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  1. He is the "Kalpavriksha"the boon giving Tree of this KaliYuga.He is "TheKaamadhenu" the the boon giving Cow of Heavenvenly Adobe of this KailiYuga.What more I can say?
  2. The name of the Lord ShriKrisna is just like necter.It is a solace at all times for any one in this world.Take the Name of the Lord,anytime,anywhere.Name is our dearest friend which we cant forget.he is there as soon as we remember Him. So please tell me who resides in yourLotus of your Heart? The One we adore& Pray.The Chit-Chora.The Stealer of our Mind&heart. May He Enlighten us. Name&Form are One. HariOmtatSat.
  3. when you visit Mantralaya do "Seva"either with Sankalpa or otherwise.Take bath in Holy TungabhadraRiver & in wet clothes only do Pradakshina of The Vrindavana of Shri Raghavendrawamy.Perform SashtangaNamaskar 8 times for each Pradakshina.Perform atleast 108 Pradakshina,if your body permits.Recite the Holy Mantra"Om Shri Rahavendraya Namah" while doing Seva.Then take Darshan& Midday Meals as Prasad.Inthe evening attend Arti,Bhajan of Shri Rayaru as he is lovingly called by his devotees. If one is very devotedly performs the Seva, he will have a Dream in which Shri Rayaru will Bless&guide the dear devotee.May Shri Hari Bless us all.*HARI OM TAT SAT*
  4. ShriRaghavendraSwamy is follower of ShriMadhwacharya's dwaita philosophy.On the behest of Goddess Saraswati he took Sanyasa even though he was married.He practised the ShriMadhwa philosophy & revived it.In the last Life he was Shri Pralhad.Now he is giving in bounty the fruit of his Tapas in the form of Punya to those of his devotees who do Seva to Him sincerely.He is hailed as"KalpaVriksha" &"Kaamadhenu"in this age of Kali.Many miracles are do happen daily among his devotees.He is the Solace for the poor&downtrodden.He is the Spiritual Master for the seekers of Knowledge.He appears in the dreams of devotees&Blesses them & guides them.Whatever the devotees seek they will get in bountyful.He has taken "LivingSamadhi"at Mantralaya,near Raichur of Karnataka State of India.
  5. We can come to know the future owing to Jyotish Shastra.It uses the knowledge of position of Nine planets atthe time of one's birth. It is known as Janma Kundali.Learned Vedic Astrologers can predict Future from this Birth Chart.Not only that, they can suggest remedies for Doshas in one's Jamapatrika so thatthe bad effects of Prarabdha karma are softened.But a Spiritual aspirant recites the Name of the Lord & surrenders to Him.He will take care of the aspirant.
  6. We pretend to know many Things!But what is in our Mind?Mind is the most Complex entity in this Creation.Mind of Man can make a Hell out of Heaven & vice versa.Nothing is good or bad,our thinking makes it so.In Bhagavad-Gita the Lord Krishna says that one is his own friend or enemy.One has to Uplift Oneself by His own effort.Shri Krishna will help to those who do that.Why?Because we are all on a Grand journey to Unite with Him.Every one is important.Every one is dear to The Lord Shri Krishna.If one has a mind then one can take His Holy Name.He will guide further to the Destiny.He will Bless all.*HARI OM TAT SAT*
  7. Every Name has a Form.Whatever is in the Name is in the Form.This is a Spiritual Truth.So repeating the Name gives rise to a Form.We gain Qualities of the Form.And ultimately,We become the Form.Shri Shirdi SaiBaba said that He took the name of Shri Hari & He realised that He has become Shri Hari!When we read the Biographies of "Sants" of our Holy Land, Bharat,we are guided to the path of repeating the Name of Shri Hari.This is a very easy path.There is no other way.The soothing Necter of Shri Hari is sprinkled on to those who repeat His Name.*HARI OM TAT SAT*. Let us repeat the Name of Shri Hari.
  8. Garlic is said to stimulate sexual urge.So we have been advised to refrain from it.But Ayurvedic Doctors know its inherent Medicinal values.Its good for the Heart.It is said to have 'anti blood-clogging" characteristcs(What's the medical term for it?Anticogulant?).So they used to presribe a pill for a day .Why dont you log on to www.himalayandrugs.com for more info?
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