come, let us go up and subdue the forest of the plain so that there also we may gain more territory for ourselves. 4:16 But the plan of the forest was in vain, for the fire came and consumed it; 4:17 likewise also the plan of the waves of the sea, for the sand stood firm and stopped them. 4:18 If now you were a judge between them, which would you undertake to justify, and which to condemn?" 4:19 I answered and said, "Each has made a foolish plan, for the land is assigned to the forest, and to the sea is assigned a place to carry its waves." 4:20 He answered me and said, "You have judged rightly, but why have you not judged so in your own case? 4:21 For as the land is assigned to the forest and the sea to its waves, so also those who dwell upon earth can understand only what is on the earth, and he who is above the heavens can understand what is above the height of the heavens."
  10. The Algebraic Formula looks static. Let me show you the other face of it -- Function Formula: ? = f(d) = o + d (0 < d < o) It looks dynamic. If I reply "yes/no", what will you conclude? I'm not kidding now. Who did tell you "He can not do because the length of any side of a triangle can not be more than the sum of the lengths of its other two sides. ", God? Your geometric teacher told it as an axiom. God is ever higher than an axiom. I know one of this type of races -- Mbh. war, in which KriSNa took the reins of its progress for his mission because incarnated asuras had expanded their armies in all finesses. Batman said "Not because I have to be. Because I choose to be." You have free will like God. God is/isn't omniscient. -- my personal views. ------- Thus the future extends indefinitely. Time is not a line. It's nothing. Infinite states coexist there. But you brain can accept one in a time. ------- when we return there we would never have been gone. You can go nowhere for you are a soul. [This message has been edited by xvi000 (edited 02-15-2002).]
  11. I believe "British" to be a material concept as well. I love this game.
  12. Let's play an interactive game. Con.: o = The Box; Var.: d = Collective Brain Wave; Var.: ? = The Future !; Location: In 4D space of +/- x, +/- y , +/- z , & +/- t Algebraic Formula: o + d = ? (0 < d < o)
  13. OK. III'm bat-man. BUT, don't mistake me to be omniscient on account of the knowledges received from my s. ego. Go on with "KRSNArjun" now.
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