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  1. I am having some thought process of me to share with you regarding Rahu and Ketu. I am a student of astrology and these observations are very personal, though they may have some reference some where in authoritative texts. Astrology as a science need to be read along with the pure philosphy (absolute science). Astrology being a relation between three aspects, Time, Place, Cosmic dynamism. Astrologically much mathematics is dealing with time and place. Coming to Cosmic dynamism so many unknown facts will surface, which is resulting into different interpretations, religiously, mythologicaly or intellectually. Coming to our present rahu and ketu, they are the two forces representing Exist and Non Exist. This world is manifested by different forms of this exists and non exist. Though the result of it can be seen one can not see tangibly the reason and cause of existance or non existance. It is manifested through many material forms represented by other planets. Thus they are related to all the planets and are shadowy in nature. Good example of this is the binary system which can give raise to different realities as picture, sound or logic. When this basic duality is emerging from the same truth, if it is manifestive in nature it is rahu and if is unmanifested it is ketu . Here birth or death means (head or tail ) represents that only. If you can observe the mythological reference also Rahu has drank the nector and is immortal. This is the head portion of it and it is the intellect or logic which makes the material world to appear, as such he is responsible for materialistic things. Ketu on the other hand is the wholesomeness and is not differential intellect (brahman), that is why he is mokshakaraka. Some other time i shall share with you other thoughts about rahu and ketu. Thank you petluru
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