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  1. theres a simple solution with me...i have my guruji in a village , some 20kms. from Bhubaneswar, Orissa... if u could somehow make it to Bhubaneswar....i promise u he will solve ur problem within days...he isnt a tantrik as u might think, he is a sadhaka... and one more thing...he doesnt charge a single rupee....as u said many have taken a lot of money... i know wht u are going through...i have seen some people like u being cured by my guruji...and i am more than 200% confident abt ur case... keep my number...+919861289710... i dont want to elaborate on the issue(about my guruji)..coz its personal and confidential... hope u'll be allright... try and chant mahamrutyunjaya mantra everyday...it will give u strength...but im sure it wont solve ur problems...black magic doesnt stop by just praying... i have one more mantra for u... "om namah jogeswaraya shivaya mamah sarva rishta, sarva kashta, sarva klesha sarva dukha nivarana kuru kuru swaha" chant this daily for 27, 54 or 108 times in morning and evening...the more, the better....chant the same mantra in a shiv mandir on every monday....if u can do it with utmost dedication, then im sure some of the pain(not everything) will get reduced... thr is a specific puja to get rid of the problem u r in...as i said, i wont elaborate on it in a public forum...
  2. Namaskar webyogiji.. can you please analyse my horoscope and tell me about possible remedies for the period ahead...because this period is literally killing me...its affecting my work seriously....may be some puja, gems etc..somebody suggested me yellow sapphire...is it good??? another thing, can i mail u in ur id for other personal questions? hope i dont disturb you... regards debadutta
  3. thanks a lot for your views...but i wud like to make a few points... the astrologer i met few days ago said that her father would never agree to our relationship till the end...and her relationship with him would be even worse after she gets married...thts quite a point, isnt it... there is another common point tht he made as u have in ur above post, tht Jupiter moves into kumbha rashi by December 2009...but he said tht there would be no way in which her father would be able to marry her to anyone before march 2011??? he also said tht the first 6-7 months in the antardasha of mercury in jupiter mahadasha(in my chart) isnt the most favourable time for marriage...so tht makes it effectively the beginning of 2011 for favourable time for both of us...how about these points... he also pointed out one more thing...that her horoscope indicates untimely death of her father in near future...but when i informed tht her mother had expired, he was quite surprised and said tht theres no indication of mother's death in her chart??... quite confused...
  4. Dear Gurujis... I have been going through quite a tricky time since an year or so...facing a difficult period now.... Now my Guru mahadasha and shani antardasha is going on from 08/10/07 and will continue till 20/04/2010...evrything i do, i have to confront with failure and delay...though i understand that these are natural characteristics of periods influenced by shani...yet it is affecting me mentally as well as physically... my details... DOB - 13.01.1987 Time - 05:12AM Place - Rourkela, Orissa, India Im mentally upset...especially the period betn beginning of september of 2008 till end of December was awful...i am in a relationship with a girl since last 8yrs...and things are really tough now...we are not even in contact since some days(we stayfar away these days...i stay in orissa and she stays in bihar), which is really frustrating...and sometimes im ending up having suicidal tendencies in the mind....things have gone wrong due to interference from her father(her mother expired in September 2002). Her details.. DOB - 28.03.1987 Time - 07:15AM Place - Rourkela, Orissa, India Physically, i am suffering from diseases simultaneously...kidney stones, prolonged constipation since last 4months...and some signs of early stages of piles recently...im worried... Recently i met an astrologer who said that there is no way she can get married till 14.03.2011...he also said that she wud soon have a lot of differences with her father...whish seem to have started...and he was quite sure that i wud be the person that wud marry her, but in 2011...is it true...please clarify with details refering to positions..please help...cud u help me with approximate dates(months, week etc...) P.S. - I have attached both of our horoscopes in order to save your valuable time...the first horoscope is mine and the 2nd belongs to my partner... debu..
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