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  1. dear medical astrology, its really fascinating. i have gone through ur blog and its really great work that u are doing. hope this forum will benefit a lot from ur experience... and hope to see more of ur informative posts and i will change my profile name very soon.... all the best to you regards,
  2. Dear Medical Astrology, This is a very unique work u have chosen- medical astrology. Mystic board has become very bored these days. No activity. i too surf that forum. Anyways, welcome to Audarya.. U have not mentioned the astrological remedies for obesity . Can u specify them?? Also i request You one thing specially as u are into medical astrology. What are the astrological reasons for alcoholism and astrological remedies??? Rohiniranjan ji mentioned something about astro signature but i am not sure about it.. Can you do some research about this and enlighten everyone.. Its a very interesting topic which most people in india are shy to talk about but it will help many..... Regards,
  3. yes ravi ji ok. but i feel that this concept of ishta devata is not very clear. the calulatio part is fine. but ishta devata is supposed to be the one whom we naturally are inclined to more. i think everybody has one. but this astrologer calculation and how it is going to help a person by worshipping?, etc i think seniors here should make this more clear and then they can recommend so that people will be clear..
  4. ravi ji, just trying to share what i know... Examlpe chart- mine.. Date - 5th july 77 time - 3.50 am place - hyderabad Atmakaraka- It is the planet that has travelled the most number of degrees in the rasi chart . Rahu and Ketu are seen in reverse from 30 degrees i.e for them 1 degrees is the highest. So in my chart MARS is the Atmakaraka as it has travelled 27 degrees 30 mins and 01.19 secs in aries.. Ishta Devata- Atmakaraka's placement(Kaarakamsa) in Navamsa chart is the indicator of Ishta Devata. There is two opinion's in this. I am not sure which one is right. 1) First find the lord of 12th house from Atmakaraka in Navamsa. So in my navamsa , Atmakaraka(Mars) is in Saggitarius. So lord of the 12th house from it, Scorpio, is Mars itself. So my IShta Devata is the presiding deity of Mars i.e. Hanuman/Lord Subramanya. 2) In second approach. Find 12th house from AK in navamsa. Find planet in it. The presiding deity of that planet is Ishta Devata. If there more than 1 planets, then find the strongest planet among them. The deity of the strongest planet is IShta devata. If there are no planets in 12th from AK, look at the second house from AK and apply the above rule. If there are no planets in the second from AK, the lord of 12th house from AK will be the indicating planet and the presiding devata will be your Ishta Devata. So in my example, there are no planets in 12th from AK, so taking 2nd house from AK there are Saturn and Moon. Saturn is the stronger as it is in Own house. So, Saturn's presiding deity is Ishta Devata( Hanuman/Vishnu/Shiva) I ve seen that there are some differences of opinion in the presiding deities. There is no one conclusion. I will give Presiding deities names against planets below and highlight the ones which are more than one. Surya - Shiva/Vishnu/Rama Chandra- Shiva Mangala - Hanuman/ Subramanya Budha - Vishnu Guru - Dattatreya/ Dakshinamurthy/ Sai Baba /Vishnu Sukra - Mahalakshmi/Gowri Sani - Hanuman/Shiva/Vishnu/Krishna Rahu - Durga Ketu - Ganesh Regards,
  5. hi vipvats ji, aysuh ji and ravi ji, sorry for interfering , wanted to share and also get some analysis... as per the points mentioned by u all i have found some matching points . so request u to analyse and shed some light. birth details -date 5th july 77, time 3.50 am, place hyderabad 1) Lagna lord is in fixed sign 2) Lagna lord Venus is making connection with 7th house, 7th and 12 lord as Venus is aspecting 7th house and also Venus and 7th/12th lord mars are in same nakshatra, krittika. 3) Lagna lord is not making connection with Rahu but Rahu ahs 9th house aspect on Lagna and Lagna lord. 4) 4th house lord Sun not making connection with 12th lord Mars 5) No planets(malefics) in 4th house 6) Malefic(sun) in 2nd house 7) 7th house lord mars in 12th own house 8) dasa of 9th lord saturn with mutual aspect from 7th and 12th lord saturn mars 9) Connection between 3 and lord Moon and 9th Lord Saturn Moon is in saturn's house aquarius who is also 9th lord and saturn is in moons house which ravi ji said indicates frequent travel. also the parivartan has made me handicapped in career.. 10) connection 7th 9th and 12 houses i am not sure. 7th and 12th are mars owned . 9th and 12 lord are aspecting mutually.. does this mean marriage to NRI ? what are the exceptions please tell me... 11) Also i heard that a strong ascendant and ascendant lord will not allow the person to leave home... in my case venus is very strong and ascendant is also 4 points in BAV and also Mars who is 7th and 12 lord which are houses for foreign travel/residence is very strong in BAV and also in other strengths I request you to spend some time and analyse and indicate.. Regards,
  6. hi vipvats ji, i have some thing to share. you have seen my chart. DOB 5- july, 77. time - 3.50 am and place- hyderabad .. moon is the only planet outside the Rahu- Ketu axis i feel and is in an inimical sign of saturn. It is not technically debilitated but as good as that. That is my very own living experience. As moon is manaskaraka, my life is mostly mentally illdisposed and always its under stress and anxiety. Hypersensitivity and always active. Brooding over things and taking unneccessary stress. Also fickle minded. it is all about the mind. Also one more striking thing about what u said , it is ruler of the left eye. One may be really surprised about what i say. I have a peculiar medical condition with my left eye, it is called "Lazy Eye" . The top eye doctors informed that it is not eye sight defect but the vision will be weak for the left eye i do not use spectacles but i cannot see that good with my left eye. i have to live with it. So as in your chart moon is debilitated, it must be a tough time with mind matters... And is there a thing called Partial Kalasarpa Yoga? i do not think something like that exists.. I think some more inputs will come from members... Regards,
  7. Hi Riaz ji, What you said is true. Its a a hell of opposition of views with most of the people.Totally extreme. And regarding the wealth yoga Sun is making is also partly true. In the sense that whatever some wealth is there is inherited from parents. Nil from own earnings. Infact i dont have any earnings at all. May be some day i will. So Ruby will be good for me.... So that puts one more gemstone in my list. i thank you for your advice and reply.... Regards,
  8. Ayush ji, Its really felt good to read what u have said. Very educative. What u have said about different faiths and how they work is very true. And i think Karma is the ultimate way to finally justify this human birth. Saturn is a benefic for my lagna as u said and jupiter is malefic. But i think saturn is not able to do good to me atleast till now. He has taken away everything from me. Anyways, have no option but to undergo the effects of karma. I have no complaints. I was confused by what u said regarding my current dasa. You said its Saturn + Mercury till Aug 2009. I thought it was Saturn + Saturn till Aug 2009. You must be using a different Ayanamsa.. I will search for a reliable source to find a Natural Unheated Blue Sapphire , then will acquire one... I Thank You for your quick and elaborate reply and hope to learn much from this forum hereafter. Regards,
  9. Hi Ayush ji, I have just read your reply to whipoorwill. First time i am seeing someone saying that " i do not believe much in prayers and believe in gemstones". Although this is uncommon, i am sure u must have ur good reasons for it.. I too have a strong belief that they can change life for good. Can you please suggest me gemstone for good health and prosperity in life? Also will i need to wear more than one stone? details date 5 july 77 time 3.50 am place hyderabad/secunderabad Regards,
  10. hi karuna ji, i am learning and this is what i learnt about calculating ishta devata. sasisekaran ji, correct me if i am wrong.. Firstly find out who is your AK planet(Atmakaraka). Then find out the placement of AK in Navamsa chart. It is called karakamsa. Then see the 12th house from karakamsa and see the planets in 12th house. If only one planet is there, then the presiding devata of that planet is your Ishta Devata. If there are more than one planets, then determine the strongest among them, and the presiding devata of the strongest planet is your Ishta Devata. If there are no planets in 12th from Karakamsa, look at the second house from Karakamsa and apply the same above rule. If there are no planets in the second from karakamsa, the lord of 12th house from karakamsa will be your planet and the presiding devata will be your Ishta Devata.
  11. hi ravi ji, Firstly i want to mention this. Did u miss the website address of free software in my previous reply? i think u did.. so once again i am giving below. please prefix www before above address as i am not allowed to post URLs vedicastrologer.org/jh/index.htm after visiting above page, scroll down to "How to Get It" part and download the software for free.. It will make a lot of things easier to you and also you can learn a lot. yes i think u are true regarding my phobia... and thanks for considering to give a suitable advice to me .. i know what exactly u are saying and not thinking thats its a old mans lecture, and even if it is an old man's lecture whats the harm. infact i think an old man's lecture is full of wisdom.. anyways, about what u said, what happened before 2 yrs, yes i was smart and things. i think still i am one but i am crippled by some omnipotent divine force, thats my predicament. i know this happens to people. even if someone ask for some solution i can now give it effecitively to them but not able to help myself. i too am in ur situation, going through hell but hanging on to the hope that i will see good days.. yes will learn astrology properly and will start a thread for doubts soon.
  12. hi riaz, i have seen that u have suggested gemstones for people here. i am curious to know what is the the gemstone u would suggest for me for getting back the good times in my life. for success and fame and luxuries... could you please suggest one? also please indicate astrological reasons why that stone is good for me... date of birth- 5th july 1977 time - 3.50 am place - hyderabad regards,
  13. ravi ji, regarding the software i mentioned, it is good. it is really great to know that you prepare the chart and things manually. thats a real tough work. I would like You to go to the below link( i am just giving the website address and not the hyperlink) and scroll to the "How to Get It" part and download the software for free.. It will make a lot of things easier to you and also you can learn a lot. It is made by the Noble PVR Narasimha Rao ji. You can find other interesting things too in his site... vedicastrologer.org/jh/index.htm please prefix www before above address as i am not allowed to post URLs ... I am really sorry to know the predicament you are in from the past two years.. i pray that you get out of it soon.... regards,
  14. ravi ji, i understand that you are a learner, u have specified that in your post script beneath ur signature... firstly i am sorry to give u an impression that i am alien to vedic astrology. i too am a very naive fellow to this esoteric science... due to the myriad problems i am in, i am not able to give any quality time to study. however i am really thankful to you to give me such detailed lesson in basics.. also i am aware about the dasa cycle and people said that after sani antardasa i.e when budha antardasa starts, things will be fine.. so my question was on what basis does one calculate budha AD will be favourable? you asked me about my education and plans.. in brief i will tell u.. I am a B.com, MBA worked in some 7 to 8 BPOs till 2006 august.. i changed all the jobs becaus of hyeprsensitivity and things like that. i underwent psychiatric treatment but in vain.. from then i am unemployed because i am afraid of people again..this is beyond reasonable explanation.. I tried hard an went to UK(London) in Sep 2007 on Working holiday maker visa. i returned like a loser in 3 weeks unable to find the support i expected and was promised. My H1 for USA was to be pursued, it dragged till last Oct and went off for good because of recession and because my own very bad cousin cheated me. he stays there.. As for plans , i am one may call, stupid immature and adament or fool but my only ambition is to settle in foreign lands and see the world. i dont have any career goals or anything.. i am a pleasure seeker and a travelling liking fellow. Some told me that my strong Venus in Lagna is the reason for this attitude and strong Mars in 12th house for the attraction to Foreign lands...
  15. ravi ji, also u said sani is not weak in my chart.. i see that in astakvarga and other strengths also its very weak and not capalbe of giving favaourable results.....
  16. hi ravi ji, thank you for ur detailed analysis, yes, you are right with my chart details.. regarding the point yous said about the parivartan, that has ruined my career, infact i have no career. i have already given up my career. i have the weakest mind and am not working from past almost 3 years.. u said sani MD and sani AD is going to end in about 15 days.. which ayanamsa are using? i tried using the ones in jhora but the minimum time seems to be june 2009.. mainly i would like to know why you are saying that mercury AD would be better for me. i dont know how prediction is done but some people also told me it would be better after Sani AD ends. actually i already lost everything that i had in this Sani AD. not hoping anything good also anyway. so wanted to know if he will end mylife too... please tell me how why astrologically mercury MD will bring good? mercury us placed in own sign gemini but it is combust and my communication is dead when it comes to interaction .. i fail because of that.... regards,
  17. Thanks vipvats ji, hope my time will be good as u said.... i will try to search ... regards,
  18. hi vipvats ji, i think i cannot change my login name after u create once.. yes i am aware that shani dev is a great teacher but u know as i am human and under current state of mind and body not able to view my situation from a diffrent angle.. i do a lot of puja and to propitiate saturn.... and i do not know any professional astrologer in my city. all i know is someone professional will help me here.... and thank you much for giving Your optimistic reply.. i felt better.... Regards,
  19. Dear All, Please give vedic remedies for my deteriorating health. From August 2007 till date i have been suffering consistently from health troubles. August 2007- admittted in hospital for food poisoning . August 2007 again admitted for very high levels of anxiety(from then taking restyll, epiril tablets etc) Again in Feb 2009 was in ICU for diahhroea and food poisoning for 5 days. they said dialysis has to be done as kidneys are not albe to filter poison but miraculously it was not neccessary and i escaped. Day before yesterday night(23rd april 2009) i suffered severe itching rash all over the body and i have taken injection and tablets from doctor. I am feeeling still very very weak.. yesterday night i had dreams of death. Adding to all the above i haev been suffering with a severe depression and constant fear of death from august 2007 which i am not able to explain in clear terms here.. Will i live healthy for some time long or its the near end? I am not married and unemployed from 2006 august....( now i left these two aspects after all remedies) Before 2005 i consulted some domestic astrologers and they told me it will be great time from the time sani mahadasa starts but all good times ended from then... I am utterly disappointed after realizing that Sani is not a yogakaraka for taurus lagna inspite of the general rule in vedic astrology, because he has proven the most malefic for me. Is the because he houses Gulika? so will my life be like this all remaining 17 1/2 years of MD? or will i die a sad death very soon.. Please help me with prediction and vedic remedies... Date of birth 5 july ,77 time 3.50 am place- hyderabad india
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