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  1. Fake information you can get from his followers who have got wrong information from his gang members If you want real info visit his birth place or read weekly magazine Kirti Kranti of 2nd week of July, 2010 (Published from Rewa, MP). You may vigil office bearers ( Adhyaksh, sachiva ) of his trust Bhagwati Manava Kalyan Sangthan to confirm all your findings.
  2. He is a thug, imposter..His real name is Ram Baran Shukla..If you are interested in truth visit his village at Bhadwa, Fatehpur in UP. you can collect info from villagers, family members or even neighbourin police check post. Yes I agree that when he is in flow during his preaching he is out of control and speak whatever comes to his mouth. I am sure you all have noticed that in his preacings. Many times I feel that he is not preachinf rather he is proving himself superior than God. What a shame!! I urge you to be aware of such people otherwise if it,s late you may lose your faith in Bhakti marg.
  3. He is not from MP, Shahdol rather he is from Bhadwa, Fatehpur in UP. In Shahdol, only his "Ashram" is located.Same preaching(Of Zee Zagran) he delivers in his "Shivirs" which happens twice or thrice in a year. I have his CDs and I know he claims himself as superior than god. If you believe he has even said "Brahma, Vishnu aur Mahesh ke padon ko main thokar se marta hoon"!!! It's because even he don't know what he is saying when he is in full flow. This person is really thug..if you talk about discipleship..Yes I was (Luckily I left before losing faith in Bhakti). Yes If you have business intention join him..For your info his real name is Ram Baran Shukla and if you want to know his history visit his birth place at Bhadwa, you can even go to neighbouring police check post..They would provide you all details
  4. Hello Salil. I would not comment on you being disciple of "YOGIRAJ". But I would surely like to comment on other part..As you wrote people would say him ....I approve that and I am one of them who say this so called "Yogiraj" as Dhongi, Imposter, Thug and in fact he is involved in many crimes which are heinous in nature. Well ..you ask on what ground you claim this. If you are really interested just go to his village Bhadwa, Fatehpur in UP. Villagers, even his family members would be there to tell you. It's other thing that they have been so oppressed by this Dhongi in past that you really have to be diplomatic while asking them your queries on topic. now I would ask on what ground you assume him "Yogiraj"...Other than influenced by hypocrisy. Just ask your Guru if he has even understanding of these Upadhis. Dear Salil I appreciate you going ahead in spiritual marg but you have to be very cautious while selecting your Guru..If after two years you realize that your guru is Dhongi then may be you can even lose your faith in spirituality and that would be great loss for whole spiritual world if you had real quest.
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