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  1. Hello InterJohn, I have the similar situation and would like to have an answer... I am without job for the last 2 years and I get interview calls but no result at the end. my dob is July 12, 1968 and place of birth is Delhi and time of birth is 11 am. Right now I am living in canada for the last 10 years. Could you please advise some suggestions
  2. Mr Vikram, Why do you need the mailing address, if you really wants to help the people, then have it scanned and post it on this website, so whoever is interested can have a look at it and will give you blessings too....
  3. Dear dhruvbhuraji, During this recession time, I also lost my job last month and at times when I needed the money most for my father's medical expenses as he has to get an operation done according to the doctors. I feel so helpless sometimes... could you please advise when I will get a job and in which field. DOB :- July 12, 1968 Time:- 11:00 am POB :- Delhi somebody advised me to do the Shani's upasana which I have been doing for the last 3 days but if you could give me more information and any remedy so that I dont have to face this problem in future again. Warm regards Meenakshi Jha
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