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  1. please forgive if anyone felt my questions as offensive i regret for the criticisms without logic and without using scriptural references indeed i am in the wrong forum i am leaving sorry for the disturbance
  2. somebody said:"..While many people do worship Mahadave as God, that does not mean that He is God. Those prayers were made by people who were praising Mahadave, a superior, often when praising a superior the praiser will speak allegorically or metaphorically or overstate the qualification of the person being praised. This is the case when Mahadeva was being praised...." the poster is saying that the part of the scripture where 'siva parameswara' is being praised is false and that part praising vishnu is true.and that the praisers are lying when they are praising siva!! according to the poster,they could be true only if they praised vishnu or krishna!! from this viewpoint of him, i can realise what is to be expected from those who think like him. he also wrote that siva says: "..even I was illusioned by His energy. What then is to be said of others, who are fully dependent on maya.." it is true that nobody can escape Mahamaya or yogamaya or vishnumaya as whatever she is called.it is obvious that siva was also attracted by Devi. he quotes "..My dear Lord Sambhu, who within this material world but you can surpass My illusory energy?.." here,vishnu is making it clear that it was just illusion and not the truth.most people are still immersed in illusions and dont want to hear the truth!!
  3. "..they tied the purusha (himself) as the pashu (sacrificial animal)." you mean the yajnas promote sacrifice of animals?!!!!! the vedas, i consider as the true word of the supreme one. since rig-veda says that purusha is the supreme one,it is true. the aim of the later gods(in the later yugas) may be to claim and prove that 'I am the purusha' since the purusha has a womb, he should not be completely male.he also seem to possess the feminine aspects mixed with him does this purusha have anything to do with the trimurtis? is he one among them?(i mean vishnu) or is he krishna? please tell me the verse which tell this.
  4. what is material mind? with which mind u think? please tell to me since i am ignorant about such mysterious things . All you see in my post is speculation,isnt it. everything that disobeys gita is speculation!
  5. you want me to accept krishna/vishnu is supreme isnt it? may be i dont have enough punya to worship him i tried to understand bhagvat gita but i could only find it as a one-man-show can u tell any reason for the gita to be the ultimate? does the "supreme one" fit into the concepts of the protector or the destroyer?? of the trimurtis,how come one became supreme while others "demi" ??
  6. like the waves in an ocean is not diferent from the ocean,the creator is also non-different from the creations. since i am a worshipper of the divine-mother sakti,i like siva but no one will accept it, i know it is nice that they are at least considering siva as a demigod.
  7. someone had sent an essay only to say that lord siva is a servant! it is very abusive i dont know why these people judge siva as a vestigial god! do they have the authority to say so?
  8. I read something about Mahabhava when I read the Lifestory of Godess Amritanadamayi Devi(now living in Kerala). Radha Devi has defeated all the sages and devotees in Her Devotion to Lord Krishna as seen in their lovestory.
  9. Thanks, Raghavan, The same thing I wanted to know. I knew that LalithaSahasranama was told to sage Agasthya by Lord MahaVishnu in the form of Hayagreeva Rishi. In the Hayagreevagasthya Samvadam as seen in the Lalithopakhyanam,in the Brahmandapurana,it is given that at first Lord Hayagreeva told Agastya all about Lalitha Devi,Her magnificient story of Her avatar and Her Pattabhisheka then Bhandasuravadha then about Her place named Sreepuram then Her mantra named SreeVidya Mantra(Which is the Greatest of all mantra and is hidden in the Vedas. Lord Siva is its Upaasak.It is revealed only to eligible persons since its powers may be misused.It is a boon to me that I know this mantra in this Janma and I hope I will never be born again) and then about Her chakra named SreeChakra,and about Her Yoginis(there are 64 crore Yoginis named Mandrini,Dandini,......) But He didnt dare to tell Sahasranama at first since it was the most secret one.But Agasthya insisted for telling the Sahasranama to Him.And then only Hayagreeva told Him that. Agasthya was restricted not to give this great Sahasranama to cruelpersons,or non-believers as it gives immediate results. The remaining portions I was about to tell may be too hard for people to believe .So I am not writing that.If anyone wants to know more about Sahasranama, I will tell.I know something about Her about Her Sahasranama and Her Mantra which just accounts to a drop of water from the ocean of Knowledge about Her.I am interested in speaking about Her to someone. Thanks for reading.
  10. You muslim why are you hidden as guest? you said very humiliatingly about the Gods as if you are an expert in the puranas.So you believe that Siva beheaded Ganesha as said in the puranas.and also that Kaali is born of anger and drinker of blood. Then you should also believe in other things given in the puranas also (that Kaali is the for destroying demons,Vishnu protect us all and so...)
  11. I am thankful that you people take care to clarify our doubts. You havent heard of the name Lalitha devi,and so did I till i read the book Lalithasahasranamam(with definitions of names and Bhalasruti).Till then I would call Her Parvati or KaaliMaa.By reading that book,I came to know that whatever names of Devi I knew till then were Her's.Because I could find all those names in the Sahasranama (eg:Durga,MahaKaali,Parvati,Bhavani,Kathyayani....). Previously I didnt like the personality of Lord Krishna,but now I agree that I feel that Lord Krishna and Lalithambika are the same.(Her 838th name in the Sahasranama is MUKUNDA which literaly means 'the one who gives mukti' and hence points to Lord Krishna,since He is the one to give Moksha,and this clearly says that She is Krishna Himself.) You told me to tell about Godess Lalitha Devi. But since the book I read was in Malayalam, I will have to translate the ideas into English before I speak to someone.Even if I tell,no one will believe. Even my family members dont agree with the things explicitly said in the book. They are traditional Siva devotees and think that my Devi is just a Godess who is used in black magics, since most Tantras of Devi give unlimited power to the doer and he greedily exploits Her powers.There are so many mantriks who do bad karmas on the name of Devi. Hence I fear you people will laugh at me if I am to tell all about Devi. Better it be hidden in my mind only. I cant bear any one blasphemy Her(especially muslims) who may read all those.
  12. Thanks for the letter The books I have read said that LALITHAMBIKA is the supreme. Now great people like Srila Prabhupäda says that Krishna is supreme . I am totally confused. Anyway, all deities are the manifestations of the same power which only existed before the universe(So I think) Please tell me whether my concept is true or not. I am very much attached to Her that I get my eyes filled with tear when I hear Her praise or songs. Is it fair for me to discard my current beliefs?
  13. Sorry I previously misunderstood "HARE" as the addressing of lord KRISHNA as HARI(because in sanskrit,we address male names ending with 'eee' as 'ye' ie,Hari as Hare) thanks that you corrected me to know that Hare represents female name. Radha Devi as I consider is not different from "LALITHA PARAMESWARI" whom I believe as the supreme being. Thanks for your suggestion I will soon study the Holy books given by you, as I have by-hearted the Rahasya Sahasranama of my favourite God.
  14. I dont know much about Vaishnavism. I believe in female God. Please tell me whether Krishna is the only way we should worship or we can consider other forms also as the Supreme being? By reading the mails in this forum I have the feeling that only Vaishnavites are Hindus. I find Saivism and Mother Shakti(Part of Shaivism) is always humiliated. Please let me know which one is the correct way to reach the ultimate.
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