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  1. Yes this is correct.Vishnu is the Supreme.All other are demigods.Shankara is basically incorrect. We do not study the Shiva Gita,where Shiva declares that he is the Supreme Lord to Rama.We only study the true scripture,Bhagavad Gita.
  2. Krishna is Supreme Lord.Vishnu is the Best.All other guru`s are wrong.Actually Shankara is incorrect,only Ramanuja is correct.Shiva-gita is incorrect when it states that Shiva is the Supreme Lord.That is why we cannot study that scripture.Only Vishnu is best for us.Haribol
  3. Vishnu is the best.We believe our scriptures and shastra,which state that Vishnu is the supreme god,and all other gods are demigods.Krishna is the Supreme lord.Shankara is incorrect.And the Shiva-gita is incorrect.We do not study this scripture because it is incorrect,stating that Shiva is the Supreme Lord.
  4. But Shankara did not `misinterpret holy vedas`,he was talking from his own experience of enlightenment and his knowledge of the Veda`s.In fact he was the greatest authority on the Veda`s of his time,defeating anyone who discussed vedic philosophy with him.But his philoshophy comes from his own actual understanding.
  5. This is beautifull if you are a devotee of Vishnu,and of course you will relish acharyas like Madhacharya and enjoy reading from all the guru`s in that Sampradaya.But Adi Shankara also spoke the truth,as a self-realised guru of Shiva`s Sampradaya.All gods are ultimately one,like a diamond with many facets,facet of the diamond will show a diferent colour,but the whole facet is around it and behind it,as Mother Meera explains.God is the One and the many at the same time,or the One behind the many.Both traditions are sacred and will appeal to different people,but even people from other religions,who are not Hindu`s,Vaishnava`s,Shaivites or Shakti worshippers but will still discover the ultimate god which is beyond or trancendental to all religions and scriptures.This means that we are all equal,even non-believers and no-one can be ultimately superior.Still nice to discuss different approaches?
  6. The astral realm is not some imagination of the human mind or a projection that is just limited to the human brain,but a real dimension that can be experienced,not only through drugs such as psilycibin or LSD ,or meditation,but is also commonly experienced by people in sleep states,or in a very tired state when there is some seperation from the body.Also,I would like to add,that Chris Calder`s assumption that Osho had somehow become `corrupt` or lost his integrity is not really accurate.He created some of his best meditation techniques at the end of his life,and therapies.His energy was certainly as strong as ever,and he was certainly living out his philosophy of `Zorba the Buddha` or a balance between the spiritual and material worlds,and a reverance for life on the planet that may have been missing from some other traditions.It is very unlikely that he was addicted to Valium,as this is normally pescribed for anxiety and is not a particularly pleasant drug,and he certainly never sufered from anxiety,from all accounts from those living close to him.
  7. God is One,Vishnu and Shiva are two of his beautifull personalities or incarnations.Both have different qualities but remain from the same Divine Source.Isnt this the beauty of Hinduism that God can have so many different forms and attributes?I believe that people argue about this matter because of Kali Yuga,this is age of seperation and qaurrel.But perhaps this has been all part of Gods leela and now we may be able to enter a new age of light and Unity in Diversity?
  8. It is true that the Gaudiya Vaishnava`s and some other religions prefer a dualistic approach,and dislike the Advaita Vedanta philoshophy which begins with Oneness,but even the devotional paths end up with the One at the point of Self-Realisation,which is experienced by all spiritual seekers at the point where their consciousness reaches boiling point and the false ego dissapears,and the Self,which is the true Self,is then revealed.This is experienced by all enlightened people no matter which philosophy or path they choose to follow,and is actually the same experience of Chaitanya and Shankara,only their individual means of expression differ,so it is that whenever a new person becomes enlightened,the expression is always unique,as unique as that persons soul,and bodymind.But the One is always experienced when the ego-mind is trancended,for devotees of Krishna they may see Krishna in everyone and everything,as did says Chaitanya,"when you see Krishna in everyone`s eyes you are free".This experience will happen to the mature devotees of Krishna and other forms of God and has happened to many devotees,Ramakrishna,and devotees of Shiva alike.It is the same self-realisation that happens to those who are not devotional in nature but find liberation through Jnana or purely meditation practices.I dont mean to say that Self-realisation is the ultimate realisation,there are also the Paramatman realisation which transcends the Self,and the ultimate Nirvana Kaya or seventh body,but the evaporationof ego,and Self realisation has to be the common experience of all mature spiritual seekers,when they are ripe for it.
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