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  1. true, when Krishna comes down I wil know for sure. My heart will melt and tears will flow like a stream of river! for this I dont need any proof or any webpage for Krishna's sake..
  2. There is a rare treat next month. And according to the following article, this happens prior to every huge destruction. Three eclipses in a month The world will witness a rare astronomical event- a series of triple eclipses starting July 2009. The fist in the series of triple eclipses will be a lunar eclipse on July 7 which will be followed by a solar eclipse on July 22 and then a lunar eclipse on August 6. What does this celestial phenomenon mean to the world and does this astronomical event portend anything for us. D K Hari and his wife Hema Hari discuss the above mentioned issues in their new book, Will History Repeat Itself? Triple Eclipse of July 2009. Omnious or Promising? the book has been published as part of the Bharath Gyan series by the Sri Sri publications. What is strange is that if one looks back at the events that have unfolded in the past, triple eclipses have always been followed by destruction. Hari told rediff.com that the first of the triple eclipses was recorded way back in 3067 BCE (Before Common Era). Following this triple eclipse there was the Kurukshethra war which was fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas in which 47 lakh people took part. The sequence of the first triple eclipse was as follows- Lunar eclipse on 29 September 3067, Solar eclipse on 14 October 3067 and Lunar eclipse on 28 October 3067 BCE. what you people think about it??? are we heading towards a mini-pralaya???
  3. Thanks for your suggestions and for those inputs. I have found a good way to do this. It is very necessary to keep all goods secret from all of one's so called friends and thus one does good for oneslef and also for the others who are feeling jealous (there by they dont do any bad karma). The bucket-crab analogy is truly whats happening out here. Good one, Thanks
  4. Though it is difficult to me to practice always, but as thiest says rightly forgiveness is the greatest asset and is the greatest religion!
  5. Dear Greatt, it seems you have gone trhough lot of pain in such a young age. I just prayed Lord Visnu at onace when I read your post to give you good health and future at once. However, please do not think I am showing some kind of appeasing mercy, as you and I should always know in this world nobody's life is perfect and everyone lives under Visnu's mercy. I am niether a doctor nor a astrologer, who can give you any advices on vataas or any movement of stars, but I can give you some basic advice on constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. To avoid these you can try the following - Drink plenty of water during food (NOT AFTER FOOD)- warm water is always good -Make a discipline in your eating and never eat COLD food. Avoid spicy and and any food that has lot of heat in it , for example chicken. If you wish to, then eat with lots of water. For example if you are eating one piece then you should probably eat with half to one glass of water. -Make a habbit of drinking water. See that your stomach always takes some amount of water every half hour and do this atleast for six months. You would be forced goto pee, but thats oK, a good excercise to your kidneys ) - In the morning always eat stomach-full. I mean complete stomach, there shouldnt even be a small place left in your stomach. And again do NOT forget to drink water DURING the food NOT after the food, remember this, this is very very important. - In the afternoon, take fresh food, do NOT eat the left overs. -Use asafoitida in your food ALWAYS. In the night, make butter milk with salt and asafoitida in it, crush it for a while till you see some foam in it and drink it every night. That gives you soothing effect. Have this cold. - Pray everyday lord Visnu, the remover of all obstacles and provider of all good health. Now coming to your uncontrollable thought problems. some of tips include - Always think NOTHING IS END OF THE WORLD - believe in Lord Visnu, the lord of all lords - know that everyone has some or other problem. This is not a very good aproach, but soothes you for a while. - perform PRANAYAMA by baba raamdev, you can get those simple aasanas in youtube vedios. Stop playing games and concentrate on doing praanayaam. Brahmari in these praanayaams is especially to nullify all the thoughts and give you peace. If you know someone doing this its always better to start under some supervision. For the time being that should help you in gettting over ALL your problems. I will end this post by praying with that Lord of Lords, Lord Visnu, the benefactor, the all beutiful and all pervading, to remove your all sins and give you good health and satbuddhi. May he protect all..amen. with regards,
  6. Thank you for your wishes Bhaktajan. I also pray with Lord Paramatma to give all that you wish! Also thanks to rasa prada for the useful suggestion. Thanks,
  7. I have lived 29 years of my life, I have hardly found a person other than my kinsmen and parents, who wished good for me. This is a bit strange, whenver something good happens to me, whenever i wished to share it with my so called friends, I could straight away sense the jealous in thier words and on thier face sprouting. I have always tried my level best to think and wish good for everyone, but that doesnt seem to come back. Now my question is does someone thinking bad or wishing bad for me affect me. For example I get this feeling that the person with whom I am currently living is indeed not wishing good for me. Does that effect me??? Or in otherwords does that effect in general??? Thanks in advanced. hari bol
  8. Dear all, Offlate I have been having many hurdles and delays in whatever I am doing. I was wondering if any doshas in my horoscope. Please help. Here are my birth details DOB: 19th August 1980 Time of birth : 6.20 AM Place: Udipi, Karnataka India Thanks in advance,
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