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  1. im an astrologer, i dont know what you are expecting from an astrologer is it subject or predictions, eitherwise i could advice you to please contact my sir, MR.K.B.Gopalakrishnan, where his site sathyaprema.com explains the meaning of predictions. goodluck Gosay
  2. finally some one said, this thought was correct.....happy 2 see that.
  3. may be you are right and may be im wrong, if chist was real or not, i dont know, if god was real or not i dont know, all i can differntiate between what is good and bad( in a limited way only) so i rather focus on doing that is harmoney in me and spirutual life, let me not complicate the issue of he was real or not, when i grow up to the stage of the guru, prabhaupada or any, i shall check it out, if this meshaiah is real or not, till then my pauses. thank u
  4. gosay


    ***i wrote this one long ago, needs some more extended modification... To understand this concept we need to understand how a life completes its journey, lets try to understand this concept by an example, here lets take a car, a car has a make, (Benz ford..) and then it needs fuel, a driver, and to fulfil its creation it needs a journey, isn't it. so now with out any of these parts there is no meaning to any thing. lets try to correlate our life with these parts, here the car is the body, the make is the classification of any thing, caste creed sex colour ,religion...etc and then the brand will tell the class, and then the fuel can be correlated to life span or longevity, and then the driver who is our soul, and the journey is our goal, or soul purpose. so here as per our Vedic astrology we can confirm that the car , the make, the fuel is been fixed and can be predicted, with the help of our planets and stars, and then the driver who drives? No that's not fixed, lets assume for a while its also fixed then, what Lord Krishna had said in bhagwath geetha, does anything make sense, what he said about different yoga's will that make any sense... no...absolutely not, if its all fixed then the very basic phenomena of the universe is wrong, loving someone is not fixed. so we can not help with our car and the fuel we have is what we need to accept, because that is what we have made ourselves qualified for this life, or the situation we are now facing are all what we have chosen to be in, but how to be in that situation is what is rest of the completion of the story, the credits for the next life is judged by this actions, and hence our ancient or any holy script , do give lot of preference on our actions. so destiny exists and as well as freewill exists, freewill can not but his destiny and nor destiny the freewill, means if a person has good fortune and if he is not going take advantage by doing more good, then he is failed, and the same way if a person out of bad fortune he doesn't choose to be on the norm of dharma or being good, then also he is failed, so doing good is always good, and the best. and then see in the above we have discussed about good and bad fortunes, that's nothing but success and failure in a way, so what ever the results are something which is common is our being good, so being good we have won the battle, so in any situation we have think of how good can we be, or how best can we be. so now ask your self a question that, does the word problem exists and does the success exists, can they effect you, no but you can ask me that we feel bad when we losses, yes obvious but who feels bad is the sub personality in you under the name called EGO, if he is hurt he will show that he is happy, but if he looses he will show he is bad, but being good, he cant react to it, since its the matter or departments of heart. he feels always happy, he gives you more strength. that's why Christ had that much strength to undergo the barbaric acts of those people. so its all in the mind. who taught it the language, who taught the mind that this is good or this is bad, reprogram it, re tame it. and then love it, teach the lesson of love, love heals, love guides, love feeds. and love is everything. so planets and stars can tell about only the fuel and the car, not our journey neither our outcomes. but what is my journey, how should i plan my journey it all depends on the individual persons. all the best.
  5. many curse the scinece, but its a blessing for a every devotee.....we anywyas dont know the wondes of this creation, like if a scinetist told us with a proof that the earth revolved around the sun, we belived, if a scientist said that current could be produced with a use of a sunlight with the help of a solar pannale we belived, if he is digging the greatness of the gods creation, why do we egoistic devotess always run behind them, if they were to accpet that yes its all gods creation, then where would we get the close up pictures of mars, colse up picture of the universe, or the media with wchihc we are communicating,?????? they are ment to be like that, and there are doing what best they can, and as we too. one great man once said, we find our thoughts in the outside world......if there is a cooruption in our mind we see corruption every where. and by the way a small message to my dear scientist over there, thank you for all your DISCOVERIES(not inventions) remember that anything that you are assuming fo creating is already available, you just discovered it, if ever there isnt a space to discover...there is no u...there is no this. thnk u
  6. pure devotion is the state of effortles. being one with god in the state of awarness, this is called bhakthi, fall in love with god/self ,u will know how to get it... infact we are filled all around us with god, but we dont have the awarness or sestivity to feel it, because of limitations, loose it to get it!. /images/graemlins/laugh.gif
  7. This is a fun made up story about a man whose name is "I", is facing accusation on torturing Jesus, the person who has filed the cases against him is Maya, and the judge who is going to be there is dharma. the strong evidence to against this person is the passion of the Christ ( a movie by Mel Gibson). Maya: dear judge this person who is in the bone, named by "I" , is a very bad man, who has tortured Jesus Christ. judge: do you accept this accusation. I: no dear judge, i will defend my self and prove that im not the culprit. dharma: ok, Maya now you can start the prosecution please. Maya: thank you sir. Maya: so what is your name. I: I Maya: what do you do for your living? I: I work as a customer service adviser, and i go to my job, early morning 9 and get back home by 9. Maya: Mr.I can you please tell me where is god. I: yes sure, god is everywhere, in you, me and in all. Maya: please note this answer dharma. Maya: can you please tell me have ever felt hurt, mentally, emotionally, physically. I: yes, of course, i think everyone does. Maya: im asking about you. I: yes i do. Maya: can you please narrate of example how do you feel when you are angry? I: there could be different shades and intensities of manifestations of these list. 1.Assault: physical and verbal cruelty, rage, slapping, shoving, kicking, hitting, threaten with a knife or gun, etc. 2.Aggression: overly critical, fault finding, name-calling, accusing someone of having immoral or despicable traits or motives, nagging, whining, sarcasm, prejudice, flashes of temper. 3.Hurtful: malicious gossip, stealing, trouble-making. 4.Rebellious: anti-social behaviour, open defiance, refusal to talk. Maya: so do you agree that this is a bad feeling through out the whole process. I: yes, i do. Maya: now i would like to show the evidence dharma. movie telecasted: after all the harassment that Jesus undergoes, he asks god for forgiveness of this persons acts. Maya: have you Mr.I, this person after all this thing also he asks god for forgiveness for your acts, how could you do that to such a nice person. Maya: you have told that you feel bad when you are angry, who is feeling that bad, have you every saw that, it was Jesus. have you noticed, after you gave him pain he is asking for the forgiveness, say if you heart feels angry and then says that i will not work today, then what would happen, its because Christ is asking for your acts forgiveness to the god, god is allowing your heart to run as normal. Maya: the god in you is none another than Jesus Christ. he has been taking all the pain of us, he is praying for us. Maya: now i would like to ask this person, does he agrees that, he was the person who has tortured Jesus Christ. I: yes, dear dharma, i realise it was me, im sorry to Jesus Christ, who has been carrying my sins for all these days, my ignorance has crucified him, my ego never identified this till this date. please punish me dharma so hard that, I will never ever hurt any one dharma , please. Maya: that's all dear dharma. dharma: after all this, i here by come to conclusion that, as per love penal code, section number- 786 this person who is guilty for torturing Jesus is made to not hurt Jesus here after, and should forgive anything and anyone, and share, and follow the noble principles of atisha. The highest skill is in the realization of egolessness. The highest nobility is in subduing your own mind. The highest excellence is in having a mind which seeks to help others. The highest precept is continual mindfulness. The highest remedy is in understanding the naturelessness of everything. The highest activity is not to conform with worldly concerns. The highest accomplishment is the lessening and transmutation of the passions. The highest giving is found in non-attachment. The highest moral practice is a peaceful mind. The highest patience is humility. The highest effort is to abandon attachment to activities. The highest meditation is the mind without pretension. The highest wisdom is not to grasp anything as it appears." and finish his rest of his life in the name and gratitude of serving god and his kingdom. here ends this story. god is love, when love is hurt, its called pain, the pain we undergo is the hurt of love, that is god. realise this if you care for the god in you. the real spiritual journey is to liberate the Jesus from the Crucifiction, his three days of coming back to earth as a god , is the highest state that we have to go ahead. so please remember this story before you are doing a non loving act. Ephesians 4:32-5:2 And be kind to one another, tender- hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you, and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma. *this article is just my dream, illusion ,this is no way intend to hurt anyone in any way, or any religious beliefs. thnk u
  8. nature with out an admirer is also a waste, and so i guess god with out a devote, and so we are here to admire his kingdom.....(which is nothing but oreaching) thats why may be in other religions says that PRAISE THE LORD /images/graemlins/smile.gif thnk u
  9. i guess happiness has a polarity called suffering, liberated doesnt expeinces happiness but bliss. bliss has no polarity, maya hasa duality, so with repect to god, no vocabulary that fits the worlds of duality satisfies its correctness.
  10. A beautiful poem:: Twameva mata ca pita twameva twameva bandhusca sakha twameva twameva vidya dravinam twameva twameva sarvam mama devadeva so that means mata(mother)=god and pita(father)=god bhandhu(relative) knowledge/wisdom=god everything=god as per advitha if god=me and me=god, then substing in the above all menas? mata=me pita=me bhandhu=me......etc so this revleas that, its my illusion that they are different, and prooving that the " external world is a manifestation of the inner world" and so i also agree our atheist freinds who all also say that "its all in the mind"
  11. "O Krishna, I totally accept as truth all that You have told me. Neither the demigods nor the demons, O Lord, can understand Your personality." ********Means******* as per advistha aham brhmasmi, that is god=me and me=god, demo gods and godess might mean by the discription of great life force working in our body on each organ. like or example, heart beats, lugs breath, eyes watch, individually there are devthas running the organ, like gods, and again in then the demi gods inside, but all together, its our soul=God. let me explain my version of tree of god. GOD then there are 2 subs parashakthi parabhrahma under parabrham we have 3 subs brahma vishnu and shiva under parashakthi we have 3 subs sarswathy lakshmi and parvathi and under them come different other sections, which i havent worked themout for the moment. hindusm is a artistic discription of GoD using the different gods and demigods. let me put it in a grosser way: how do we describe a beauty of women. first she is good, then from part to part we discribe. the same way its with the god. sorry no intend to offend any1 thnk
  12. Dear freinds, He is The best astrologer and one of the best men ihave met, i would recommend to all my freinds in this community to take the advantages of the service given in his site, like i did. hopfully the quenchof the finding a genuine,traditional, and a top class quality astrologer could come to an end. thank you Gosay ** HIS PROFILE ** <font color="red">www.sathayprema.com</font color> “You will become master of six arts. You will become a famous astrologer at a very young age. You will write books on various subjects, which will make you famous across the globe. You will become a ‘Trikala Gnani’ after 45. You will become a teacher at a very young age, and you will be popular and well known after 30”, that was the prediction given to Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan at the age of 21. He is one of the few astrologers who has predicted major events like the Iraq War, End of Taliban rule et al. Though he says, “I brushed it aside”, the predictions have mostly come true. His list of true mundane predictions is impressively long, and he attributes his success story to his personal deity. Today, K Gopalakrishnan is one of South India’s most leading and famous astrologers, who comes on Jaya TV between 6.30 and 6.45 am every weekday for his much popular programs ‘Yoga Kalai’ and ‘Vazyum Kalai’, where he talks on varied subjects like astrology, vastu, medicine etc. This is what India’s Number 1 Astrologer K N Rao has to say about our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan…. “You are, let me repeat, a gifted predictor. I want to see you blossom out as a world-class predictor and you have it in you is what I know. You are a gifted predictor is what I and some others here in Delhi know about you as you had made an excellent impression on our audience here in your last visit when I had arranged a workshop for you. Later you had also given brilliant predictions, which have come out correct” K Gopalakrishnan is a prodigy in his field and has given dazzling predictions in varied fields right from sports, cinema, Indian economy to stock markets and elections. He believes that, many young people should come forward to take up astrology, take the science to the glorious days Varahamira. Some of his all time sensational predictions in the year of 2002 and 2003 are: * Doomsday Prediction on Tehelka.com * Bush will wage war against Iraq. * Vajpayee Govt. will survive. * Death of famous industrialist. * Drought in India. * Pharma, banking will upgrade and also will do well. * Automotive industry will do well from the second half of the year. * Australian victory in world cup2003 * All segment wise stock market predictions * Predicted the market values. * Death of saddams son. * End of Iraq war. * Air ticket rates will decrease. * SARS scare. * BPO’s can expect 50 per cent growth for major players. * Information technology will grow by leaps and bounds. His Achievements in the past. *Has been associated with Sify.com Astrology since 2000. *Has innovated new methods in reading Tarot cards. *Is well versed in Jamini, Parashara and Kerala style of astrology. *Has taught tarot card reading to more than 250 students. *Has innovated technique in mundane and medical tarot. *Lectured and demonstrated Tarot Card reading in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. *Features in Jaya TV’s ‘Yogakalai’ everyday between 6.30and 6.45 am. *Has trained many into the science of Reiki and Pranic healing . *Has featured on Yugi udan World Cup ’03 on Vijay TV. *Has taken personality development and stress management classes for Corporates *Runs a meditation centre in Chennai. *Teaches Tarot reading, astrology and swara yogas. *Is practising Ayurveda, and already has treated cases of leukoderma, stomach ulcers and kidney stones *Lectured in Rotary and Lions clubs *Had done weekly predictions on Citi Cable *Interviewed by Asia News International for a feature on Tarot cards. *Edited the astrology portion of Bharat mail, Chennai.net etc.
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