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  1. Absent the occurance of events, time becomes indeterminate- there being no before, during and after; thus the "passage" of time requires events to occur. Events require that matter (matter and/or energy) undergo a change in state. Thus, absent matter/energy (mass), "Time" is indeterminate. Yet Time exists as a Potential, which is infinite. Indeed, it is this infinite temporal potential which constitutes an essential component of unchanging Reality.Time is being consumed continously by the illusiory domain of Maya, which is constituted of Matter-mass, and Space-the three dimensional domain in which Matter undergoes transformations and transmutations. And yet, being infinite and an essential component of true, immutable Reality, Time is not decreased by its consumstion ["from the (w)hole, we may remove the (w)hole, yet the (w)hole still remains"]. Thus, of the cosmic trinity of Matter, Space and Time, the first two are components of illusiory Maya, and the the third a component of Absolute Reality. Om tat Sat.
  2. Correction:Its amazing how far some scientists will go to avoid accepting evidence of ancient EASTERN civilizations. Unfortunately, this is also true of a lot of our own scietists and philosophers. The colonized mind of the east did not suddenly become free on August 15, 1947.
  3. ......still passing thru, and glad, as always, to stop by. I am so pleasently surprised to see the forums still up @ running. Every little thought counts. But to respond to your question "Please think what happens to time when there is no mass and no space and no light and nothing.".... The answer- as I see it - is that nothing happens to Time - it is a vast, homogenous (consisting of the substance "Time") and infinite ocean. When space does not exist, it is absorbed into the ocean of Time, in the form of Time. Matter cannot "not exist" - in the absence Space to occupy, so all Matter reverts to a singularity (point mass) in the ocean of Time. And alligorically, in that ocean of Time- ( which I call "kaal maha sagar") - reposes Lord Brahma the Creator, on Shesh Naag (the "shesha" or "leftover" or "remainder" of all that has gone before). When Lord Brahma awakens, He brings forth Maya which, following the wishes and memories in His mind, brings forth the Universe from the substance of His being.
  4. primate: Sure this is public internet. The extent to which one chooses to be public, however, is discretionary. I am looking for ("need to know") a good complementarity in interest as well as in mathematical skills. I chose to enter an honors physics program at an IIT following selection in their JEE... way back in the 60s. Left India over 40 yrs ago, drifting into chemistry- biochemistry-biology, recently becoming emeritus prof. of biochem. But my underlying interest in physics remained constant, a lurking vocation marking time as an avocation. Now, I intend to give it my undivided attention. Right circumstances would be substantial & sufficient support to carry out all the required experimentation in India under a very legal but perforce covert program. but I know little of India other than the hype of an emerging giant, having left home barely past my teens. Regarding "ground breaking....." etc., yes, but the other way around, really; and as for "publish... peer reviewed journals..." I have done enough of that in my regular research endevours, so it does not really interest me as an incentive, as I look upon it more as the tail that would wag my dog. The transient recognition, accolades, attaboys etc. do not interest me in the least. I believe India, specifically Hindus & our philosophies, theologies & attendant world - even universe- views have much that they need to reclaim, develop, and pursue until Hinduism gets its rightful place among the foundations of human civilizations, that any personal recognition that might accrue to me would be utterly inconsequental (rambling, but not malignant, I assure you). In face of ever increasing venality of almost every western philosophical construct, it is essential that the only remaining alternative paradigms rooted in Indic intellectual evolution be strengthened to withstand the onslaught upon them. The human experiment would be left in an incredibly bankrupt intellectual state were it to descend into a bland, uniform Hellenistic Judeo rational monotheism. yes, we can discuss much, and I am sure both would gain by it, but I am not sure I want to indulge in it all on the public internet. Information, like time, goes in only one direction Perhaps I will spend a little more time on these forums, taking in the discussions, and contributing my bits as I learn from these discourses. We dont have to speculate on the feasibility of constructing some 5kT reset of deliberately breached exclusionary rules. peace.
  5. Before we go any further, I will need to know more of your background. I have worked on this a long time. I just may need to pass on thru until I find myself in the right circumstances, back in our ancient homeland.
  6. For the more spiritually inclined, imho, Time began at the transformation of "Ahm Asti" to "Aham Bhavati". A defining primal event resulting in the union of Being (I) and Ego (am). Thus the primary assertion of being, "I am" (the union of "I", the pure being with "am", the assertion of the pure being's free will), set the universe in motion. For what it is worth, in my most humble opinion. From this too, all physics can be derived, with very practical, testable consequences. We come from "Time", to which we should aspire to return. Om Shanti Om to all.
  7. You do shed light, and I believe do have it about right wrt entangled photons. But time does exist, no less than space, so we look to "coincidence" & "singularities" in "Time". Matter occupies space, but not Time. Material singularities exist in Time. But exclusionary principles exclude their extension into space (same time, same space"fusion"). Yog gives me the essence of Time: Absent the occurance of events, Time does not exist ("before" & "after" become meaningless). Coming now to the Brahmastra, in the context of Aspect's work, we could generate a Ca40 <---> K40 transformation to resolve a generated photon entanglement. Would be elegent, depending on the Yogi' s level of discipline. As a practical matter, would have to work with photon frequencies. Would any in Desh care to try the Physics?------------ all the clues worth the printing.
  8. For what it is worth, contemporary physics will never get it right, simply because they have "time" all wrong. And from a science dominated (crippled?) with the baggage of Genesis I, one can expect nothing more. That is not to say that contemporary physics cannot develop new knowledge. It has, and continues to do so. Its practioners just miss the mark in relating what they generate to reality. But not from want of trying. Those who try and invoke different paradigms, particularly as glimpsed in extant hindu documents, sometims may have better luck. The Brahma Astra for instance, can be built, in my most humble opinion - though there is a very narrow window within which that is do able. A window provided by the elegent experiments of Aspect et. al., a narrow window of ca.2.3 mm or there abouts. I would be interested to know if there are hard core physicists here, and whether they can derive this window's dimension as well. This appears after all, an out of the way web site to ask this question, but I will stop by and check often. Sorry, no more clues. Peace.
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