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  1. FYI: As a Hindu i read khuran which is written in my native language. I also read other sacred books. If Hindus really aim to find mistakes then we can find many mistakes in all other sacred books. But our nature is not that. We are from India. We are in India. our Bharata Mata taught us to respect every religion. There can be some cooked up stories in Hindu sacred books/as well as in Khuran/Bible, but i say we should not bother about those false stories. One should learn an ability to grasp Good things along with faults. Dr. JakiR Naik almost concentrates only on errors/faults of other religions. When he tells errors he must tell many true things of other religions too.Ultimatley he says the Allah is the only God. If he is not doing that then that means he is wasting his valuable time in just finding errors in others. For this how Allah can forgive him?. I am sure a day will come for Jakir. On that day he will realize that God is one.
  2. I am happy to know that you are in love of God. My answer is Murti worship is not necessary for spiritual progress. But it may not be necessary only for you. Others may need according they way they have chosen to worship. It is like if we conduct any meeting then usually we invite a senior member and also we offer some flowers / sweets and praise them. If necessary we praise a lot so that he can help to finish our work. Worshiping Murti is also like that. It has some advantages. Murti worship is one way of showing love to God. One of the ways to covey our love to God. But it is not the only way. And with Many Mantras and Tantras we energize the Murti so that God can come and reside in that Murti. In many temples usually priests energizes the Murtis so that we can get God’s love. And this is also one of the ways to love and praise the Lord. But this is not the only way to praise the Lord. Another advantage is we develop concentration power by worshiping Murtis. And this is also one of the ways. And yeah there can be some other which I do not know. Finally my opinion is God should stay in our Soul and mind forever. We should control our senses. Without this there is no use if we worship Murtis or concentrate on Murtis. Hence you need not to worry about it.
  3. Good to read a reply from you. Thanks for the comment. I do see Some Christians in Gayatri Pariwar club, Shree Mata Ji group and other Hare Krishna groups. And I also know that they even celebrate Christmas though they joined Hindu groups. I use to sing songs on Jesus in my college days.I know that he is one of the forms of Lord. It’s nice to see some great people like you. you people are blessed by Lord. Give me your email address and let me add you in my friends list. Thanks, Kishore
  4. This Email is for Dr.Zakir Naik and other Christian priests who love to discriminate God by the name of religion, Allah or Jesus will never forgive them for what they are doing on earth. I recently went to a good Shiva temple and in return brought Prasad (sweet from temple) to share with my co-workers. In my office there is one Muslim and Christian, they both did not eat that offering because their religions strictly told that Islam/Jesus only way to go to heaven. I recently found Dr.Zakir Naik (from Islam) and from Joyce Mayer and other Christian leaders from different countries are coming to India and destroying the peace in India. They should know that in India a Muslim can be elected as a president ( Abdul Kalam), a Christian can be elected as president or Minister. We Hindus never discrimiate. But in Pakistan can any Hindu / Christian be a Presdient? In America can Any Hindu / Muslim be a President? But in India it happens...We Indians are great...We treat everyone as one , India is an example for Unity in Diversity. I surprised with those two co-worker attitude towards God. I am Brahmin and recite many mantras. But still when my Father was sick I went to a Darga as well as to a Church to pray to God. And when brought Prasad from Darga all Hindus had taken it including that Muslim but except that Christian. I had a discussion with Joyce Mayer once. She told that JESUS DICRMINATE RELIGION AND SHE SAID JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY AND ALL OTHER WAYS ARE FALSE. I did not agree with it, I feel like these people cooked up some stories in Bible . We Humans have got a chance to rectify our mental problems and to live in peace. Let other religions priests know that God has provided Mother to feed Milk as soon as child takes birth. God never showed discrimination God has provided Air without discrimination to all people as soon as we take birth . God has provided water to drink without discrimination. God has provided Blood to supply oxygen in all human bodies without discrimination. Discrimination is not in God. Discrimination is taking place in these stupid priests. God is always one. One has to develop an attitude to see and get God in every thing. Zakir and all other Christian priest who discriminate God are like Frogs in well. The Little Frog had been living at the bottom of an old well since he was born. He thinks that his well is the only big world all other things outside of his well are not so great. One day a yellow sparrow flew down to the bottom of the well, picked up the Little Frog on his back, and flew out of the well. Finally Frog said "Thank you very much. If you had not brought me out to see this world, I would never have known that there are such beautiful things that exist outside my well." The Little Frog never tried to go back to his old well again. These people really in need of a Yellow Sparrow. Thanks, M.Kishore
  5. Om Raghavendraya Namaha I liked your question. It is a very good question. Every Hindu must raise these kinds of difficult questions so that answers can be revealed to Non-Hindus and hence we can spread the greatness of Hinduism every where. I would like to explain this with an example. Suppose God has decided to give you 50 years life time. That means you breathe up to 50 years. When you finish your several rounds of breath and meet 50 you will die. But through meditation one lives without breath and hence lives for many years. This is all science in reality. Our Rushis are great scientists. We hear in Ramayana and Maha Bharata that Many Rushis like Viswamitra, Ravana , Vyasa many other saints did Tapasuu ( I mean meditate for several thousands of years without eating ). They were able to meditate that many years because they can live even without breath. But that stage is not very easy to attain for normal persons. It is hard to believe and to practice also. With lot of practice and Gods blessings we can do it. We start with Normal meditation and leave it at some point of time without taking it seriously. But some saints are not like you and I they struggle a lot to reach Moksha. When they go to deep meditation at some advanced level they stop breathing and their soul moves from their Body but still they their body does not die. It is true. Hence this is called Samadhi Avasta (level), by controlling their breath they don’t use their life time. They consume very little life time, now and then they come and use it life for some little things. Hence we can believe that great Soul and Body of Raghavendra may be still under the tomb living. And yeah even he left his body he is still living as a messenger of GOD. Have you heard of Darga’s in Islam Culture? They go to Darga’s to worship a skeleton. But actually they believe that, that great soul still resides in that place and will transfer their messages to GOD. For example Ajmir Darga which is very famous. They believe that buried body has still got power and acts like a messenger between Allah and devotees. Just like our Shiridi Sai Baba. Hence I believe there can be chances that Body of Rahavendra still is living under that Tomb. He may be meditating a lot still in Samadhi Avastha (by not using his life time). This is all great science from our Rishis, and this world can learn this great science only from Hindu religion. Once again our Rishis are great scientists. Many secrets kept in Vedas in the encrypted form to reach GOD. Om Raghavendraya Namaha Thanks, M.Kishore
  6. Zakir Nair is doing a big mistake on the name of ISLAM. We need not to concentrate any of his sayings. He is like this: He says his Mother is the only right and perfect Mother and all other Mothers in this world have got many errors. Hence they are not real Mothers. He is demanding all to follow only His mother like Islam. I hope you all can understand wht i mean. I mean religion is like our mother. We have to follow our religion. A Christian has to follow his religion , a Hindu must follow a Hindu religion, A Muslim must follow Islam that's it. He does not have any rights to find faults in other religions. And in India we all live like friends. Here there is a unity in diversity. This guy is destroying this unity. In India a Muslim can be given a president post. And we already gave to Abdul Kalam. Can any indian Hindu be a president In Pakistan... NO , NO , NO. Zakir should know that Indians are the perfect people on earth. We salute every religion, we treat everyone as same. Allah will punish Zakir,,,Dear Zakir be carefull. Shut your mouth and recite Pavitra Khuran again and aagin...Death can come any time..make sure when you die your mind should be chanting only Allah..but not finding faults and errors in other religions. Use your time for God but not like this. DON'T THIS YOU ARE DOING A REAL ZIHAD LIKE THIS. Thanks, Kishore
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