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  1. thank for your reply. is there any thing i can do to over come this? could you be little specific in your qoute that " be careful while taking decisions" . what you realy mean in this line.
  2. dear sir, please find my details. 1. Date, place, time of birth - 02-oct-1982 , pondicherry , 7:30AM , 2 .Your gender, current location - Female , bangalore 3. profession (working/student/which field) - Working as a SWE 4. family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents) Married(21-jan-2009) , 4 elders sisters, 1 sister and mom expired 10 years back, all other sisters got married. My husband details : 15-nov-1977, 11:20 AM, pandruti,TN.he has 2 younger brothers. 5. Your specific question : we got separated after 2 month of marriage. he left his job and staying with his parents in pondicherry. his brothers also not working. they wanted my salary, i refused to give.so they demand me to quit my job. when i was child one of astrologer told to my parents that my inlaws will depend on my salary only . it came true now. my very stubond to over come my fate and I am living alone. what will hapend next " is there any possiblity for re-marriage for me? or my fate continue. please understand me that , i dont want to have my salary with myself, i am saving for future and also i am spending for our households as my husband salary was taken my their parents.
  3. Anitha, i too have the same dito problem but i am not pragnent. i pray for you too. i know your pain. try to be happy. your babies is very important, to say He/she would be the remedy for you problem. surely he will get atracted by the baby and he will come back to. try to be happy in work place. my only support is my work palce friends. So I know it is very hard to digust but forget everything, do not cry it will affect your baby. or else you have suffer for your baby too. god will take for rest. there will be a end for all starting. this is the lession for us . atleast we should bring up our son in proper way. do not wories. every thing end in favour of you only. be confident.
  4. My dob: 02-10-1982 7:30 AM ,Place:pondicherry My husband dob : 15-11-1977 11:20AM place: tamil nadu We got married on 21st jan this year.he is good but he is a kind of person who never think by his own.his mother has full control of him. they takes his full salary from his account and give some amount to him. i was runing the family with my salary but they wanted my salary also . so they created so many problem and separated both us..he left his job and staying at his house itself.it is almost 3 month I am afraid.my only hope is god. last week they acetped to talk after we put a word that we will go to police.they demanded to quit my job and stay with them that too after 2 month only. also my husband changed a lot and he speaks lies.please tell me will he come back to bangalore and stay with me? will my hunsband understand every thing and come back to me? when he will come back ? please help me. my father is waiting for my reply . still last week i had a hope that he love and he will come back. but now he is speaking differently. i am helpless. Please help me . whats wrong in my horoscope.
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