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  1. Hindus do believe that the world will come to an end, but not in the literal sense. I've learned many theories about 2012 (the year when the world will end). The Mayan calendar shows no dates after December 21, 2012. The hindu calendar is similar, as well as the Chinese calendar. Many people are worried because of the fear of death. I've spoken to many people who are so scared by the end of the world that the mere thought of it makes them change the subject. But is it really that awful? If we live our life to be great human beings, then why do we have to be scared by a date? We should be living every day of our lives fully and the best we can live them. No one knows when their last day on earth will be, so what difference does it make if we know the date? I spoke to a Christian (who is also a friend of mine) who feared the end of the world. I asked her "If you believe that the purpose of life is to be good human beings and ultimately enter the gates of Heaven, shouldn't the "end of the world" be a good thing because you will then be with God?Shouldn't you live your best life no matter what since you don't know when you are going to die?" She told me she was afraid that death will be painful. I then asked her "Regardless of how death occurs, isn't it usually always painful? If you die in your sleep, it's because of a reason, i.e. heart attack, etc., so why does the end of the world have to be a fearful event?" Because of that conversation we had, her whole mindset changed. She now isn't afraid of that day, but is living life to the fullest regardless of a set date.
  2. I don't think it's about finding one spiritual teacher. You can take the insight of many people and come to realizations on your own, with the help of God. Look within yourself and learn about your soul, without the added extras of what our physical world brings us.
  3. Every event in this world is a learning experience for people. If the world was perfect, what would we be living for? If you are religious, isn't the purpose of life to live and be the best person you can be? We're all living for something, whether it's to be in Heaven, etc. We want to be with God. That is, afterall, where the (after)life is perfect. If the world we physically live in today is perfect, how can humans ever evolve and learn from the tragedies that happen? I've asked myself that question as well, but I've come to realize that nothing happens without reason.
  4. When others wish bad feelings upon someone else, it doesn't affect that person unless they allow it to affect them. Instead of focusing on the negative energy around you, you should either remove yourself from that situation or tune it out and focus on yourself. Not everyone will be happy for your accomplishments. It's about you, your loved ones, and God. No one can judge you but God, so remember that and don't be stuck on what others think. Even the greatest people in the world have negative feelings around them.
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