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  1. find the most bona-fide version of the vedas + stick with it try the ISKCON, get a GURU, EAT Prasdam!
  2. Vegs fleashlys grinding teeth tearing teeth sweats through skin sweats through tounge,paws ect weak stomouch acid stomouch acid 20times stronger looong inerds short inerds it (meat) is biophysicaly unsutable, almost unsubstansal unusable, spritully unbenifcall, morally disagreable (at the "best") economicaly silly and in the sense of the methods used to create, maintain, transport, kill and consume unmetionable. It requires some amount of brute mentally 2 conutinue such misbehavior and somewhat quick turnover in the empolyment of butchers, Scuides,illness and accedents. enviromentally we can see the affects, furthermore as far as religiousity is concerned, illict y torment animals?
  3. you will find any bona-fide Dama IS Satya Yuga. just regular attendance and none of this mode of passion speculation "no electricty, telephone, motor vehicles, air planes" what drugs are you on (i need names!) the human race has such antiquinty and previous materal advancement, by the fact that the vedas sighted enough of said words/concepts. the rest of this is speculation
  4. the best thing to do would be to dovetail these personalities Mis/behaviour to Bhakti every time they act up they only prolong they "prison stay" it only depends on effort anyone (imposter or otherwise) who tells u different does not have the whole perspective. - western "parma-medicine" only displaces disease and makes money -they tend to be scucides,drug overdoses, ect - projections?? -we have lots of parasites - the correct medicine kicking someone out is one thing, but that itself has its reaction/s sorry...
  5. the only way one would questionably not be in Maya whilst playing said game would b performing "service" for the Hare K.r.s.na gang in GTA 1:-)
  6. there is not much point really they could be just as insane as you or me, though they might/mightnot tell u the death rate is 100%, or about sublte bodied personality/'s. Anyhow u being worried of an idea or thing is not unheard of it's whether or not you let yourself feed it though: lametation, fear or anything of the like will do the opposite though. enthusiasticaly pursuing bodly exisise run for 100m walk 100m ON GRASS! reading about bhatki yoga will help,especally taking Prashadam is advised and if this is applacable STOP EATING FLESH!
  7. there are differnt versions of history around the world acording to enough chances in which to propagate/explot such illision, for if you/ werenot able 2 b illisioned or cheated or whatever by science (i use this losey it's research for sense gratifation) u could come to understand such history that pertains to reality has been around 4 sooooo long it also explains y "how did our ancestors find this out without satellite pictures?" i wish i 100% understod such words as "nasa" and "valmigi" perhaps i may have been able to help. your most lowly servant Jaya Sri K.r.s.na
  8. Whils't i agree 100% with unreg guest, i like to tell others that its only one liftime of acting/behaving as if your some lusty/depraved form of lower specics to achive such benifit. there are such relics (even the Drama in it's gorly and soon to be deities) to prove how and when the Gita was spoken. Said atihits(sic) continue to be made fools of it's going to happen again as well
  9. You shall not find none of these in K.r.s.na's Vedas whatsoever: imperfect senses, cheating, illision, mistakes. "only your holy books justifies your philosophy" This sentance especially needs to be justified, i would counter that these books arn't "holy" ( i impoly word holy as it haveing holes of logic and reasoning:-) moreover these books only give paradigms and perscriptions of said proofs. "let it sit for thousands of years and create a religion." However books in persuance of the Vedas valadate such antiqudity (sic) to dispell the above. "i can easily right some interesting beliefs, no one would know if what i wrote was correct, but it would seem that way. and so is the same with hinduism. it fails." Let this sit as a example of your character and sentiment of humans in genrall (but it is Kali-Yuga). Your emotive unwarrated useage of the Hindu/Hinduism throughout this site may betray impoliteness at best. Jaya Sri K.R.S.NA Your most lowly servant
  10. one would only need good enough karma or mercy to come across a pure devote (enbodied in any form), even Prarshdam rements from pure devotes, perhaps a literate 13 child may give you the mercy in form of thesis,antithesis and synthesis not to metion any "thing" antimateral. Its "only your" body does not have the senses to see such "things". Parhaps i should not even continiue because it seem you've stated said synthesis (words such as "existedhindu" and also spelling of K.r.s.na), I metion this because often it's another sign of less intelligence.
  11. As it turns out if u decide to educate yourself properly rather than rely on sentiment u would find ISKCON devotes of krishna worship females
  12. one of the main problems is that regarding this offence is that it is the only one i imagine one may do unto oneself and it can also weaken internal/external organs, waste expensive blood ratio 64 drops 2 1 drop seminal fluid. and waste time
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