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  1. HAre Krishna MAntra is a great powerful mantra, when you start chanting over and over again, you are starting to stire up your energy pool. In simple words the human body is a pool of energy, holding matter ( human flesh ). This mantra energises your divine qualities within you. So when you chant, your latent divine qualities rises up, so the grosser bottled up emotions also rise. This is a sign that u are in the correct path, keep chanting and resist adding conciousness to the anger, the anger will rise and weaken and go away. Like wise many negative bottled up emotions will rise and fall. Just watch them when they rise don't focus on them, focusing gives them more power. In the end u will be only left with the self(the true being), some say it takes long time, but for some its quicker. Just keep chanting my friend. Hare Krishna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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