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  1. I'm thinking about learning Hindi because I feel like I'm losing a lot of meaning when the books are translated into English, but should I learn Sanskrit instead? Hindi would be more practical, but do you feel like the books lose meaning when they are translated into Hindi from Sanskrit?
  2. There are many conspiracies surrounding HAARP. Most of them are untrue. Some people claim they can control the weather and others claim they are trying to develop mind control techniques. It is true the US military is seeking technology to create certain weather patterns. I don't think anyone will ever be able to control the weather, but eventually we will be able to create certain conditions like hurricanes or rain. This is a Generals dream to be able to control the weather. It would wreak havoc on the enemy.
  3. I would like to know this also. Coming from the West I have no particular allegiance to any specific deity, but I was wondering what it is like in India. Do the worshipers of each deity fight amongst one another or does it not even really matter?
  4. I'm a vegetarian so it is a bit easier for me, but Kroger does have a lot of great options. You should also look at Amy's Marketplace meals. I believe they are vegan friendly, and they use non-GMO food. I buy them all the time, and they have so many options you never get tired of them. Of course, they are about $4.50 a meal, but I guess we should expect healthy stuff to be expensive.
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