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  1. What you are saying is happening, offending other faiths, but it isn't what Prabhupada instructed. He said you bow down for a mayavadi sannyasi. He also said Christianity and Islam are bona fide religions, and explained that any religion that teaches how to love God is a bona fide religion. He said Jesus is a manifestation of Krishna's Shakti, a saktyavesavatara. Being a vaishnava means to be humble and to follow the country's laws. Ordinary politeness, being a gentleman, should be one of the vaishnava's weapons. And yes, the golden age is happening. We can compare the standard of life, the average lifespan, and many things to just 500 to 1000 years ago, We can clearly see a drastic improvement over the last 500 years. Consciousness is being raised together with science. It is just a matter of time before the scientists, widely discover and accept the concept of God (or an intelligent being) as the creator as opposed to a cosmic soup - chaos. We now all need to work together. Caitanya says God has unlimited names and we can chant them all togehter; muslims, hindus, christians, brahmavadis (more commonly known here as mayavadis), shaivas, vaishnas, shaktas, atheïsts, everyone can chant and dance together. There aren't any hard and fast rules for it. About offences in Iskcon: Say sorry when you hurt someone, it is just common sense. Also don't critisize too much, Jesus says: For what you judge another, you shall be judged. This should be common vaishnava knowledge.
  2. Namo Vaishnave First of all everyone is free to question Prabhupada's teachings for themselves. If one goes to the market and someone says 'here this is gold', you don't just take it. You will bite on it to test it. To accept a guru tradition is to test the guru for a year and for the guru to test the disciple's fitness. I have never seen or read Prabhupada saying anywhere that the stars give light because the sun shines on them. Neither has he said this about the moon. Actually in the vedas the moon is described as being self effulgent. Also he said that modern scientists didn't go to the moon, but perhaps they might have gone to Rahu. In any case, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur says in his preface to his work Sri Krsna Samhita that spiritualists/transcendentalists aren't interested in arguing. He continues to say if someone comes with scientifically well supported arguments we will accept. Our interest is in developing sincere love for God. So in any case, whether the moon is a star or not, self-effulgent or not, the scientists went there, isn't the matter for a transcendentalist. We should be interested in using the science in such a way that it helps us develop genuine love for God, else we better don't mingle in with it. As for the statement of the Bhagavad Gita. The puport is that among every principle in the universe Krsna or also God's personality is represented within the greatest in any of them. When looking into the sky one sees so many stars and they are so beautiful, but among them one, the moon, is the most beautiful. Therefore excelling in beauty Krsna is represented in the moon the best. Similarly the best among the Daityas (demons) is Prahlad, him being a pure devotee of the Lord, so he represents the Lord. Same for every principle in the universe. Radhe Radhe
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