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  1. In Kaliyuga, Lord comes in the form of a real Guru/Devotee to establish the path of religion. But at the same time, in Kaliyuga many false or Bogus Gurus also appear who calls themselves as God and Avathar. A real Guru who in Lord Incarnate will never call Himself as GOD, but will present Himself as a humble devotee of Lord. Lord Chaitanya is a real Guru who is Lord incarnate to establish the path of Dharma. These kind of Gurus (God Incarnate) have been appearing in India from time to time and one can count the numbers of such real Gurus. Bogus Gurus who call themselves as Sree Krishna but looking ugly and use people for their personal reasons also appear from time to time and such people invariably get exposed and never establish anything. Yes Lord Chaitanya is Avathar of Sree Krishna since we are still talking about Him and worshipping
  2. HI..Thanks for posting the translated verses. I am a person who cannot stop talking about Krishna to anyone, and reads Gita everyday. I was wondering how to give the essence in bits to my friends so that everyone enjoy the nectar and at the same time they dont get bored also since they are not much spiritually inclined. YOur postings really help. I do my Sree-Krishna talk by cutting and pasting the verses from your post under each portion of my mail when I write to my friends. I give them in small portion of few slokams and in that way, I make them read Gita and taste the honey. Good job. thanks
  3. Yes..I did think the way you have mentioned that its all Krishna's act to keep my friend in this stage for him to learn better about Lord in a way. Its not the attachment for my friend, but the happiness what I have obtained in realizing Lord's companionship, I want all my friends to get. While He blessed me with success with good number of friends, this particular friend remains a mystery to me and I am doing my best asking Krishna to help him out. The fact is once upon a time several years back, this friend has been doing Satyanarayana Vritham and now he has forgotten Lord and considering himself as a great person with lots of ego out of which he never respects anyone. I dont want him to suffer out of his ego and get punished by Lord later. Finally I got frustrated, and I wrote to him a letter recently that, "if its true that I am Krishna's devotee, He will make you (my friend) realize the ultimate truth and happiness is Sree Krishna and not being egoistic". But you know, I also feel attimes that this mystery friend came in my life years back, primarily to even correct me or make me more devoted. I have observed lots of prayers and japam on behalf of this friend just for him to get back to Lord and serve Him. I have read Gita several times, more an more almost everyday just to argue with this friend that I have never done with others. This weekend something surprise happend. As I am leaving for my country in few days for a vacation, I did not want to leave with a misunderstanding with a longterm friend, but at the same time things are not working out. I got so frustrated and verbally I shouted at Krishna for all His play (to me that Sree Krishna is my first friend than anyone else and so I take all liberty with Him) and said give me some answer why you are doing this". Strangely when I finished my shoutings and just did a namaskaram, another best of mine called me and asked me if I am doing Gayathri japam. I asked him why he is asking me, He said, I should start doing it regularly atleast few times a day and he reminded me the words in Gita where Krishna mentions that among the mantra He is Gayatri mantra and the sylable ohm. This friend did not know anything about my misunderstanding and I felt like Krishna telling me to do this. The next day itself (Sunday) i started and that day evening as a strange surprise, the friend who is not in touch with me and ignored me for my devotion to Lord, called me to wish me safe trip and he said he would like to be my friend again. I could not beleive my ears. For everything we face, there is always a reason from Sree Krishna and nothing gives me more happiness when He makes me realize something and reveals Himself in that to me. Sometimes sufferings are also sweet if its going to show me that Sree krishna in those sufferings at the end of it. thanks Raghavan
  4. Its true we are here to talk about Krishna and a pure devotee cannot resist talking about Lord to anyone in any or all of his conversation. But why do some people hate us. I was shut the door by a friend (Probably pretending friend) who refused to give me even his address, when I told him that I would like to send him a picture of Sree Krishna that brought blessings to me. I asked him with a good intention, but he kept quiet for so long and even after repeated innocent question to him, finally he bashed me up saying that I dont deserve to know his address. I am yet to find any justice for this from Krishna. I knew him for good many years but we are miles apart now. A person because he is a doctor, he thinks attimes that he himself is God and finally now, threw me off. as this has been pricking me for so long, I just wrote it here to get rid of the burdened thought and hurt. While Paramathma is present as supersoul in all the jeevas, why sometime people behave like this. Its like talking Baghwatgita to Duryodhana.
  5. shriimaan veN^kaTa naathaaryaH kavitaarkika kesarii | vedaantaa chaarya varyome sannidhattaaM sadaahR^idi || pratibhaTa shreNi bhiishhaNa janibhaya sthaana taaraNa nikhila dushhkarma karshana jaya jaya shrii sudarshana shubha jagadruupa maNDana shata-makha brahma vandita prathita vidvatsapakshita jaya jaya shrii sudarshana sphuTa taTijjaala piJNjara parigata pratna vigraha praharaNa graama maNDita jaya jaya shrii sudarshana nija pada priita sadgaNa nigama nirvyuuDha vaibhava hari haya dveshhi daaraNa jaya jaya shrii sudarshana danuja vistaara kartana danuja vidyaa nikartana amara dR^ishhTa sva vikrama jaya jaya shrii sudarshana pratimukhaaliiDha bandhura vikaTa maayaa bahishhkR^ita pR^ithu mahaayantra tantrita jaya jaya shrii sudarshana mahita saMpatsadakshara shhaDara chakra pratishhTita vividha saN^kalpa kalpaka jaya jaya shrii sudarshana bhuvana netastrayiimaya niravadhi svaadu chinmaya amita vishva kriyaamaya jaya jaya shrii sudarshana vara guNa stoma bhuushhaNa jagadavasthaana kaaraNa . nigama saddharma darshana jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 1 .. sura gaNa traasa khaNDana shata-patha brahma nandita . bhajadahirbudhnya lakshita jaya jaya shrii sudarshana .. 2 .. pR^ithu-tara jvaala paJNjara parimita praGYa durgraha . parijanatraaNa paNDita jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 3 .. nirupadhi sphiita shhaDjuNa nija para vyuuha vaibhava . hara pura ploshha kaaraNa jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 4 .. jani tamisraa vikartana bhajadavidyaa nivartana . samara jushhTa bhrami krama jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 5 .. pR^ithu mahaa heti dantura vividha maalaa parishhkR^ita . dR^iDha dayaa tantra yantrita jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 6 .. vihita saMpatshhaDakshara sakala tatva pratishhTita . vibudha saN^kalpa kalpaka jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 7 .. savana tejastrayiimaya nikhila shakte jaganmaya . shamita vishhvagbhayaamaya jaya jaya shrii sudarshnana .. 8 .. dvichatushhkamidaM prabhuuta saaraM paTataaM veN^kaTanaayaka praNiitaM vishhame.api manorathaH pradhaavan.h na vihanyeta rathaaN^gadhuryaguptaH kavitaarkikasiMhaaya kalyaaNaguNashaaline . shriimate veN^kaTeshaaya vedaantagurave namaH ..
  6. Sudharshana is actually Narasimha Swami on one side and Vishnu on other side if you notice the Idol in temples. The Sannidhanam of Shree Sudarahana has 8 pillars implying all the 8 directions, radiance of Lord spread through. Coming around 12 times in the Sannidhanam of Sudharshana regularly is suppose to remove the ill effects of papa karma (Provided you dont repeat it again). He is also known to remove the bad name when one is innnocent and gets a bad name in a situational crisis, He will establish the Justice to that person. I have personally felt it in my life in a very crucial moment.
  7. The following sentence by some guest is the most abusive I could say.. >>>It would be better if we follow Krishna and consider all women as our "lovers" or girlfriends Krishna never looked at other women as His girl friends or Lover as in the present day context of 'girl friends and lovers'... Please clean your mouth for talking such a nonsense even for fun. To Sree Krishna every body were His children, the time when He played with all the Gopikaas irrespective of their age groups, Krishna'a was in His early teens. He never exploited anyone nor was in such an age group. IN the present day, in the name of friends people do all kinds of nonsense physically that I see in western countries to the largest extent. So Please dont talk nonsensical about Krishna without understanding Baghwatham. If you really want to follow Krishna, then you have to be literally a Brahmachari by all means... R
  8. Sree Krishna is Shree Hari-Sreeman Narayana and vice versa. Shriman Naryana's poornavathar form is Sree Krishna and He is considered all powerful Almighty unlike other avathars because He was poornavathar unlike even SriRamavathar. I have not read Prahaladha who was in Satya Yuga chanting Hare Krishna. Neither Naradha is not mentioned to chant Krishna, rather they were chanting Narayana mantra. (Please forgive me if I am wrong and please give correction) To them they Looked at Lord as Father of all, and so they were praying to Him as Shriman Narayana, while for Gopikaa and Arjuna, Yashodha, etc Lord appeared in different forms as how they wished as Lover or friend or child. But both forms are same the later in disguise form unlike the former. The reason could be I beleive that, since Lord knows that in the following Kali yuga, due to the various attributes of Kali, people needs His form to concentrate unlike in other previous yugas. So to help all the Jeevas He descended in beautiful form, mainly to attract everyone and gave GITA and established the path again for us to follow. Its been repeatedly mentioned that in Kali yuga, just chanting Hari Naama by itself will purify the soul in course of time. So ShriHari/Sreeman-Narayana called Himself as Sree Krishna (all attractive) in His Poornavathara Form in the Dwapara Yuga. Since He is full in all His glory and power in Sree Krishna form, Both Shri Hari and Shri Krishna are synonymous. Its only our way of worship is different as per our sampradhayam in which we are brought up or tend to follow.
  9. When I say formless, I dont mean that Lord is shapelss and impersonal. He can take anyform and including being formless that is impractical for us to perceive. His poornavathara form with all His magnificiency is the Two armed form as Sree Krishna and thats why whether He is called as Shree Hari or Shree Krishna its the same. For His devotees who are His friends and Gopikas, He is lovingly called as Govinda. Sree Krishna instantly comes to rescue when He is addressed as Govinda. He took the name of Sree Krishna for the Poornavathar role that He took recently and since He appeared with all His full potency in that form unlike all other forms, Krishna and Hari are the same without any difference. The one who is sleeping on the celestial bed of Adhishesha and the one who is playing in Goloka are non different and its upto the jeevas to accept Him and worship Him the form we like. If you worship Him as father then you see His Narayana form, if you worship Him as friend, or lover or child, then you go to Goloka and be there with Sree Krishna form. Irrespective of the mode of affection the jeevas develop towards Him, He is in reality the Father of all souls as He Himself says that IN GITA. If Lord appears as Lord it will be very scary honestly which was expressed by Arjuna when he saw Krishnaa's Universal form that he could not see with His physical eyes, but only with spiritual eyes given by Lord for that moment. For someone like Arjuna who was a great devotee of Shri Hari, he himself felt that fear and begging to Lord to appear as two armed form, that is so dear to everyone, its clear that Lord took that form as another human with all the attractions, primarily to attract all the Jeevas. Afterall we are His kids and It is His major concern to take us back home. even the worst criminal with all papa karma at one stage of his life, while passing through different bodies, will be made to realise that Lord and become devoted. NOne in real sense is actually left out by Him, but the time that takes to go back home depends on the actions of the soul that it performs while remaining in particular body.
  10. Theistji.. YOur question itself has the answer for what you are asking for. I mentioned that "The Supreme formless all powerful Lord is difficult to perceive, (that is explained in Gita also) and so that Great Power descended down as Sree Krsihna for us to fix our mind on that form". Sree Krishna when appeared as Sreeman Narayana, were rejected by Gopikaa's and that Lord Himself could not control and assume the form Krishna when He sees Radha. This is clearly an indication that He is Loved the most in the beautiful all attractive form as how He appeared to all and mixed with people showering the love for His devotees.. Radha is synonymous with uncontaminated devotional Love towards Lord, and so the fact that formless Lord when He sees His uncontaminated devotee, He Himself could not control to appear in the way that devotee wants Him to see. To exemplify this fact only, Lord suddenly became 4 armed form and for us to realise that how He can be attracted, He assumed the two armed form when He saw His best of the best devotee who is Sree Radha. If you read Gita, in the purport written Swami Prabupaada, He has used both Vishnu and Krishna synonymously in some places. If a devotee wants Him as Narayana He comes like that, if a devotee wants Him in two armed form He comes like that depending on the eligibility of that soul. The reason why two armed form is considered more auspicious is, due to the fact, thats the most Loveable form where one can be with Lord in the way they Love Him, as friend, or lover, or child, which is more comfortable for any soul to immediately fall in Love with, without any inhibitions of mind. His idea was to attract all the soul in one way or other way. But basically He is the father of all, but all the children does not feel comfortable in playing, hugging and doing mischief with their dad, so the Big dad appeared as friend, child, lover for His own kids to feel comfortable with Him to reach Him. This is the best of His pasttimes that can be understood only by pure devotion and not my mental speculation. Personally, I love HIm in His two armed form and also as Narayana. But when I had a chance to fell Him in temple, to the main deity as Narayana, I touched His foot without my knowledge, but to Sree Krishna form, I felt more comfortable to feel His face too like my own. Its a natural feeling for the Jeevas to have that respect, but with a friend or a lover, although you respect the most, yet you feel something more freedom to mix with. Thats why Lord appeared as two armed Sree Krishna form and for the same reason He was respected as Narayana but loved most as Sree Krishna.
  11. What is this question? Are you asking this based on Krishna avathara? even so, Krishna Avathar is Poorna Avathar, which means He showed to people at times that He is not just oridary human form, but the Supreme most power incarnate Himself by all means. IN India, most of the people, we are used to worship Him as Shree Hari/ Sreeman Narayana/ Sree Mahavishnu, while the Gaudiya Vaishnava group worship Him in Krishna form. But otherwise there is no difference. The Shree refers to His Potency. Shree means Lakshmi, while Gaudiya Vaishnava call Him as Hare-Krishna where Hare refers to His potency. Mahavishnu and Krishna are just the two different of HIs thousand names, but they are one and the same in essence. The Supreme Power descended in the nameof Sree Krishna to establish the path of religious righteousness and Dharma and He was named for that Avathar as Krishna that does not mean He is lesser as He was in human form. That Human form by itself was not like our human body since we all age, while Krishna never aged physically too and His body was transcendental. There is nothing wrong if you call Him as Sreeman Narayana or Shree Hari or just Sree Krishna. Supreme power is formless and difficult to perceive by the human mind and eyes, and so He came with the most beautiful all attractive form as Sree Krishna for us to fix Him in our mind and to focus. He gave the Gita for us to follow to reach Him finally. If you read Gita from 9th to 11 chapter, you will understand the real form of Sree Krishna.
  12. Spirituality is something to do from within and not past time program of the mind. Its an evolutionary process of the consciousness where the Supersoul resides permenantly. One person cannot understand how someone is able to focus their mind all the time, while he cannot do that and keep conspiring about going back and forth in spirituality. For majority of people, its sort of a part time in their life whenver they are disturbed and want to become closer with God, while for some people, irrespective of the situations they face in life, the realise their position and status in relation with The Supersoul called Paramathma and such people never go back and forth as per the worldly attractions, just to please others and to put on a show for the sake of world. All the above all from my personal experience. I have faced countless number of hardship in all aspects of life in a very young age, yet at any situations, my mind never boggled and jumbled away from Lord and I never try to satisfy or please anyone keeping away the Lord for a while just because those people does not beleive in HIM or does not want to follow His path. Both Happier situations and sad moments are the same in my relationship with my Govinda. At the same time, Neither I illtreat such spiritually less matured people or ridicule them, because I know that they are in the process of evolution and anyway one day Lord will make those souls also closer to Him. This is something cannot be understood, but must be experienced with the Mercy of Lord. Raghavan
  13. Hi kameshi I am an ardent Devotee of Sree Radhe-Krishna and Shree Shivashakthi-Rupini-Lalithambika. I would like to discuss certain things about Sree Vidhya Maha Mantra. My email id is manimkm@ Please write to me. Thanks Raghavan
  14. You dont have to stop worshipping Goddess Lalithambika whose thousand names as Lalitha Sahasranaama was originally told to Sage Agasthya by Hayagriva (Vishnu Incarnate). Actually Lalithambika or Durga or Parvathi or Shakthi is nothing by the material energy of Lord Sriman Narayana and they are inseperable. Sage Agasthya while meditating on Lord was given Darshan and when Agasthya prayed for happiness of the people, He was given the Lalitha Sahasranama and asked to spread so that who ever chants it will be rid of all troubles and also finally the soul gets purified and reach Lord. Actually all the Gopikaas were themselves praying to Durga Devi in the form of Kathyayani Devi to marry Sree Krishna. In Ramayana when Rama was searing for Neelkamal to offer Shree Durga, He could not find the last 100th one and hence He decided to offer His own eye ball as it resembled neelkamal (Lotus eyes). When He pointed His arrow on His eyes to remove the eye ball, Shree Durga appeared in front of Him with blood in Her eyes and said, "why you are hurting me, Are we different". Ram did thhis primarily for the world to know that He and His energy are non different. His material energy gives form and structure and she control the Universe while She by Berself is controlled although nondifferent by Lord. That is why even to destroy the "Asura" Lord Narayana appears a Mohini and entyce Shiva, out of which Ayyappan was born and He is considered as the third son of Shiva-Parvathi next to Ganesha and Subramanya swamy. Vigneshwara always holds the foot of Govinda and thats why whoever prays to Vigneshwara first before starting anything, they will be blessed. Subramanya Swamy or Karthikeya is again nothing but the Warrior form of Sree Krishna or Shree Hari (See Baghwath Gita (9th and 10th chapter) to destroy the Asuras. There is nothing as Superior God or inferior God. There is only one God and He is Shree Hari-Krishna-Sreeman Narayana as worshipped in different names. All forms basically emanate from Him as per Bhagwat Purana and Bhagwatgita. His female energies are two. One is spiritual who is Sree Lakshmi when He is Narayana or Shri Hari, She is Shree Radhe when He is Sree Krishna and the other is material who is Boomadevi. When He is Shiva, she is Durga or Pravathi to control the world. Many people think that only asuras pray to Shiva or Kali or Durga, but actually in reality until Dwapara Yuga, everybody used to pray to Shiva and Durga because they are known to remove our evil desires and make us totally detached and so the soul can reach Lord finally. The concept of Vaishnavism and saivism appeared only in Kaliyuga and all this confusion of superior and inferior without proper understanding came during this period only.
  15. What do you loose by dontating your body parts to someone if its going to save a life after your soul's departure from your body. There is nothing to make a big issue about organ transplant for both practical and spiritual reasons. Practical reasons: anyways the person who got the transplanted organ cannot perform all the healthier movements as the normal individual (Unless its eye or kidney to an extent) as all the other transplants does not survive anyway longer due to immunological reasons and infections. SO that receipient cannot perform any thing that would be against religion or God. I dont think that anyone who goes to the transplant stage will forget God after that, because I invariably see atheists becoming theists and beleive in God in that stage. SPiritual Reasons: IF a soul is destined to survive in a body by Lord, transplantation of organ to that body of the soul is actually made succefful by Lord for LOrd's own reasons to survive that body and so why do you break your head about being an organ donor. BY being a donor, its certainly human. Dont worry about other person is bad or good. Everything is already set and we are only executing the actions. Shyam
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