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  1. Hi Webyogiji, Can you please tell me when will my marriage occur DOB-9Nov 1981 TOB-06.32Am Place-Ahmedabad(Gujarat) Gender-Female Marriage is getting delayed can you please tell me do i need to do some puja etc
  2. Hi Riaz, Thanks for sparing time to read my horoscope. The reason i am insisting on neelam is that saturn is yogakarak in tula lagna.Many astrologers has suggested saying the saturn causes delays in everything in work,relations,marriage etc. I also avoided to wear neelam since all these years.But as things dont go well after trying hard..we feel that may be gemstones are the last option to try. I have been wearing diamond and pearl since many years.But frankly speaking i dont see any visible harm as such.
  3. Hi Sanjeev, Could you please advise me whether i should wear neelam or not? I have been facing lots of problems and tensions in relations. Following are my birth details- DOB-09/11/1981 Time-:06:32 AM Place-Ahmedabad(Guj) Gender-Female. I have already been wearing pearl and diamond. Please advise me.Thanks
  4. Hi, Can senior astrological members please answer the questions- 1.When will my marriage possibly occur..will it be intercaste marriage. DOB-09 Nov 1981 Birth Time-6:32 AM Place-Ahmedabad(Gujarat) Gender-Female Thanks for all your help
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply Riaz.Some astrologer had told me to wear neelam ..is it really required what could be the effect if i wear it. Can you please also tell me when will marriage possibly occur? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, Following are my birth details- DOB-09 Nov 1981 Birth Time-6:32 AM Place-Ahmedabad(Gujarat) Gender-Female Can someone please predict - 1. When will i get married? 2. Whatever i do there are lot of hurdles in life whether it is career/personal life.Is there any gem remedy? Thanks!!
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