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  1. Hari om, If you are unable to perform your deity pooja..then do "manasik pooja" for them.after taking bath sit on sukh asana and close your eyes and perfom your pooja like you used to do when you were living in that house. if you can bring tose idles then what could be better than this
  2. Hari om, That is a great news that in some western country still people remembered our culture and performing such a great Anushthana,yeah its pity that it's not possible there to get help of any bonafied pandit who could perform this yagya for you there. It has to be 10% yagya of the total number of chanting of mantra,and 10% of Havan "Tarpan" should be done,next 10% of Tarpan "Marjan" should be perform,Finally 10% of "Marjans" Brahman Bhoj and "daan" has to be done.This is the method... and if someone unable to do all these rituals then he should do "thrice" Japa.i mean if you people are doing 100,000 of japa then for completing this anushthana without any yagya you people should do "300,000 japa. Hope you have understood this. Regards swami Nishchal anand ji
  3. There are so many ways, 1.Payovrat (given in shrimad bhaagwat puran) 2.read santaan gopal stotra a book available in spiritual book centers. 3.better sugession is read "Gopal sahatranaam" daily...atleast for 40 days. other ayurvedic remedies and rituals are there which i cant tell it publicly,as i am a sadhu and dont allow people to start business by taking advantage of my knowledge. contact me for more..
  4. Hari Om, Dear Divine self Manoj,There are three reasons when a person feels like he/she is suffering from black magic, 1.Some Mental deseas,depression etc..there are thousands of types of such mental sickness..in this one must visit a good Numerologist or a psychetrist for this. 2.It could be reason of graha dasha,in this you must visit a good "astrologer". 3.black magic,then a tantric.. First you must know the reason of your problem. That's you should visit someone who can let you know the exact reason fir your sufferings. let me know your city of residance.as it needs 3 days to clear it. till then you can try "reading durga saptshati path daily.. and daily chant some 10 malas of any mantra you have faith.and keep belive in your "ishta devata"
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