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  1. ok, thanks for all your answer. I started to read some links, but it seems to be really difficult to understand (for example the link sent by Kali_Upasaka : sacred-texts.com/hin/ The chapter named "The history of the Vedas, from the Sri Isopanisad Introduction: " of bhaktajan is very interesting, but I need some further information. I am trying to find some summary (the summary + the link between Rig, Sama, Atharva and Yajur) so that to understand the main guide lines easily and rapidely. I know, it is not a correct way to learn a religion, but I need to have a overview. Thanks
  2. yes Sant, I understood what you meant Actually, they live overhere with us. So now I am trying to find arguments to prove them that hindu religion never forbidden this kind of marriage. And it is quite difficult.
  3. Hi sant, ohh so do you live anywhere near the indian subcontinent. Yes I am living abroad. That's the reason why I do not know all the hindu rituals as we don't pratice them overhere, I do not understand the meaning of them, and as I never made some of them, I don't feel the need of practicing them once I am in India. And if I do them, I like to know the reason of it. But my family in India don't allways know the meaning of them. They only do it because everybody does and they think that if they don't, bad luck and unhappiness will hit them. It is the same for my brother. Shouldnt they live in india and payback the debts towards the country rashtra dharm is considered the highest.What about that. Because of the distance, my brother felt in love with a white catholic and not with an indian girl. Overhere, we expect love marriage and not arranged marriage, which is a shame for our parents. As we don't know all hindu rituals and meanings, could you please tell me what is rashtra dharm ? What about eating food prepared by christians.what about fastfood,clothes etc.I remember another case here. Well our parents have been to fastfood, never eat christians food (pig our cow) and try to respect hindu rules as best as they can. They weare normal clothes. Could you please tell me what is vaastu ?
  4. Thanks for your advice concerning tv program. But I don't live in India. I go there twice a year and often for ganesh with the boy (my eldest brother) in love of the catholic girl. I am trying to find solution to help him and parents. This ritual (throwing water) was taught to me by an indian man who work in a temple in india the whole day.
  5. I don't think his parent are bad. I think they are victim of social pressure, of ego consequentely and of superstition. I am trying to fight superstition because it is a shame. Clever people found some rituals with a sense and a benefits at old time. Today, some people forgot the reason of this ritual and still practice them in the case if god punish them if they don't do it.
  6. I need to know the meaning of some hindu rituals to understand why we do it and what is the benefit of it? (for example the ritual of throwing water downstair and the benefits of it) My aim is to show his parents that there is a reason for each ritual. And if we don't do some of them (for example throwing water) god won't punish us. And I would say them that, as you said, it is written nowhere that is is forbidden to get marry with a catholic, it is only question of ego, it is only a lie.
  7. Thanks for your quick answers It helps me to understand more about hindu religion (that I don't know at all), their true rituals and separate them of the parents' saying. Could you please tell me from where does this litterature comes : Somakanta said, [...] of one's dealings. I like when you say that it has no link with superstition, because in the case of his parents, they are very superstitious : If he doesn't do ganesh chaturti, "he will never be happy and satisfied with life and God will punish him". I think that all hindu ritual have a sense. This sense is often forgotten in some low educated places in india. The consequence is that people do these rituals because if they don't, they think something bad will happened. It is superstition more than religion or faith. For example I have heard that during ganesh chaturti, you have to throw some water downstair before eating on a leaf downstair. This is due to the fact that before, in old houses, if you eat downstair on a leaf, sometimes, hunts could come on your leaf. To avoid that, people used to throw some water all around the leaf. Today all people do not know the reason of throwing water, but they still practice only because if they don't, they think they will get punished by god. This is a non sense. I am looking for a book that would explain the reason of rituals so that to stop some superstitions.
  8. That is what i think too. But you know, people in India sometimes during ganesh chaturti festival refuse to do arti in the house of a couple where wife is of another faith. And this is truth I saw it. But in my opinion they are wrong. So his parent apprehend that if he get married, he will be excluded and that he won't be able to perpetuate ganesh festival. These parents didn't read it from any scripture, they only anticipate social reaction and criticizes. What to do ?
  9. His parents say that if he get married with her, he won't be able to do ganesh chaturti because both, husband and wife, has to do it. And if she is catholic she doesn't have right to practice it. yes it was a printing mistake. It is is "girlfriend".
  10. Hi all, I am interested in vedic literature. Do you know where I can found some of them and read them easily ? Thanks
  11. Hi, Can a hindu boy get married with a catholic girl as he is the only one son and has to do ganesh chaturti in India for the coming years ? Social pressure (his parents) seems to say it is impossible in the religious point of view : Because his wife has a different faith and she is white, he will never be allowed to perpetuate this ritual and even others (for example cremation). Is this restriction written in the Veda or somewhere else or is it only racism ?
  12. go and see a doctor.. how do you want that people who didn't see you, who aren't doctor, could answer you precisely ?
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