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  1. Hi Sara, Even though I am not qualified to talk about Ayurvedic treatments I happen to be an herbalist specializing in fertility (I work with Chinese herbs which originated from Indians going into China so many of our herbs are the same) and I treat this all the time. It is a very complicated to treat even with allopathic drugs. So when all else fails they find me. Even though her insulin levels are normal now this a condition that leads to diabetes most of the time so she should really get sugar and simple carbohydrates out of her diet. This is very hard for someone with PCOS because this condition makes a woman crave these things. It is about as hard as asking a heroine addict to stop taking heroine. It is very very hard. What she should be eating is lots and lots of cooked vegetable, whole fruits (never fruit juices), plenty of protein and only small amounts of whole grains. This means brown rice instead of white rice and whole grain bread rather that white flower. That kind of thing. Mainly she should be eating cooked vegetables and dal but not rice and her Chappati should be made with whole wheat. She might get her menstrual cycle back with this diet if she is being very strict about it and doesn't eat to much of these foods.
  2. Dear Medical Astrology, Can you explain more about how this Medical Astrology would work for me. I have been obese my whole life. My mother is too and so was her mother. I just found a photo of my great grandmother. I have the exact body as she does. I have tried everything to get this weight off but here I sit with the belly of Lord Ganesh. Are you saying that there is some herb that everyone with obesity will take or are you saying that I would need to have my horoscope read and then you would be able to tell me which particular foods and herbs I would need? Would my sister who has the same problem use the same herbs as me even though she was born on a different day? I don't want to bother you with too many questions but I have to ask just one more. My friend was suffering from depression for many years and then she started drinking wine every night and it scared her because she can get addicted to anything that passes her by. She got her horoscope read by a "medical astrologer" or something like this and she had to take a bath on Thursdays with something that she called "dirt" but I don't think it really was dirt. She also had to take some herbs everyday. Anyways, her depression is so much better. This is a big surprise because I have known her for about 20 years and she has always been on and off drugs for this but now she seems okay. My question is do you treat other things besides obesity or would you treat things like depression?
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