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  1. Is everything pre destined and cannot be changed? There is a legend that Goddess Lakshmi’s father Rishi Bhrigu went to Lord Shiva and said that I have written the destiny of every person who will be born. Please give me your blessing that it will all come true. Lord Shiva said - What you have written is only 33 percent. Another 33 percent is changed by the person’s deeds, another 33 percent by prayer and I keep the remaining 1 percent with me, for the final decision. So one can completely eradicate our obstacles and troubles by taking the right action, prayers and leave the rest to Shiva. There are specific mantras and prayers for specific problems and it’s very important to understand the meaning of each mantra. When you know what you are chanting, it’s immersed within you and the good effects double.
  2. The Tomb of Jesus Website have a look and read it Note: It would be better to discuss Shakti Sadhna than discussing about Jesus - about what he did and what others said about him in this Category. I request moderators to move this thread to relevant category in the forum or chuck it if they cant find it
  3. Yes indeed Jyy, Each and every character in this serial has been given a great importance.... Not just Chanakya, even someone like Sushidhartak played a very important role in it I personally consider, Chankya to be Architect of Modern united India... what we see today
  4. Yes indeed, Such a Iron Man can born only in India Utthista Bharata
  5. Hi all, Watch Chanakya - Hindi Tele Serial Online here at - http://intellectualhinduism.blogspot.com/search/label/Chanakya It consists of 8 Volumes covering all 47 Episodes that aired 15 years ago on Door-Darshan enjoy Hitarth
  6. My Favourite one is - Om Eim Hrim Kleem Chamundayei Vicche...
  7. I think, these test are for completing your 15 posts mark so that you can post your links lol
  8. Even if you believe in Kundli matching, i think it more depends on the pandit who analyze your kundlis. I am of marriageable age, my parents have shown my and a prospective girls kundli to several people, they all had different views. I would rather say, marriages are made in heaven. Kundli matching is just for our satisfaction - nothing else
  9. avinashj, the link you have given is really good thanks for sharing
  10. Well, i think "Om Eim Saraswatyai Namah" is for remembrance to Goddess Saraswati, which inturn is a Goddess of Education. For your purpose, i think "Om Sri Maha-Lakshmyai Namah" would fulfill your desires. This mantra is for Goddess Maha - Lakshmi, which inturn is Goddess of Dhana or wealth and wife of Lord Maha Vishnu Again, i am not an expert. I just wrote what i knew regards, Hitarth
  11. Thanks Very much for your reply.. and imparting much needed knowledge and information... I will try to do so Shri Durgarpanamastu
  12. Great initiative to teach our kids our values and traditions ... Thanks for posting Hitarth
  13. Thanks for sharing this valuable link... Tathastu
  14. Hi abaar1234 I am not an expert but i was going through tremendous mental pressures and tensions a few months ago. I started doing Devi Kavach, Argala Stotram and Keelakam on advice of my friend and it has really fetched me tremendous mental peace. Again, i am not an expert but i am just revealing my personal experience to you so it may help you Hitarth -------------- Shri Durgarpanamastu
  15. Hi all, In recent past i have been going through tremendous mental pressure due to relationship matters. I was advised by one of my friend and astrologer to do (Devi Kavacham, Argala Stotra and Keelakam) daily to avoid these pressures and mental anxiety. Since i started doing this about a month ago, i have been feeling like all my worries, tensions, anxieties are taken away from me. This happen for me to dig more into devi sadhna and i came across powerful Lalita Sahasranam Stotram. In that what i found is that it is available in two forms... i.e. Mantra form and Stotra form. Mantra form - is recited by chanting each individual name of maa lalita with prefix OM and Suffix Namaha. Stotra from - is recited by chanting hymn that includes all names as a verse. Could anybody tell me which one is more powerful way to worship Maa Lalita ??? Thanks in Advance, Hitarth
  16. Hi Nimit.... I am not an expert... but you can surely try some of these in the link i have provided below - www[dot]religiousworlds[dot]com/mandalam/shripuja[dot]htm Jai Mataji
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