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  1. You are a good guy. I would not agree with GM here, but if you do that's ok too. We can agree to disagree, and you're still alright by me. Now let's end this nonsense. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. Meera was born in the Rajput dynasty. She loved Krishna from childhood, and always considered the Lord her husband. Her family forced her to marry, and her in-laws were not pleased by her devotional activities (including sankeerthana (ie. singing and dancing) in the temple) and they attempted several times to take her life. She wrote many many many bhajans to Lord Krishna, and at the end of her life was absorbed into the statue of Dwarakadish in modern Dwaraka. Please correct me if I've made any errors.
  3. How terrible! Shame on all of us. And on Radhika's birthday too! Let us stop this at once.
  4. Done with conversation. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Jaya Sri Krishna! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  5. Hey Krsnadas-ji... shhhhhhhh! /images/graemlins/smile.gif Lovely pictures though
  6. so meet privately and do your rasa dances ----- Ho ho! Doesn't everyone (meaning every single person in this world and in this forum) wish to be out of samsaara and with Lord Krishna? So how is that showing off? Everybody loves Krishna. Everybody! It's ok to praise Him in public. Saying "I wish I were out of samsaara and with Krishna" doesn't equate to "let's go and replicate rasa dance" or "I am the best devotee." No, every devotee has some feelings for Krishna. It is quite normal.
  7. forgive me if I'm wrong, but Ramayana was supposed to have taken place around 5,000 BC. So what kind of rocks were there at that time?
  8. Well, you phrased it in the form of a question, so I thought you wanted an answer. /images/graemlins/tongue.gif hehe
  9. Erotic chat line? Hey, if you think attraction for Krishna, even of the sringara nature, is something that can be compared to mundane eroticism, you got another think comin' buddy! Do you think when we sing "Madhuraashtakam" where we are even saying "His lips are sweet," do you think that is something for an "erotic chat line?" No! That is a fitting description for Krishna, but if you don't understand or it seems like mundane eroticism, then please just ignore. If it bothers you, then just don't think of it. Ok?
  10. "yes talk privately.. we are in a gaudya vaishnava forum... not in an erotic chat line." ----- Whaaaaaaa???
  11. Does that then make Lord Siva, Lord Sri Krishna's brother-in-law? ----- Yes!
  12. from http://www.pndwarka.com/71generation.htm 1. Brahma 2. Daksha 3. Vivasvat 4. Manu 5. Chandra 6. Pururava 7. Aayu 8. Nahush 9. Yayati 10. Yadu 11. Kroshtu 12. Vrujjinvanta 13. Swahi 14. Swati 15. Rasadu 16. Chitrarath 17. Shashabindu 18. Pruthusravas 19. Antar 20. Suyajna 21. Ushanas 22. Shineyu 23. Maruta 24. Kambalbarhis 25. Rukmakavach 26. Paravrushta 27. Jayamadh 28. Vidarbh 29. Kray 30. Kunti 31. Dhashti 32. Nivrutti 33. Dashai 34. Vyom 35. Jimut 36. Vikruti 37. Bhimrath 38. Rathvar 39. Navrath 40. Dashrath 41. Ekadashrath 42. Shakuni 43. Kurambhi 44. Devrat 45. Devkshetra 46. Devan 47. Madhu 48. Puruvash 49. Puruhotra 50. Anshu 51. Satvat 52. Bhim 53. Bhajman 54. Chitrarath 55. Vidurath 56. Shoor 57. Sharman 58. Pratikshatra 59. Swayambhoj 60. Hridik 61. Devbhithush 62. Shoor 63. Vasudev 64. KRISHNA 65. Pradyumna 66. Aniruddha 67. Vajranabha 68. Pratibahu 69. Subahu 70. Shantasen 71. Shatasen see image of family tree at http://www.pndwarka.com/photo_gallary/34.htm
  13. gopidust, find a good friend to tell all about love for Radha. If you talk in public, people will mercilessly cut you down. It is fun for them, I guess, to call you a fake. Don't cry out to people for help. Cry to Krishna. I know it is painful for you to not have anyone to help you. Pray to Krishna to send help for you ASAP. I will pray the same!
  14. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Mooshika vaahana modaka hasta Camara karna vilambita sutra Vaamana roopa Maheshvara putra Vighna Vinaakaya, paada namaste!
  15. Krishna is parabramhan. His form is transcendent, He is supreme... Don't worry about the impersonal form. It is there, but even if it were "better," what interest do we have in it? None. We only want Krishna! No impersonal stuff!
  16. Mayavadi would be saying "well you can love Krishna, but in the end you and Krishna are one, and then you'll drop the outside image of God, because after all it is only a crutch," etc. etc. etc. Radha IS Krishna's sakti. They ARE the same. But Krishna is the Praana naatha of Radha and not the other way. Radha is Krishna's shakti, not the other way around. So there is an ontological difference.
  17. Mere Banke Bihari mope kripaa karo! Mere Kunja Bihari mope kripaa karo! Mere Ramana Bihari mope kripaa karo! Kripaa karo Pyaare kripaa karo kripaa karo Pyaare kripaa karo kripaa karo Pyaare kripaa karo kripaa karo Pyaare kripaa karo! He Vamsi Bhajaiyya mope kripaa karo! He Makhan Choraiyya mope kripaa karo! He Govinda! He Gopaala! Hare Krishna sadaa kehete kehete! Hare Krishna sadaa kehete kehete! Mere Baanke Bihari mope kripaa karo!
  18. He Govinda! He Gopala Krishna He Murari! Jaya Sri Krishna!! Govinda Govinda! Kaamam krodham bhayam sneham...
  19. Hope He's got my number too. Yours too, Krsna! It's Ganapati pooja today- hope he can remove all obstacles between us and the big Guy. Jaya Sri Krishna!
  20. I will have to find it again on the net. Yadava dynasty... give me a day or so to find it, I can't search right now. Sorry /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  21. Everyone can read them, but not when you're first starting out, because you might think what happens between Radha and Krishna is like mundane interactions between man and woman in the material world! They might not understand it is so very sacred!
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