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  1. Anupamashil I m going to make a website it will host within 6 month from where you wll get all consequences. If you have any quer you can ask freely. I m waiting for ur response.
  2. Dear moksh, Before posting in your thread first of all i would like to tell about myself. I am Salil and disciple of "YOGIRAJ PARAMHANSH SHAKTI PUTRA MAHARAJ". It is very easy to say anyone, He is imposter, Thug, Dhoingi ba bla bla.... But i would like to ask on what is ground you claimed him. My dear you are to much far away the truth. If you want to any thing pleae post in this thread i will give you reply. My dear before the disciple of my guru, i also thaught the same thing but now i am in touch of truth. Your query is fine but dear plz dont use thug again. Now i m waiting for your response.
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