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    I love my people, plants, creatures, all nature, books and yoga.
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    The desert
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    growing food, herbs, and flowers.
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  1. The question of "what is that I'm eating" is one I don't like to face. The soilent green scenario will be more possible with the "advances"...that's why I will stick to real food instead of ANYTHING processed!
  2. I am not an older person yet, but I feel much more lucid when I eat small and light. Too much food can make one feel sluggish and less likely to be swift with thought. Great article!
  3. I am also a vegan and would be glad if the meat industry were able to produce meat without the torture and killing of animals, however, I don't believe I could ever enjoy the flavor of dead flesh again. It sounds a little bit "Frankensteinish" to me...but technology never ceases to amaze!
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