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  1. yasya triiNyuditAni veda-vachane rUpANi divyAnyalam.h

    baT.htad.hdarshatamitthamevanihitaM devasya bhargo mahat.h

    vAyo rAmavachonayaM prathamakaM pR^iksho dvitiiyaM vapuH

    madhvo yattu tR^itiiyametadamunA granthaH kR^itaH keshave


    Whose three divine forms have been described by Vedic statements (such as the BaLitthA Suukta of the Rg Veda); whose nature is that of great wisdom and ability, is the support of the activity of the worlds, is very worshipful (of Vishnu), and who incarnates with his full potency (with no diminution); that Vaayu, in his first avataara, carried the message of Raama (Hanumaana), destroyed a fearsome army in his second (Bhiima), and in the third, as Madhva, composed this work (the Vishnu-tattva-vinirNaya) as a service to Keshava".



  2. yasya smarana maathrena janma samsaara bandhanaath

    vimuchyathe namas thasmai vishnave prabha vishanve

    om namo vishnave prabha vishnave

    -Vishnu Sahasra Naama


    Mere (maatra) rememberance of Krishna can afford one liberation, then what to speak of seeing Him in dreams. I bow down to anyone who sees Krishna in dreams.


    The Krishna in my imagination is so very real and sweet that He can tear me away from the fear of livelihood, then what to speak of seeing Him in dreams ....

  3. > Even while Krishna was on the earth, Hanumanji (who is

    > immortal) did not bother to go and visit Him.


    I think he visited Krishna may be just to fulfil some promise. I was watching this serial "Krishna" by Ramamananda Sagar. But finally Hanuman ji wanted to see Rukmini Krishna and Balarama as Sita, Rama and Lakshmana and with that image he went back ....

  4. Ok! To make you a little bit more agitated and hungry .... here is something I found in another website:


    candana-carcita-nIla-kalevara-pIta-vasana-vanamAlI |

    keli-calan-maNi-kuNDala-maNDita-gaNDa-yuga-smitazAlI ||

    (Gitagovindam 1.38)


    Yellow silk and wildflower garlands lie on dark sandal-oiled skin. Jewel earrings dangling in play, ornament (adorn) Krishna’s smiling cheeks.

  5. > Even if you believe in Krishna, believe that you *love*

    > him, whatever that means, you dont have to lose your

    > composure. It isn't very cultured behavior and Hindus, I

    > suppose, believe in being calm and introverted. So follow

    > their example.


    If being Hindu means not to speak about loving Krishna, then I prefer *NOT* to be a Hindu.


    <font size=+3>Krishna Krishna Krishna eva kevalam</font>

  6. > Krishna calls you and calls you, "Come back to Me! Come

    > back to Me! Come back to Me!" If when you finally come,

    > He says "I wasn't calling, it's all in your head..."

    > well...


    man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru

    mam evaisyasi satyam te pratijane priyo 'si me


    Always think of Me and become My devotee. Worship Me and offer your homage unto Me. Thus you will come to Me without fail. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend.

  7. > and He says, "Girl you grate on My nerves, leave Me

    > alone..." I will not leave Him


    Jaya ho didi, my sister .... you are the best ....


    O dear world .... see, can Krishna reject her ..... uh huh and now you know why I hang on to her toe ....



  8. > an Iraqi woman crying... "We are civilians! Why did they

    > burn my uncle's house? Where are you God??"

    > An American woman telling how she heard her son was one

    > of the first killed in the war... "I just dropped the

    > phone, and fell to the ground in shock. There was no one

    > there to hold me, so I crawled to the desk and lifted

    > myself up..."



    Thinking about an object constantly will eventually lead to attachment for that object - dhyayato visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate. Think about worldly objects and you will inevitably become attached to them. And because these are transitory by their very nature, they will eventually become a source of pain.


    Think about Krishna and it will lead to an attachment for Him. And what is His nature? dine dine navam navam - With each passing day He becomes newer and newer.


    Krishna is so kind that He wants to divert everybody's mind towards Him - some people like to learn about Him from scriptures, some people like His beauty, even by lust or anger - yena kena prakAreNa - somehow or the other ....

  9. > Why don't you become a genuine politician since you're so aggressive?


    You know .... my father was a politician and seeing his condition now, I think its better not be one ....


    > If you become a servant, you'll lose this chance.


    .... you miss the whole point .... dear ....


    > Why are you so confident?


    hmmm ........ <font size=+3>ask Krishna ....</font>


    > If you're rejected by Kr`eSna, what do you do?


    I have a contingency plan ready .... I have my sakhi to take up my case .... How is He going to reject her? /images/graemlins/laugh.gif


    .... sorry dear roman numerals .... nice try .... but alas !!!!

  10. <FONT size=+20 face="Georgia">

    <font color="blue"> G </font color> <font color="brown"> o </font color> <font color="red"> v </font color> <font color="purple"> i </font color> <font color="orange"> n </font color> <font color="green"> d </font color> <font color="yellow"> a </font color> <font color="black"> ! <font color="black"> </font color> ! <font color="black"> </font color> ! </font color>



  11. > This is totally weird. Why are you girls acting like you

    > just came out of a mental hospital?


    This world is a mental hospital. Some are mad after money, some are mad after fame, some are mad after women .... I just want to be mad after Krishna .......... KRISHNA ....


    <font color="red"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="green"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="blue"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="orange"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="yellow"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="black"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="purple"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="pink"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="brown"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>

    <font color="#666666"> KRISHNA IS MY HUSBAND .... I AM KRISHNA'S MAIDSERVANT .... </font color>


    > There is no need to show off, if you love Krishna, keep

    > it within your heart. Don't lose your composure and

    > become over-emotional.


    I am sorry Prabhu-ji. If this were under my control I would have done that long ago ...... KRISHNA ..... KRISHNA ......


    > What you've displayed so far is nothing but ridiculous

    > sentimental attachment. Do not kid yourself that it is

    > real devotion.


    I don't know Prabhuji .... what is real devotion and what is fake. I'm not a scholar .... I am surely a fake .... but tell you Prabhuji --- this fake sentimentalism is making me jump up and down the whole day ....... GOVINDA ...... G_O_V_I_N_D_A .......... my SWEET GOVINDA .........


    > Impressionable young women can *act* like Mira, but it

    > isn't easy to become one, cuz it involves sincerity. Hope

    > you take my advice.


    Ya .... I know Prabhuji .... we are the insincere creeps of the universe .... ain't we sakhi ..... thanks Prabhuji .... you come as Krishna's blessings to remind us of our worthless position .... to strike down our vanity .... and remind us again and again that it ain't us who is in control .... we can just beg .... beg for Krishna's love .... that's it .....

  12. I just want to embrace Him just like I want to embrace Krishna .... He loves bhUmi pirAtti so much .... He was not in His senses .... "oh .... bhUmi .... don't worry .... I am coming ....I'm coming .... just hold on there for a sec .... don't let go .... I'm gonna pick you up right there .... and this hiranyAkSa, he's had it today ...."


    Oh .... sakhi ..... can't you see, when my varAhaswAmi picks up my bhUmi pirAtti, She is cosily wrapped up in Her husband's loving embrace .... nothing to fear .....

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