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  1. Hi, Before I start, let me just say I am wonderstruck by the 4 yugas, how they explain a lot and karma too, in our religion. I have a gap in my knowledge regarding the 4 Yugas, which is, how/why did the people of each Yuga now know what was going to happen regarding the avatars of Vishnu. I can understand we are in ignorance now because we are in the Kali Yuga, But for example in the Treta and Dvarpa yugas, the people were more spiritual and knew of the scriptures and past and cycles more than now, why did they not know Rama and Krishna was to come and play out their same leelas time and again? Why did they not recognise them? Was it because of ignorance, does the Mahabharat/Gita texts get wiped out by the Kalki avatar at the end of each 4 yuga cycle? And the Vedas become of importance again, until each avatar comes? What did people kno of upcoming avatars and yugas? Thanks!
  2. Gone are the days of Dharma in this yuga, the protecting warriors, I guess its part of the Kali yuga, but that does not mean we give up. We should stand up because if we don't what is the point of this forum, i fone day we will all be ethnically cleansed into Muslims?
  3. Is Kashmir's conscience dead? The answer, most definitely, seems yes. Recently, J&K CM Omar Abdullah hit the nail on its head when he lashed out at the separatists for their silence on the killing of a three-year-old by terrorists. Why separatists alone, the whole of Kashmir should answer this question. Really, where are the protests now? Where is the Valley's anger – so visible, at the drop of a hat, all these years? Why, all of a sudden, has Kashmir forgotten to take to the streets -- stones in hands and tears in eyes? The same Kashmir, which burned with rage over the rape-cum-murder of two women in Shopian, has its eyes closed when the perpetrators of the crime are terrorists. Don't get me wrong, no one is condoning the brutality in Shopian. Anyone who outrages the modesty of women should be punished. But what about these double standards? How about a little anger against the terrorists from across the border who have killed anywhere between 65,000 to 1,00,000 people since 1989? All in the name of freedom? In an indirect attack on the separatists at a function in Srinagar, Omar said: "They prominently organize marches and give ‘chalo calls' to highlight violation of human rights...These elements resort to politics of hypocrisy." Fairness, morality and respect for human rights demand these elements should raise same voice whenever terrorists kill civilians, he said. Bang on, Mr Abdullah. Or do human rights apply to terrorists alone? Maybe. The Shopian incident has resulted in prolonged protests. At the same time, the killings by terrorists have continued unabated. They, of course, go unnoticed. Why this anger against security forces and cops only? Against those same security men who, away from their families, are risking their lives to protect Kashmir? Why no thought before damaging public property, before attacking the people who are there to protect them? The suffering doesn't seem to end. Repeated terror attacks have happened in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. No point mentioning which country these attacks are coming from. And all in the name of Kashmir. It's time the same Kashmir lent the country a hand. It's time the same Kashmir raised its voice as loud and clear as it raises it against the security forces. Quite aptly, Omar's comments came on a day when SC questioned the Jammu & Kashmir High Court's order to arrest police officers for their alleged involvement in Shopian rape-cum-murder. The court also rapped the high court for its direction that the bail plea of the accused cops be filed only before it. The SC Bench said: “Anybody can be arrested. Anybody who has nothing to do with this case can be arrested. What material was there for arrest? Even now, they (state) have been unable to produce the material." With power comes responsibility. If some jawans and policemen were involved in a heinous crime, they shouldn't go unpunished. But in no civilised society should action be guided by agitation and protests. And in the meantime, it's time for Kashmir as well to show some responsibility. And for our politicians to shed some hypocrisy. [url="http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Free-Kick/entry/where-is-kashmir-s-conscience2"]Srivastava's blog-The Times Of India This is a great article, shows how terrorists are protected, how muslims come out in fists against Hindus and Sikhs but when the terorrists they breed in their community do something bad, they sweep it under the carpet.
  4. Why has no one replied to this message? I just came across this forum and its a great forum, but the fact that Hindus are taking this kind of oppression so lightly shows what state we have to into. We should be complaining about this and raising our voice else we'll get walked over. It makes me sick how we provide for all religions yet other religions hate on us.
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