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  1. Hi, It would be better if people answer you on this website. Their answer and your problem may interest other people. Thanks
  2. I agree with you. In hinduism, it seems ther is less constraint than in other religion. First, there are many more gods in hinduism. Consequentely, you are free to worship more one god than other. Second, the veda should be read only by brahmins. Consequentely, most people of the other casts are not involved in the reading of such literature, consequentely hindu laws are not allways wellknown by them and consequentely some people talk and do things they THINK that are good for god, sometime even, they are completely convinced and it becomes their dharma. But actually, this work was not asked to be done in veda scriptures. For example, do you think that veda scriptures say to do puja every two days ? Today people do often puja. And the most they do, better they feel, because they are convinced God will give it them back. And even if a member doesn't want to do it, he has pressure to do it, because it will bring him happiness and he has to do like the comunity. Sure, freedom is good, but the freedom in interpretation of these scriptural documents can be dangerous because a way of bringing unhapiness in the name of god. People are happy, ok. But do you think that if some were not, they would say it with all the social pressure ? They will give up, won't they or be excluded ..
  3. What does hinduism bring to you? What does it mean ? Simply rituals or way of life or only worshipping gods or dead member of family or of friends ? Are you happy with it ? How ? Do you think that if you were involved in another religion you would be less happier ?
  4. Hi kali, Thanks for these links. I still didn't read them yet. I saw lots of name of documents during my readings since my last message as : smirti, shruti, vedanta, rigveda, upanishad, ramayana, manudharma.. Mabharatha and I will try to understand how these documents connect between themselves and when they were written and by whom. And then only I'll try to read one of this document.
  5. It is sure that god is not racist toward his children. But people cannot always understand this. They force, criticize, exclude, bring pain, separation, unhappiness in the name of god. What a shame.
  6. When you will feel ready, it will be time to restoration. God never give up his children. But his children often forget him and come back to him when they are in difficulties
  7. Well actually, I was not used to seeing this as I live abroad. Overhere, this kind of practice are rare and even criticized because allways related to money and charlatans are allways available ;-). In india, it is more common, right. Do you think their advice is true ? Do you really think that there is divine possession ? In this case, how do they do this ? Who gave them this power ? How does it come this practice is more common in India than in developped countries ?
  8. Are we hindu or not whether we were born hindu or not. That is the question, but don't you think to answer this question, we should first wonder what hinduism is ? Somebody said it is a way of life. Someone else said it is rituals. Once answer to this qustion will be found, I am sure you all will be able to answer the second one of this thread. But I am sure that on this fundamental and basic question, there will still be discreapancies. Some people will give answer accordingly to their scriptural readings. Other people may answer accordingly to their sense and feelings. To be honnest with you, I don't have any knowledge on scriptural writtens. In my opinion, hinduism like other religion is a way to love, help each other and make people become and feel better, bring them faith and hope when needed. Bring them good habbits to remain in good health... But people are unfortunately not able to understand it and want to make sure that God will be happy of their acts. Actually, you don't do good things for God... You do it for you, for your family, your neibourgh, your society for your satisfaction of good making. You, your society get benefits of it. But it seems people cannot understand or see this. So maybe they need to be affraid (by the reaction of God) to do good thinks. I don't know ? Anyway, being hindu or not, this is not the matter. Well acting with people, helping them, loving each other, giving, sharing... These are universal values shared by all whatever your religion is, and this make of you a good hindu, catholic, buddist or whatever you want.. This will make you satisfied and happy. And I am sure that God will be happy his children react like this.
  9. Hi all, I have been in India recently and I went in a hindu temple to pray. I saw their a man who works in the temple the whole day. People were sitting down and waiting in line. Then, he fell down while praying. And he started to speak strangely. My cousin who was used to seeing this kind of phenomenon in lots of temple in India, told me that God has come in this man and people were there to ask him questions about their futur. He answered them all, one by one, concerning many topics as marriage, recovering money, school studies... He was in a kind of trance. After one hour, he finished answering all questions, became then normal and could'nt remember what he said earlier. It was quite strange. Have you ever heard that ? what is this exactely ?
  10. People allways need hope when things go bad. With hope, they expect to find force into them until things go better. Astrologists are hope sellers. Their information is profitable temporarily for the customer who pay. "Profitable" because customers buy hope which will help him to pass time during difficulties. Then, when the short time passed, 2 issues may come : Either things go better, so customer will say the astrologist was very wise, or things remain same, so customer will say the astrologist was wrong (but maybe temporily ? God knows..). In both cases, he was right or wrong, astrologist made his work : Selling hope and bringing temporarily comfort into his customers' believes. Horoscope is above all a business of "selling hope" even before being a business "for reaching the truth". But this, people refuse to see it, because if they realise it, they would no more be able to buy hope and find comfort by this easy way for the coming period of uncertainty.
  11. ok, anyway thanks for your both advice Sant and Empy. good luck to you all
  12. Empy, "So when even the other faith doesn't accept you as their member, how can the girl be accepted as a hindu? " My brother doesn't want her to be converted to hinduism. Futhermore, in my remembering, it seems to be impossible to convert hinduism as you are born hindu, you don't become hindu. Maybe I am wrong saying this. Please confirm. "Just because you are born and brought up in a foreign country doesn't mean that you should not follow Hinduism, and its rich culural heriage." Sure, but I have never said that. Futhermore, we WANT to follow Hinduism (and do ganesh... ). But my parents say that if he get married with her girlfriend, it will be impossible (i don't understand why). "They may be outdated, like your parents." What do you mean by this ? "But, still you respect your parents, and they follow the smrutis. Then respect their opinions. But still you can decide on your life partner." It seems you say one thing and its contrary in your point of view.. Sorry, but I connot understand. "Let the girl be converted in to hinduism" Why should she convert to hinduism ? She aggrees to practices hindu rituals for the welfare of her husband (if they get married), so why should she convert herself ? This doesn't make sense. "Every parent, besides wishing for the welfare of their progeny, also wishes that their progeny carries their rich family traditions, and the hindu cultural heriage" I totally aggree.
  13. Empy, Sant, to summarize : 1- I agree with you Empy, that ancestral scripture don't deal with mixed faith union (or maybe yes if looking my previous post, but this is to be confirmed) because they were written before catholicism. 2- A hindu marrying a catholic doesn't become a catholic in Sant and even my point of view. Empy says the contrary, but there is no proof for this as the 1st point. In this case, I don't understand how Empy can be so sure. 3- Indian people are much more in communitee than indian who live in foreign country (for example US England, switzerland.. ) Consequentely, when indian people are brougt up in a foreign country, they don't belong to the hindu communitee as indian from india. They do react then differently than local indian (for example love marriage is better than arranged, for example, children once they became adult, live allways in a seperate house than their parent...). From this discreapancy in societies (indian and foreign), in traditions, a gap comes in values, reactions, manners, opinion and identity. This doesn't mean that foreign indian are bad or don't respect local indian traditions. It only means that they are different, not much bad, not much better. And our parent are taken into a trap in this situation. They want their children to be happy sure in the foreign country where they live, and they want there children to be consistent with local indian culture in terms of marriage, religion, rituals... 4- only speaking with parents can resolve the problem by trying to convince them. Sant confirmed that there was a no ha written related to this topic in hindu scriptures, right. Furthermore, man should not run away, but fight difficulties. This is his dharma (?). Anyway, it is very hard to fight opinion of your own parent, when you know that this make them sad and scared (ganesh chaturti, cremation..)
  14. Hi Sant, I don't know who has written these chapters (http://www.astrojyoti.com/manusutra.htm) and how this literature is important comparing to veda. Must they both be read (smriti and veda) to understand hinduism ? [url="http://www.astrojyoti.com/manusutra.htm"] Anyway I read this "information" in chapter II : 18. The custom handed down in regular succession (since time immemorial) among the (four chief) castes (varna) and the mixed (races) of that country, is called the conduct of virtuous men. Who are the "mixed races" ? Does it mean that smriti accepts mixed race union ? I don't understand. Can anyone help ?
  15. Hi empy, Don't be sorry for the intrusion ;-) I am trying to understand indian an hindu culture as I was brougt up abroad with my parents and my brother. Understanding indian point of view will help me having all elements, and understanding what is right and not, in which way God may punish us, and what must be done or not. If you all were telling me I was wrong then I would have reconsidered my brother's choice telling him he is really wrong. But actually, reading your arguments, I still cannot see why he couldn't keep his status of hindu if he get married with her. And consequentely what I understand of this, is that it is only a problem of ego and shame... Aren't I right ?
  16. could you please tell me how old you are. Are you living in india ? Because the way you talk, it seems you were brought up in a foreign country. In India, nobody speak like this amoung my family lol
  17. Hi Sant, Yes, I understood. Thank you a lot for your advice. I know this inside me since few days. But it is difficult to speak with them as they are sad and they are very angry..
  18. she agrees to sacrifice a little for her future husband and take care of in laws interest. She agrees to do fast on this day. The only one problem is society and parents' forbidden. I read the link you displayed. They are very interesting. It is said in http://www.swaminarayan.org/festivals/ganeshchaturthi/: Ganapati hence married first showing that one who obeys the wish of the choicest devotee of God or his parents attains his desired wishes. mmmmmhhh .. don't know how to act.. seems to be so difficult. It is only a story of love between parents and girlfriend ...
  19. Hi empy, You said : If the final rites like cremation are to be as per sastra, a person of a different faith should not do it. It is not as per Dharma. I cannot understand completely this sentence. Sastra means "scriptures" ? right ? So, what is written in sastra, becomes your dharma, right ? So how does it come that cremation is to be as per sastra, but not per dharma ? Thanks
  20. THERES THE PROBLEM.SOCIAL STATUS, WHAT WILL THE SOCIETY WILL THINK.ASK ANY GOOD SAINT ABOUT HOW SILLY THIS IS. My abroad way of thinking totally share this point of view. In my opinion, it is only a social problem, not a faith problem. AND WHAT RITES STILL I DONT GET YOU.HWAT RITES DO YOU DO AS PER THEM. Ganesh chaturti is a social festival with rituals and people who come to each house and pray ganesh and help each other. If the housewife is catholic, they don't come, they exclude you, don't help you to take ganesh out the house ..
  21. Futhermore, if he get married with her, that doesn't mean he's no more hindu. It only means his wife has another faith than him. He can be hindu and married with somebody of other faith.. isn't he ?
  22. we are still doing it. But if he get married he won't be able to do it because - people in India will criticize - his wife won't be able to do all the dish necessary for ganesha This will lead to the end of ganesh chaturti for us, so it will end to unhappiness and destroy of our family ..
  23. They say it will bring bad luck and unhappiness on our family if we stop doing ganesha chaturti.
  24. We already asked them, but they say they have more experience than us. Everything is difficult in this story : choosing between love for his parent and love for his girlfriend, tradition or freedom ..
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