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  1. I found this rather interesting... http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/hinduism-forum/452728-krishna-god-jews-christians-muslims.html
  2. "Intelligent Design" is also the name of a book written by a French fellow who goes by the name Raël. I guess you folks must have heard about him... His claims are similar to what has been said in the thread-starter. According to the Raëlian Movement, humankind is part of a galactic experiment. Makes for a fascinating read, imo. The smiley aside, though... You never know...
  3. Agreed, life needs some sort of routine. It certainly helps avoid chaos! But... The monotony should not get to you. Yes. You probably live for your family. After all, having some sort of responsibility is good! But at the same time, you should continually be on the search for knowledge - to feed your soul. Striving to realise the Self is something which a handful dare to. It will obviously seem a mighty ask for the meek of heart but nothing can stop those who have faith in their innate faculty.
  4. People say things happen for "the best". I'd rather say that things happen for "a reason". Your very being here is for "a reason". And to find out this "reason", you have to achieve what is called as "Realisation of the Self". It is clearly visible in the life history of Shri Siddhartha Gautama (aka The Buddha).
  5. Seen 'em before. Nonetheless, thanks for the share.
  6. Interesting observations there, Prithvi... Will add something more "fruitful" to this discussion in due course of time. Need to think after reading all this!!!
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