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  1. Leahy did not "receive" an anthrax letter. One was sent to him on the same day as the others but it has been quarintined with other mail at a post office. So your theory does not pan out.
  2. Then perhaps Mr. Cosmic Melmarteo is from the Phillipines or rather from Malucas.
  3. I don't think anything Mr. Cosmic MelMarteo says can be trusted including where he claims to be from. This fool reminds me of someone who was kicked off another forum.
  4. Don't be calling GHari's posts trash. He is intelligent and honest which is far more than can be said for you Mr. Cosmic MelMarteo.
  5. Melvin, Marco, Cosmic and now Mateo. Now to be known as Cosmic MelMarteo.
  6. Hey Marco, aka Melvin, now to be know as MelMarc. You said your "father" Melvin committed suicide. Goes back to what I said on another MelMarc thread, it will be hard to know when he is telling the truth. Go take your meds MelMarc.
  7. Hedley

    Say WHAT?

    This is straight up Valaya's alley. He loves this kind of stuff.
  8. My question to you is why are you posting under two different names/ Amanpeter aka Valaya? Also, why are you so quick to pick out others faults and whine so loudly when they pick out yours? Oh by the way, I am sick of your barely disquised anti-Prabhupada propaganda. Before you become too smug you need to know I am neither a woman nor have I ever posted under any other name on this forum. [This message has been edited by Hedley (edited 11-04-2001).] [This message has been edited by Hedley (edited 11-04-2001).]
  9. He was a doctor as Melvin and now he says he was in a monastary. Will we be able to believe anything he says? MelMarc makes a career out of doing this sort of thing and trying to create chaos and havoc on the different forums. From past history, he will settle down for a bit and then go berserk again especially when he feels neglected or someone dares to disagree with him. [This message has been edited by Hedley (edited 10-29-2001).]
  10. Ok; I ask you now; How would you know?
  11. If you want your email available to the world then make it part of your signature. As for me I prefer my privacy and am not in need of unsolicited garbage.
  12. Hey Darwin; Are you Satyaraja dasa or Melvin?
  13. Very confused!! Maybe it is just a coinsidence but ol' Melvin is doing a very similar thing with his spamming that was done a while back on the dharma mela making it very suspicious that perhaps his name is not Melvin, he is not from the phillipines and most of all he is not a doctor but that same person from the mela. Hopefully, Mel will take a vacation to the resort country of Afganistan and visit his old bud bin laden.
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