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  1. "but the governments are run by fraternal brotherhoods that still have bloodlines that go back to the Nephilium and they are guiding and directing humanity towards rebuilding deep space technology so the Nephilium can escape from Earth because they hate it here." oh good grief! how empowered do I feel if I believe that? Unless and until we know how to deal with the dangers of nuclear power I don't see it as a good thing. i.m.o. it is fear driven greed that runs/ruins the world. Tyrants will lose power when we are able to secure the Same safety and freedom for every one.
  2. A machine to control weather? cause earthquakes? and more ... if this is true, what can we do?!! it may be true .. it answers the question "WHY Sarah Palin?!" Based on advances in technology created by Nikola Tesla over a century ago, HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project - is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter operated by the US military which beams high level energy into the Earth's upper atmosphere. Ostensibly for ionospheric research, HAARP can also be used to locate hidden oil reserves and missile silos around the world. However, critics of HAARP say it could blow a massive hole in the upper atmosphere as well as disrupt the subtle magnetic energies of all life on Earth. Join Martin Sheen (The West Wing) in an investigation of a subject that could have a dramatic effect on us all. YouTube - Holes In Heaven, HAARP And Advances In Tesla Technology_1/6
  3. I believe you are correct about things being made of "frequencies" and like "light" the human eye can see only some of them. How about our "third eye"? I've seen colors with it .. Recently I took Reiki 3/4 and I did see a green ribbon of light. you'd enjoy reading about "the science of vibration" in the Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C.C.Zain.
  4. I just got a"reply-to-post-notice" is the forum open yet? It appears I can post! Yay! here is a link to something both real and fascinating see his "Typewriter Art"
  5. My Mom had colitis due to nerves, she let things bother her emotionally. for temporary relief I'd use Pepto Bismal, it is available at drug and grocery stores here in USA be careful of just masking these symptoms in case it is indictative of something more serious. Have you had a colonostopy? {when they look up inside your intestines with a scope?
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    let's see what this font is like ... can I use a different one in the same thread? testing ... {it appears I can :D:D
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    try, try again .. ah! now I see the font I selected
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    I hope the moderator will see I am trying my best to fullfill the obligation without being as boring as the poster above me who has merely counted to 30
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    I'd like to say something to someone in a private note to avoid being off topic = called spamming a thread. When I first joined here it was to reach someone I was looking for I was able to send the note at that time, with no posts at all. now the rules have been changed Having to make 30 posts in order to send a p.m. is forcing me to spam Ironic, is it not? let's try some more gifs ..
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    don't bother to hunt for them, his posts have been deleted
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    hindustani has made several posts to me but I cannot reply in the thread because my reply would be "off topic"
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    you too? trying to get up enough posts to send a personal message? The font I chose is not working ... seems I cannot select any of the fonts
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    I AM talking! it is telling a story:D
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