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  1. When SAI is repeated non-stop, it becomes ISA which is how Jesus is called in hindi. So it is proved that Sai ( Baba ) is equivalent to Jesus Christ.
  2. I had a severe backache problem. Satya Sai cured it.
  3. Well, I visited Aurobindo Ashram where I enquired about her. People there told me that some boys had violated her and finally she had left Pondicherry and India as well. Of course, that was many years back.
  4. Mother Meera born in A.P. ( India ) but now living in Germany is considered an avatar by her followers. She claims to be in league with dead saints to awaken humanity. Millions flock to her.
  5. One remarkable thing about baba Faqir Chand was that he attained enlightenment during satsang with his disciples as had been predicted by his guru Shiv Brat Lal.
  6. Outer God is a mental projection. You can feel real God inside you after removing all thoughts.
  7. It has been foretold that Prem Sai will be born in the year 2022 A.D. in Karnataka. He will have all the 8 siddhis and 9 nidhis.
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