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  1. Hi, Currently I do Sandhya Vandhanam (Upanayanam) in the evenings. There is a part which I do Pranayama as part of the entire process. I would like to skip Upanayanam and just meditate on Pranayama. Is this advisable?
  2. In 1947 when India and Pakistan was divided, Muslims in the name of Jihad ethnically cleansed all Hindus from Pakistan in the name of religion. Thousands of women were kidnapped or raped. In 1972 Pakistani Army rampaged through Hindu neighbourhoods in Bangladesh killing approximately 3mill people and mass raping women. In 1990 in Kashmir half a million Kasmiri pandits were driven out of thier homes in the name of Islam. This despicable cult has always been a curse on India ever since it came into existence.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinduism_by_country http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_India 14.67% population of the entire world is hindu. Dont beleive people who take numbers out of the air. Hinduism is the the third largest religion in the world right after Christianity and Islam. It is very surprising to see this religion survive after being persecuted for thousands of years. Compare that with the Jewish faith with just 10mill people. Also Buddhism/Jainism had its orgins in India. So 1 in 4 people in this world whose belief was out of India.
  4. Niahra, Iam a rationalist, I dont beleive what is in the scriptures just because it is in the scriptures, I try to rationally ascertain what makes sense and what does not. But let me tell you this Hinduism is the only religion which is a man's genuine effort to know the ultimate truth. Hindu Philosphies have changed over time and will continue to evolve. Last thing I would ever want to do is to get associated with abrahamic religions like Christianity and Islam. My mind just revolts just thinking of the idea of Heaven and Hell.
  5. http://www.dlshq.org/messages/celibate.htm
  6. 10 mill is a big number and there are lot of forces out there to ruin our name. Indian girl abortion claims are challenged By Peter Foster, in New Delhi (Filed: 11/01/2006) A claim that 10 million girl babies have been aborted in India over the last 20 years has been called into question by the country's leading doctors' organisation. The figure, which was published in The Lancet, was challenged yesterday by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), which said that it was misleading and failed to take into account restrictions imposed by the courts in 2001. The statistic was based on a national survey of 1.1 million households done in 1998 by researchers in India and Canada. "This [the selective abortion of girls] is not happening for the past four or five years after strict laws were put in place," said Dr Narendra Saini of the IMA, which represents about 178,000 doctors. He added that the use of ultrasound scanning equipment to check for girls had waned since India's Supreme Court outlawed the practice in 2001. But activists are convinced that the abortion of female foetuses remains widespread. Ranjana Kumari, of India's Centre for Social Research, said that no one had ever been convicted for sex-selective abortion and that this showed how lax the system was. "There is connivance between the doctors and the parents who don't want girl children," he said. "The government has to come forward on a war footing to put an end to this practice." Traditionally, boys are preferred because of the practice of dowries which, particularly among the 250 million Indians living in extreme poverty, can cause crippling debt. But the study found that a "girl deficit" was more common among the families of educated rather than uneducated women, suggesting that those with access to modern medicine were using it to determine the sex of their foetus and selectively abort.
  7. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There was no border where visas were being regulated. Do you think man originated in India independently? What are your reasons for not accepting that man came out of Africa? I can bet you will not find a single reason which is not politically motivated. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please reread my post, I have never said man orginated in India. Orgination of man from Africa is a proven fact. Recent Genetic research by renowned genetist Stephen Oppenheimer has invalidated the Aryan Invasion Theory. In his latest book The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa, he has argued that based on Genetic research of Y Chromosome and mtDNA that entire non-african population came out of single group from Africa. They followed a coastal route through Yemen and finally to India. From India after a brief halt they populated entire planet. Root of all Genes was the M168 in the paternal side and L3 in the maternal side. By taking statistically valid DNA samples Oppenheimer came to the following conclusions.[4] On the maternal side the mtDNA strain L3 split into two daughters which Oppenheimer labels Nasreen and Manju. While Manju was definitely born in India the birthplace of Nasreen is uncertain tentatively placed by Oppenheimer in southern Iran or Baluchistan. Manju and Rohani (should be Rohini), Nasreen's most prolific daughter both born in India are the progenitors of all non African peoples. The story on the paternal side is a lot more complex. M168 had three sons, of which Seth was the most important one. Seth had five sons named by Oppenheimer as Jahangir, H, I, G and Krishnna. Krishnna born in India turned out to be the most prolific of Seth's sons. Krishnna through his son Ho, grandson Ruslan through Polo, and great grandson M17 through Ruslan, played a major role in the peopling of South Asian, East Asia, Central Asia, Oceania and West Eurasia. In summary migration happened but it happened in the reverse. He makes a point that all physiological changes in people are all environmental. Coastal people from Tamil Nadu as they moved north became lighter in color and thier complexion changed. That is why North Indians are of lighter complexion. As these same people moved further north into the frozen tundra they became white with blonde hair and blue eyes. This is a ground breaking work
  8. Just give it up man, your bias is showing. Just point to me one solid single evidence the Aryan Invasion Theory is valid? Dont give this BS about linguistics, because if you twist the truth hard enough you could even find scientific miracles in the Quran. Rig Veda clearly mentions Pasupati or Shiva and was found in the seals of Indus Valley Civilization.
  9. 1) What is this "aryan invasion" theory? Why is it discredited? How did it come about? Premise of the Aryan invasion theory is that Aryans probably around 1500 bc invaded India and they formed the Brahmin class. They had responsible for the Sanskrit and the Vedas. The reason it was discredited is that there is no evidence that it really happened, everyone is speculating. Only solid evidence we have right now is our genetic make up. Genetic evidence points that from India, people migrated some 15000 years back to various parts of the Globe. http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/journey/ 2) The Indus Valley civilization is part of Pakistan, but is it still considered part of Indian history? How is it related to India's history? And, most of all, what was it like? From WIKI- Seals have been found at Mohenjo-daro depicting a figure standing on its head, and one sitting cross-legged; perhaps the earliest indication, at least illustration, of the practice of yoga. A horned figure in a meditation pose (see image, Pashupati, below right) has been interpreted as one of the earliest depictions of the god Shiva. Pakistan was part of India 63 years back. Hindu/Buddhist kings ruled Pakistan time immemorial. Just because Arab and thier more recent Pakistani thugs ethinically cleansed Hindus does not mean Hindus did not live there. Chandragupta Maurya's kingdom extended all the way from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. 3) Besides the Indus Valley civilization, what other cultures were there in India? Was hinduism even a religion back then? What kinds of worship did hindus do, and were there any other religions besides hinduism? Hinduism has no definite beginning and there is no founder in Hinduism. Hinduism started of as a Sacrificial religion. When the Vedas were codified around 1500bc it was all rituals and sacrifices to various Gods. Upanishads was first attempt to understand and realise supreme Brahman.
  10. As far the body evidence points out that Brain is the most crucial part of the entire system. If the Brain undergoes irreparable damage then for all practical purposes person is dead. A person can live without heart beat can still be considered live. A person in coma is just in a suspended state with all his brain functions intact. So all these points to the fact that if there is a soul it has to be in the brain. Iam intermingling Consiousness with Soul here. From WIKI- The bilateral removal of the Centromedian nucleus (part of the Intra-laminar nucleus of the Thalamus) appears to abolish consciousness, causing coma, PVS, severe mutism and other features that mimic brain death. The centromedian nucleus is also one of the principal sites of action of general anaesthetics and anti-psychotic drugs. Even with all the understanding of the brain sceintists can reason why brain functions the way it does.
  11. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It can't be merely the components, because in a corpse, there are exactly the same components as in a living body, but there is no soul in the corpse. If the components alone gave rise to the soul, it would give rise to it as long as the components are together. But it does not happen. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have to disagree here. When a person dies it always ends up with the brain not having oxygen and gets permanently damaged. So when a person dies the section of the brain which regulates the body dies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_death So basically a person who is considered a vegetable sustains loss of brain activity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistent_vegetative_state Will you consider such person having a soul? Based on the above soul is somewhat tied to the brain.
  12. I have read some where that it needs to diverted some where else. If it gets subdued it will come back up with more force. If you are an alcholic or a smoker inorder to quit you need to take up some constructive habit to get over it. Sexual energy is probably is one of the most difficult urges to control.
  13. I was pretty busy today. Your reply requires some time to understand. I glanced at it and definitely have some questions.
  14. http://www.sci-con.org/tiki-view_articles.php
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