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  1. Sasisekaran; Cool! I got the same when I set to 360 deg solar year in Kala software. But now which is the most trusted one? Even, with the ayanamshas..... that gets confusing.. please bear with me as I am still learning vedic astrology Eela
  2. Thanks, sasisekaran. Can you tell me which ayanamsha you've used to see jupiter/ketu starting on may/22/2010? Eela
  3. Can somebody take an astrological look at my problems. Plaese?
  4. I suddenly lost my job on June/27/2010 and have been trying my hardest since than. No luck yet! When will i get a new one? I was jobless for 8 months during my Sade Sati in 2001. Is it going to be that long? i hope not. DOB: november/19/1964 at 5:05 PM, Surat, Gujarat, India. According to Lahiri Ayanamsha I have Guru / Mercury (ending). When will i get a new job? Please help as i am desperately searching for answers.
  5. I suddenly lost my job. have 2 children and wife who cannot work because of personal reasons. can somebody help me see what's hapenning and whether i wil get a job soon or not. i am the only bread-earner and have no other support. dob: november/19/1964, 5:05PM, surat, gujarat, india
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