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  1. Ok fine. But these things have no basis at all.All our luck and time only. Besides if now choose to marry then probably you will think like you have forced yourself to get married to suit the predictions. So your parents should not have disclosed anything about nadi till the time comes and after marriage if they show you the predicted thing then it is really a surprise.Otherwise the nadi itself would have been influential in your decision.It is beating around the bush as which gave which thing.Whether prediction happened or you made it to happen. That is why I have decided to ignore my would be girl's details even if I happen to encounter such a girl. Also given my personal apperance, I dont think a beautiful girl will marry me as stated by the nadi. Anyhow I keep my options open and simply concentrate on my near by collapse in job and how to overcome it.
  2. Hey, If what you have told in last line is correct,then we are literally entrapped in a addiction sort of thing.But I wish we should not confuse our speculation with real problem. But I dont want the current stress happening.I have to wait one more year to see whether I go to US as told by the nadi.They even called US as "Kamala Muni Desam" and assured I will go there next year. Work is really now problamatic with my own team members against me.Actually the nadi told both above and below me will turn against me.That is what exactly happening here now.All are in one group sitting over my head. But in any case we should not have gone to Nadi and all. Now we are mixing up myth with reality and getting confused. I mainly went because I was having some hurdles in getting married.But they predicted very cooly with wife details and all.But as you say know u missed that match probably for me also I think things will go very wrong only. So I have decided to forget about nadi once for all and later after many years when things get settled for me may be I will be happy with the nadi reader and that siddha who wrote the leaves. Where are you put up now? Even I know a friend in Madras with your same case.
  3. My wife's referenced name was given in one Kagabhujandhar nadi.But I did not cross check with anything else. Anyhow according to that nadi by next month I will have many problems in job and my career will be frozen for some time. I am worried if that will come true because now itself things are not at my dispose in office.Problems have slowly started to surrond me and I feel that nadi is really true. Last year they predicted my transfer to bangalore as well. But for the next year it has predicted US trips,promotion,wealth,house and many more good things for me. It has been predicted that the current hardship will get saturated and at the peak point things will take a U turn giving my fortune. I am to wait to see whether those things will come true or not. But past life and all are made up by these people I believe.Nadi is a system of astrology with some formulae and result.It is never that the sages pin pointed us and wrote.
  4. This question is really vague.Why you assume Shiva to be some student or like that? See Shiva is the supreme Yogi and Guru in Meditative posture.He is always absorbed in Vishnus forms.He is more or less Vishnu himself in time form.Dont think he is a student like Sanath Kumaras.
  5. Yes both past life should match otherwise either of the two or both are fake only. These Nadi guies will say there are so many past lives and we are telling one and they are telling one. But the fact is that though many are the past lives,only one of them will be responsible for the Prarabhda Karma of this birth.The prarabhda karma decides important events in our life and it cannot be coming from a mix of past lives. Thats what I am telling these nadi guies are very very doubtful. Reg marriage even a good horoscope interpreter can predict. Name telling and all are mind reading techniques.
  6. Hi All, Here I put a real anectode which can /and should be viewed in a spiritual perspective. A gathering with fun events went in my office in the eve of new year today. People in and around me forced to participate in the events compulosrily.And inspite of my reserved nature I tried my best to do well but somehow due to lack of that materila modern quality I was not able to contribute that much.Contrarily those who are well versed in dance and all these stuff did a mere show by shouting and all.One fellow went to a stupid extent of dance tips that are not admissible in proper code of conduct. People applauded and laughed as if it were nothing more. I am getting a doubt now,what really it means for a sadhak to mingle in life?After all we say by remaining in this worldly life one can be a jnani or bhaktha but basically these stupid stuffs irritates us like anything. And my colar mic was not properly set but it seemed I struggled to put that even.These and all gave a mean feeling before others.I am upset really. Please come up with what could be the solution to handle these silly things which some unwanted elements impose on soft and spiritual people. Thanks & best new year wishes, Ranga
  7. Sorry I did not login and replied as Guest to you earlier.... You claim certain things of celibacy like one year and all.It will be nice if we can discuss this more elaborately.People get illusion that simply abstaining from that will do everything.So many including nocturnal things are involved which might ooze out once feelings.It is not good to discuss these things elaborately because once self control is never going to get enhanced if not degraded by speaking of all the lower enjoyments. Still I wanted to make certain things clear to you.Under gross ignorance we must not think that we are great tapasvis. Tapas not only contain abstinence from that matter but involves several other austerites like abstaining from garlic and oninion,cakes,tour programs,beach time pass,party celebrations,cinema and TV attraction etc etc. At the outset avoiding these things will look like nullism entering into life but the abstinence from all these make our consciousness go higher and higher. Whenever vacation or leave is granted in office one can happy arrange for a spiritual tour,visit to temples,encouraging veda schools,involving in cow slaughter prevention by servicing farm lands etc etc. These things one can happily perform.One must be very careful with the food.He should eat satvik foods and fruits & avoid all chat items.Eating in restaurants,gossiping,western music dance and many more distractions are there to move one away from spiritual life. On reading all these,if one feels these are too tough then it means the mind of the person is not that much matured for sadhana.If one gets attracted by this tapas life but still not able to let off few things then it is OK and he is a madhayama adhikari. A uthama adhikari happily follows all these. Discuss and add your comments on this more.
  8. Hi Ravi, The problem really lies with finding someone who is genuine guru and not bogus or fake.At the current age of hypocrisy it is really risky to believe some swamiji like that.Ofcourse we cannot doubt everybody but even among genuine gurus we have to find one who is most suitable for our path.For instance a Shaivite cannot appreciate a Vaishnava Acharya or vice versa.A devotional sadhak cannot find solace in advaita guru or vice versa. Hence in this Kali yug it is more than enough if we practice austerities in our home,visit pilgrimage places,study scriptures and lead a life of bliss,purity and love. " have fun becoming self-realized!" What do u mean by this?
  9. Hi, It is good to have an idea of renunciation.But the practical part is very tough.You should not be biased by comforts or discomforts. But our human stomach demands palatable dishes after being hungry for a long time.When flood comes we want ourself to be very safe and not amidst relief camp victims.This is the nature of the mind.Even with pilgrimage,we want to spend money for call taxis and comfortable AC train journeys. I am not discouraging but these are common with most people. Hence practice austerities among comforts first so that you can proceed to withstand discomforts. Money when properly applied is really useful only. Hence chant Hari's names and first get yourself refined and then proceed to sanyasa.
  10. Sir, I am a 22 year old boy just started career one year ago. Vaikunda is an eternal planet and cannot be annihilated.Acharyas of Vaishnava sampradaya such as Raghavendra,Ramanuja,Madhvacharaya,Nimbarka all preached love and tapas only. Sir -- I am exhausted nowadays due to heavy blow from all corners of life.Thats why I am very tired or even unable to answer some of your valid points raised now. Please pray that I may come out successfully from this trap created by my own karma. But I would like to juz say my words to the above point "I NEVER MISSED TO LIFT YOU ONE MILE ABOVE THE GROUND BEFORE DROPPING YOU DOWN" Never I thought like that when I appreciated you.I am a person who loves and enjoys great vedic debates and discussion.Everytime I open your post,pleasant smile comes to my face no matter what you write. But apart from all that,my current circumstances are very compelling to get distressed and cry. Please introduce yourself and pray for my well being. Kindly, Krishnamoorthy alias Ranga
  11. Sir, I was not really angry with you but little bit upset. In your profound knowledge on Devi scriptures,I really become happy.But the sudden expose of angry words were making me disturbed. In my part also I should learn to express a opinion in a more dignified way. "Please be careful not to be attached with material relations too much.(remember the case of jada Bharata)" These words are hundred percent true.But I am not able to apply this with few most important people in my life -- my parents and few elders.Sir -- I am in a trap that daily I cry like anything.I always fear I will lose them.Maya is very great that our buddhi study of scriptures stucks up without real experience. But I hope Lord Venketeshwara will protect them until I become mature enough and they be able to see my marriage and children. Bhagavan is very great and let us hope all good to follow.Let there be peace and devotion.Let there be austerity and purity.Let there be his holy name always!!
  12. Hi, Utmost precaution is needed while dealing with mantra and tantra esp. this Tantra. Tantric gurus are not really elevated to spiritual consciousness.They take control of some lower plane deities and manipulate things.Kali tantra,left hand tantrism and all are very very dangerous if followed or guided by a wrong person.Pronouncing a spell,creating illusion,nullism etc are the main tantric practices.These things are not at all related to spirituality.Infact one who has complete faith in Lord Hari is never affected by this tantra and all. For eg,when Dhurvasa got angry with Ambarisha a great Vishnu devotee he created a spell with help of a paishasha. At that time sudarshana chakra came to rescue of Ambarisha and killed that paishasha. Hence I humbly request not to go to tantric practice.Life will become miserable because those vital entities cannot do any good really. Also in Kamakya Assam these tantric practices and kali tantra,blood sacrifice are famous.But one has to stay away from them and worship Kali only in deity form.It is best if one surrenders to the lotus feet of Vishnu for by that act he surpasses all other low level dangers) On other hand Yantra and mantra worship are not harm like tantric practice but they require great austerities and celibacy.
  13. Dear Bhadramoorthi, "remember you as the one who tried to defame and abuse Mother from ..." If by any means you feel I have abused Mother in derogatory terms,I have no ego to prevent me from deeply regretting the incident.A vaishnava must be humbler than blade of a grass and he must not indulge in hurting others. At the same time,he is given authority by his Acharyas to stand upon his view and prove Narayana is only Supreme.In his process of arguing, he should give utmost respect to great material controllers Shiva and Shakthi. In Durga incarnation,Shakthi was brother of Krishna.In Lalitha Sahasranama also one nama is there as 'Padhmanaba Sahodari'. There is no conflict or discrepancy.I openly accept few in this forum are harsh while supporting their views.This has nothing to do with Vaishnavism.Please dont mix up the terms Vaishnavas to individual views.Myself as an individual if abused mother,then it did not mean Vaishnavism did that.It is a great philosophy sustaining on its own and in the strenght of great Acharyas. Even today when thousands of devotees has invested their life air on Tirupathi lord,there exists some people of shaivism to say that the statue is Lord Murugas one. For this I will never mean to say Shaivities are cunning. Same with Islamic Jihad or Christianic Conversion.We cannot attribute the people's mindset to that of great religions or their Acharyas.Prophet or Jesus never meant what current day followers do.Please understand that. I note nowadays your anger shoots up for each and everything and in the process you have started to hate everybody coming to your discussion. Actually I like your profound knowledge,faith and devotion.From my starting post I never missed to first appreciate you before arguing. I am commenting just on the views and not on the Divine Mother.Indeed when in a post,somebody degraded Aurobindo a advaitic sage,I promptly opposed that.But that does not mean I am a advaitin. I respect personalities for their austerities may they arise from all walks of life. If you accept Vaishnavas to mix up all deities and finally claim I am all of them,it is never possible and we are stubborn on that.But respect,humility are basic characters of a vaishnava. IF BY ANY MEANS IF YOU STILL THINK I HAVE HURTED MOTHER,I DEEPLY REGRET FOR MY MISTAKE. Err is human and I am not a person to escape mistakes or justify. Sorry to have blown my own trumphet throghout this post,but it was essential to clear the wrong impression you have about me in your mind. Please reply cheerfully and happily.It is mankind love that binds material existence together.
  14. The photo is very graceful.Thankyou very much for remembering Lord HariHara Sudhan. The supreme Lord Hari took Mohini incarnation and produced Lord Ayappa as a combination of Shiva and Vishnu Tatva. Also Lord Sastha came in Ayappa incarnation as son of Mohini incarnation of Lord Hari and Shiva. Nowadays people go to Sabari mala after taking 3 or 12 days fasting. But they should start fasting 48 days before,observe strict veg(without onion & egg also) and perform daily pooja.
  15. Dear Bhadramoorthi, Sorry I didnt know that while calling me a fool, idiot, dog etc, you guys were actually exchanging "ideas". Sir -- you seem to be more upset on me.I did not mean to say that offending you is just one. There is no need to pretend or conceal anything. Take things sportively.But we can continue to stand on our own views. All the best.
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