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  1. Namaste sir. We are planning to conduct our son's wedding next year. It is a north indian wedding.Please help us by finding the most suitable dates with timings. preferably from June 2011 to November 2011. our son's details. : Date of birth 19-1-1983 Place of birth Kanchipuram [Tamilnadu] Time of birth 10.43 a.m. birth star : Poorattathi (Poorvabhadra) [Kumbha rasi] would be daughter in law's details Date of birth 9-4-1985 place of birth Gurgaon [Haryana] Time of birth 8.55 p.m. birth star : Jeshta [ vrischika rasi] Thank you in advance sir.
  2. Namaste . sir we are planning to fix an auspicious day for our son's wedding . It is a north Indian wedding which will be conducted in Delhi. I would request you to find a good date with muhurt time from the month of June 2011 to November 2011 .Iam giving the birth details.; Groom[son] Date of birth 19-1-1983 time of birth 10.43a.m. [Kanchipuram ,Tamil nadu] star Pooratadhi {Tamil], Kumba rasi. Bride {would be daughter in law] Date of birth 9-4-1985 time of birth 8.55 p.m. [Gurgoan,Haryana] star Jesta[Kettai]3 pada, Virchika rasi Thank you in advance.
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