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  1. Hello sir, Will you please explain clearly. I didn't understand. In what way I should do?
  2. Thank you Sir. Right now we are living in different places and the friction is in high end. Is there anything to do from my side?
  3. Hello Sir, I didn't get reply for my post. DOB: May 12th 1966 Time: 2PM Place: Tekkali I have issues with my spouse.. Is there any chance to solve my problems. How is my children's future.. When things will change., is there nay remedy.. Please reply. Thanks
  4. Hello Sir, Waiting for your reply. How is my children future as per my jataka?
  5. Hello Sir, Just I posted a question. Right now Sani Mahadasa is going on. Forgot to mention the year. it is 1966
  6. Time: 2 AM Date: May 12 th 1966 Place: Tekkali Having issues. Is there any chances for reunion?. Is there any remedy?
  7. Webyogiji, I'm waiting for your reply. What is wrong in my horoscope? What remedies I should take?
  8. I got your replies for my questions : You can do several things, first of all do not loose hope as it is our part of Karma and nothing is wasted, it is a matter of time when to get fruits good/bad. teacher job is also good for you, social work too. You may also continue your studies (Jupiter is also good for this), IT job it will take few months and then you can hope for it. Responses are: Q:Now I'm taking MCAD exam,this month end. Can I get success into that? A:Because of taking care of my children I need few months time also.Yes I'm doing volunteering in hospital and school. Some efforts are required as mentioned before. Q:Please tell me about my spiritual side. How far I'm successful. Why I'm in double mind. I could't gave up job trails. and at the same time I couldn't follow completely spiritual path. A:It depends on the balance of Karma and when fruits are riped. This does not mean that every thing is lost. try to make positive flow of enrgy first otherwise there is no point in discussing, be practicle. For this, you need to think positive aspects of life, because, even by thinking and your negative thoughts towards any one may leach out positive flow of energy. To stop this or reduce this, meditation is required. I am sure one can have balance between job and spiritual life. I do not see any problem with this. Q:Is that true, I had Kalasrpayoga. Suppose it is there, people said we couldn't get success in our life. A:Even it is there, you do not have to worry about this at this time. I came across several charts where people were highly successful with this yoga present. Thus, focus on the thoughts do not waste your energy. try this, it will help you a lot and then decide what you are looking for. Q:your advice is the only hope for me. I'm fit for nothing then,I have the only path, that is spiritual. Otherwise I can try for job. A:Who said that you fit for nothing? Take these type of thoughts out it is draingae to your positive Karma and only you have the ability to stop it as mentioned above. One can always have a balance between two as said above. Good to know that you are already involved in meditation, now focus your thoughts more then before. Efforts: More than normally some one do it. You can start fasting on Poornima or amavsaya days and do not take any important decisions on such days. After I read all this I'm so happy, Next day I saw this thread, Then I'm in confusion. Please check my horoscope and guide me , which job suits to me,and what to do to overcome my hurdles. I know, now Sanimahadasa already started in my life. What remedies I should take, How long these conditions going on.Whatever I studied or do any work, I got good comments, but I couldn't get my place. Why it was happened,because of my PRARBDHA KARMA? Or I couldn't effort anything in this life? Thanks for your time and effort.
  9. Webyogiji, I read these things now.I didn't see this post before. Now I'm totally confused. According to last thread I'm fine. My grahas are not in good position. Please tell me. Thank you.
  10. Namaskar Webyogiji, I'm so happy, after today's meditation. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Sometimes people ask my help, i'm doing whatever I can, like talking or suggestions, or something, what I can do. It is not a big thing , because I got help from my friends and relatives whenever I need. Some times I'm into trouble, because of helping,at that time, I had negative feelings, My people suggested don't do that much. But I couldn't follow. I can't leave them in between know. Is it O.K. Or I should be cautious? please give your advice(according to my horoscope, please) Once again thanks for you. After I read all of your advices to me I got the complete picture. Now I know what should I do.
  11. Thank you Webyogiji for your reply. I got your point. In one thing I couldn't get it.(Some efforts are required as mentioned before) Means put my complete effort for what I'm doing or Can I do any pooja or some ritual things. I'm doing meditation regularly.What you said true. Some times I can't concentrate.Because of thinking of other things.(Not to related to me). Any suggesions for me. my regular work or something special care I should take. I have 2 children,one girl and one boy.Both are studying. Once again thanks . Will you please guide me.
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