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  1. if a certain action of a person doesnt suit ur logic then the best method is for u to do whatever alternative u propose. the actions of the person concerned suited him. the action stated by you, might suit u. follow ur path, ur logic and let other follow their paths and their logic. in the end however Venkateswara knows that all such actions have sprung becoz of devotion to His feet. so there should be no controversy.
  2. the very aim of life is to attain devotion to God. either through devoted offerings or through the service of the poor and the lesser privileged. this man has attained the state of renouncing everything he had for the sake of the Lord. this comes out of hundreds of births of severe sadhana. he has true devotion and as such comparison of actions do not apply to him for service and worship is only the means. the end is devotion to the hallowed feet of the Lord.
  3. Professor, i was stunned to see u reply to the post of mine. i was a student of kasturba medical college mangalore and had the privilege of being your student. (though i was pretty inconspicuous because of my medoicrity) i still remember the day when u took osteology viva for me. gracefully, though i bungled, u passed me like many other students that day who gave the viva. and despite what u say, we students of mangalore know a genius when we see one. in reply to the guest who asked why is it that nearing god's abode leads to destruction rather than the opposite, well a superficial answer like "it is destruction to the common eye but evolutionary to some other" might not drive home the point. the answer to your question, lies like aqua3 has stated, in your own view. an intelligent question like yours can only come from a mind that already knows the answer. for me , if the scenario is really true that mass deaths have occured due to the crossing of the celestial point, then a small introspection lead me to believe in an answer i already knew. but that was an answer for me. the answer which will satisfy you, not only in this question...but in any question u might have philosophic, materialistic or scientific, is already in you. search...u shall understand. questions are a method of trying to make us remember things we already know but have forgotten.
  4. hi sephiroth, aqua3 thank you both for the enlightening replies. i must say this about Tsunami. in Mangalore, India lives a Prof. Arunachalam Kumar. he is India's most eccentric genius. even has a name in the limca book of records. he too predicted the Tsunami within 2 weeks of it hitting the world. his deduction was from the peculiar whale strandings that took place in australia a few weeks before the tsunami. he feels that whales commit mass suicides like these because the geo magnetic waves that lead them are disturbed due to impending earthquakes and hence they mistkenly come and strand off in beaches weeks before a major earthquake. his account will be found on the net in various search engines.
  5. yes you right. god is defnitely the pole star. but for astronomers like me , catching god both in the heart and seeing his play in the telescope, makes my heart love Him more.
  6. hi guys, I bet this is one theory none of you ever heard. "GOLDEN NEBULA/ PHOTON BELT/ MANASIC RING" In 1961, satellite born instruments discovered a PHOTON BAND in outer space. This PHOTON BELT or MANASIC RING or The GOLDEN NEBULA, which scientists have not been able to reproduce in the laboratory, encircles the Pleiades and extends the 400 light years to our solar system. Our Sun was said to orbit this system and all these stars were said to have planets. Our Sun was said to orbit this system in 24,000 years( all timings are not exact). During this time we spend alternately 10,000 years in the dark and 2,000 in the light of the PHOTON BELT. We were said to be about to enter the light of the PHOTON BELT, when... 1. the Spirit of the Earth popularly called Gaya would contact its higher vibration Tara and would beautify itself bathed in pure light. 2. Gaya would heal itself, forests would again find fertile lands to sprout again, natural resources would be replenished etc (how nobody knows). one should understand that Gaya theorists deem that earth is a living being called Gaya and humans are like parasites infecting it!! they also say it has a super self called Tara. so an Earth coming in line of a hypothetical Cosmic Beam of Photon energy would heal itself like a human in the dose of therapeutic radio waves!! 3. Advanced humans will be become galactic citizens due to newer vibrations bombarding them and they will discover a fraternity of extraterrestrial life in surrounding star systems. and many such more... the event was supposed to happen in 1996, now believers who were snubbed in 1996 put the date at 2012. it may be just a hollow theory to fire up some money from unsuspecting gullibles. but what interests me more than this being true or not is the wonderful theoretical possibility this idea throws up in explaining different yugas of ancient inidians. Dwapara, Treta , Kali , Satya yugas. the conspiracy theory has omniously very close resemblances to our Satya yuga predictions. IS IT POSSIBLE? a disk of mass...the milky way rotating in empty space. the portion with the earth being exposed in various courses of time to different beams of light and photons in outer space coinciding with the yugas??? its aweinspiring. one theory which could explain the different yugas. they had always baffled me. we are now in Kali yuga (The Dark Age) where crime is highest and there is no worth to truth. can it be because...right now...our earth is traversing through a path of outer space with no photon beam?( THE DARK AGE?!) absolutely mind stimualting.
  7. the question of who came first avatharas or vedas is like asking which came first...the hen or the egg? when time is a cycle and there are innumerable cycles of creation its illogical for comprehension as to which came first regarding things of epoch proportons like the vedas and avatharas. our perceptions living as it is in the limits of time during this creation cycle cannot comprehend the beginning of time or what was before it. when avathara purushas and vedas are truths of eternal presence , questions like the one above only stimulate discussions and never point towards the truth. krishna himself declares in the bhagvad gita that there never was a time when he nor arjuna were not present. "of course if you and your rascal cheater masters destroy hinduism, it will be very easy to be all agree on it" guest u r immature but lucky....for even those who harbour hatred towards avatharas like ramakrishna and ramana marshi are blessed due to their subconcious meditation on them. "you wipe all away and there will be nothing more to quarrel of" no there will be a lot to quarrel about and set right...like ur immaturity. " hold not hold not the chariot wheels... is it the wheels that make the chariot move?... the mover of wheels is Krishna.... by whose will the worlds are moved....."
  8. i perfectly agree with you.
  9. "If the Paramatha is within us, then why do people seek him outside in the form of different idols which are made by his own hands?? One should worship the soul of his soul (Brahmam) who created him and NOT the one (idol) which was created by him???" ponder this...even if people do make idols and worship God through it...doesnt HE know that it is only HE that is being invoked (either through ignorance or custom)? HE will be happy and accept that love from them.so when this fact doesnt bother GOD why should we break our heads about it? "If you go back to ages behind to the first few people who came to earth, that time, man only learnt to invent fire, cook the food, etc...at that time since there was no Idols created by man, DOES THAT MEAN GOD was not there???? IS IT that only after the man learnt to make these carvings that GOD came into existence??? SHOULD we NOT pray to the GOD who was there within US (Paramatha) from the we are born??? " what exactly hapnd in the ancient times...how man sought god,where from did images arise is a difficult question for anyone to answer. what i feel is we all seek form...one way or the other. it is unimaginable for us to associate a name we know and not have a form for it. similarly though god existed even before the first idols were made...the primitive man used to worship the powerful nature and associate the energy in it with god...that is how motherhood of god arose in the mindset of ancients.through invokation of the divine form represented by nature seers perceived the truth. the truth perceived gave them understanding and knowledge which we regard as the vedas. time progressed to a state when the ultimate male and female principles of god and the creation were first represented as union of the phallus and womb...the shiv linga. the first idols. then came mythologies and stories of leelas and the avatars.the rest is history. "hold not hold not the chariot wheels... is it the wheels that make the chariot move? the Mover of wheels is Krishna... by Whose Will the worlds are moved...."
  10. According to this theory Brahman , or the Absolute is qualified by the universe and its living beings. These three - Brahman , the world and living beings - together constitute ONE. an example of explanation is a fruit...with a shell , flesh and seed. a man wanted to know the weight of the fruit. he seperated the shell , the flesh and the seeds. but can one get the weight by only weighing the flesh? he must weigh flesh,shell,and seeds together. At first it appears that the real thing in the fruit is the flesh,and not the seeds or the shell. Then by reasoning you find that the shell,seeds and flesh belong to the fruit. Likewise , in spiritual discrimination one must first reason following the method of neti neti 'not this' ' not this'. God is not the universe ; not the living beings ; Brahman alone is real and all else is unreal. Then one realises , as with the fruit, that the reality from which we derive the notion of the absolute is the very reality that evolves the idea of living beings and the world. the nitya and leela are two aspects of the same reality; therfore according to Ramanuja , the Absolute is qualified by the universe and the living beings. this is vishishta advaita. " hold not hold not the chariot wheels is it the wheels that make the chariot move? the Mover of the wheels is Krishna by whose Will the worlds are moved..."
  11. are you sure u arent the one who is biased? i remember going through some of your posts on other topics long ago. if u uphold advaita then hate shouldnt arise...regarding people going astray,buddhism,etc etc. if u uphold dvaita and feel moral and superior to others just becoz u follow norms u can be accused of pride and ego. both are not characteristics of a krishna devotee. hold not hold not the chariot wheels.... is it the wheels that make the chariot move? the Mover of its wheels is Krishna by Whose Will the worlds are moved.
  12. "how much is that some people?Nearly 1 billion.IS that some people?" 80% of the population in india are in villages and backward areas. have u ever visted them and tried to read their lifestyles? i did a little social anthroplogy in backward areas of india and found that they have high rates of premarital sex, polygamy , polyandry. the rest 20 % in cities are well known for their fast lives and promiscuities. come out of the misconception that india abides in virgins. "Then what makes them bad?Should they tatoo the word bad,in their foreheads to be bad?" tatooing bad on someones forehead doesnt make them bad...nor does tatooing good make them good. "It talks blah blah blah..." u missed the point. i said sex is in the mind. so thinking that bodily virginity is a virtue and using it as a moral punch against something is immature. "Yes,it is running fastly towards a cliff." yes with the wings of Love..soaring towards the Infinite. it gives dignity to a person no matter what the past is. it is more practical and sane. "YOur theory of love will throw away women when they lose their physical beauty." where did i ever say that love depends on beauty? i think u need to check once more. read the story of upagupta and vasavadutta in buddhism. true love is of the self. the love for the supersoul. bottomline is if tomorrow u fall in love with a person but come to know that he had had previous relationships and take that as immoral and penalise him for that it is immature. a culture that gives respect to the same person and treats him like a man due to that one word LOVE is praiseworthy instead of a hypocritic outlook that decries him abiding by some illdefined impractical norms.
  13. " In fact I hate giving advices to others on love,since that concept itself is an anathema to hindu culture.You only love your wife and husband.India is the only country where men and women marry as virgins.Do you want to belong to that tradition or to the western tradition?Western love is dog's love,since only dogs dont have any place or time for love." this is a wrong concept. just becoz some people marry as virgins doesnt make them great or just becoz persons have multiple relations make them bad. hindu culture itself talks about various types of sexual contact with the opposite gender. talking, enjoying a woman's company , cherishing something belonging to a woman (like a photo) , thinking of a woman,meeting a woman secretly etc are all types of sexual contacts. sex is in the mind. how can one narrow it down to the body? and if it is so then no one except the highest saints are virgins as everyone indulges in one sort of fantasy or the other at some part of their lives. the emphasis should be on the word love and not on virginity and other such things. western culture is miles ahead compared to the narrow outlook that many people propagate as indianness or hindu culture WRONGLY. a person will be ready to love and accept a partner even though she has had multiple relations before only becoz of the word love. this is the glory of love, whatever culture. true indianness or hindu culture would also approve of the same. so too will krishna. my advice to gita 1234 is go ahead and live ur life. be practical. if u love the guy u love the guy. if not u will go ahead and meet someone else. things like "india is the only country" ,"only virgins marry" etc are not practical nor true. love triumphs. it transcends cultures. for it is a part of krishna. 'who art Thou,Gaur of the golden hue, That quenches the thirst of my soul? Thou raisest a storm in the sea of Love, and scarcely can i steady my boat.'
  14. hi i think your friend is more evolved regarding spirituality than many of us. she is not hypocritcal but truthful and frank when she said she cant give up her desires and regarded sex as something pleasurable and enjoyable. i think people who are truthful and non hypocrical have already won half the battle. and are placed far ahead than many others who talk one thing , think one thing and do another thing. rest assured...krishna is very close to your friend. and regarding asking boons of god in return for services rendered by the devotee: well u can look at it from a lot of views....and that is another huge unnecessary discussion peace to everyone. whatever path. straight or crooked. have a wonderful journey. lets exchange notes at the final ending of all paths. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  15. hi...u are in ur early twenties?.....these days...too early for marraige. u have not told anythin about ur future plans except that u dont want to forget god...and u found many guys didnt think soo much about god. what is your real ambition in life...ask urself that. if it is becoming a nun...then no one can stop u.the answer is obvious. but if u do have a goal in mind which is very much material...then i will advise u to follow that goal with vigour. personal front usually becomes clear once u decide on how to go about ur life professionally. premarital blues have become more common these days due to the fickle society condition that we live in. nothing and no one can be trusted or presupposed. in such a scenario it is better to be independant and reach a position from where a decision can be taken by u rather than follow someone elses and regret all your life. finally....consult ur parents...discuss with them. dont jump to conclusions as to what ur parents want without discussing any future palns that YOU have made for urself. after all this....if u decide that u should marry...then u will be surprised as to how things usually work out to suit ur expectations. /images/graemlins/smile.gif all the best.
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