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  1. should read first in order to get the best understanding. I have all ready read Bhagavad Gita and im reading the story of Rama right now, but what books are the next? Mahabarata, the vedas or something else?
  2. Battelle released the results of its study of fluorides and rats in April 1989. The study showed a dose-dependent relationship between the incidence of oral cancerous tumors and fluorides. After learning this, the National Cancer Institute did a study and found that as exposure to fluoridation increases, so does the incidence of oral cancer; sometimes by as much as 50%. In 1990 forty US dentist brought a case against the American Dental Association contending that the Association purposefully shielded the public from data that links fluoride to genetic defects, cancer and other health problems (Columbus Dispatch, Oct 21, 1990). Since 1990 over 45 US cities have rejected fluoridation. Ninety eight percent of Europe’s drinking water is now fluoride free
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