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  1. Hi --"The above circumstances are not denying a good job"--means i'll get a good job ?
  2. Hi Riaz My question is , if two persons wearing same gem stone , and one person remains in house mostly , while the other persons works mostly in out side , will both of them get equal benefit from the stone , is gem stone require direct sunlight to be more effectable
  3. Hi , Wanted to know , on which day fasting will help me in getting a good job DOB:-15-jan-1976 Time:-08-54 AM Place--FCI , Talcher -Orissa Sex-Male Name-Rashmi Kanta Moharana
  4. HI Is the GEM stone gives equal result if the person wearing this remains inside house mostly & other person remains outside. rashmi
  5. Dear Ramji Thanks for reply , just to know if emerald is giving any -ve result 2 me ?? second question is , when i will be getting a better job , as recently ( in last 6 month ) i have excelled in all interview & confirmed by respective company for the offer letter , bue due to some other issues it's not getting materialized , can u plz help me. Br//rashmi DOB:-15 Jan-1976 Time:-08:54 AM Place:-Talcher ( Orissa ) Sex:-Male Name:-Rashmi Kanta Moharana
  6. Hi , Thanks , Plz answer my query Date, place, time of birth :---15-jan-1976 , 08:54AM Your gender, current location :--Male, Talcher ( Orissa ) profession (working/student/which field) --Working -Telecom family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents) -Unmarried , 1 Sister , 6 Brother Your specific question--When i'll get married
  7. Hi I wanted to know , if i should wear gomedh or not . Name: Rashmi kanta moharana DOB:15-Jan-1976 Time: 08-54 AM Place:-Talcher currently wearing Emrlad , planning to wear White Zircon also Br//rashmi
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