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  1. Califord

    Two fools are about to go flying

    April Fools' Day n. April 1, celebrated in various countries, including the United ... [2] In many pre-Christian cultures May Day (May 1) was celebrated as the first day of .... [25]; In 2008, the BBC reported on a newly discovered colony of flying penguins. ... The reporters stated that the clock would go digital. ...
  2. Califord

    A physicist, a mathematician, and a mystic

    All areas of science are represented, from physics and astronomy to medicine and ... Lamont, Johann von (Scottish-German astronomer & mystic) ... Lemaître, Abbé Georges Edouard (Belgian astrophysicist, mathematician & theologian)
  3. Califord

    the chaste spiritual call

    chastity n. The condition or quality of being pure or chaste. Virginity. ... the rest of us call societies which place a high value on chastity backward. ... in the common heterosexual sense, not in the sense of spiritual marriage).
  4. Califord

    Getting a job in India

    You have just completed your education and now are looking for a job by applying for openings in all the best MNC's and trying for a chance in any of them.