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  1. i found a site to know all abt devi http://www.jaimatadi.co.cc/
  2. have u ever used the raksha kavach by them is it effective. btw some ppl did tell me tht someone is doing tantrik stuff on me..n the paath kind of protected me. ...but i cant seem to recover probably tht thing is not getting cut off
  3. many all over the body ...on face. the size of marks are around the end of pencil not the tip.
  4. well no i dont eat meat i gave up from around the time i started the chandi paath....somehow i just started hating meat non-veg...only raw egg sometimes( since i was told by dietician to eat it), i dont do any yaksha sadhana or anything only devi puja. i was totally confident person before somehow these things have broken my confidence and i have become more of introvert. i dont listen to gothic or any such music ...or satanic thing....they totally disgust me. and no ...till now no one has answered me clearly as to wat is happening to me other than vague answer...and honestly i need proper answers with explanations so i know y and wat and all. i dont believe tht doing devi puja can harm anyone thts rubbish...god never harms...and mother can never harm her child . as for geting a guru ...till date i have not met any person who made me feel yes this person is truely enlightened and can guide me ...i need to feel that to accept a person as my guru. so when i do puja its only god who is my guru. hence non of the methods have worked. and i dont believe that pundits or such ppl can do puja better as they r mostly money minded. hence i do watever i know whole heartedly.... few who think these things r probably mad halucinations...i can just say ....those who face it can only understand. btw ... in my dream mentioned above the last part the very next day i got chicken pox. now ppl will think probably i was hallucinating but i wasnt. and i cud do with some geniune proper explanations...instead of vague ones.
  5. post this query in of vedic astrology ...someone will surely reply there to ur problem. vedic astrology/
  6. kali upasakji wat do u think is actually happening to me? this things is it bad if so wat cud they be or wat is it? and y it is happening to me?
  7. isnt kunjika a standalone thing...in the stotra too its mentioned that it can be read alone without the paath.
  8. no i m not meditating on the paath ...just reading it during navratri. how can i contact the swamiji does he have a email id? or forum?
  9. ok thanx can i just recite the kunjika alone instead?
  10. no the paath was done because i was fascinated by the goddess...n for no other reasons. ... r u implying tht i m going mad since i m getting these kinds of dreams?
  11. can someone recommend a mantra to get a promotion or to clear a exam in job field like some companies hold exams to award promotions.
  12. how to know if the thing in your house is god or ghost or some shakti or both...plz give some method
  13. is there any ayurvedic remedy to get rid of marks and craters formed due to chicken pox
  14. crap no hindu queen will ever say demolish temple n build a mosque .
  15. wat wrong path plz elaborate...and wat r the natural experiences ?plz tell clearly...aalso 40 days chalisa continuously or can we give a break u know girls have natural reasons.
  16. when someone gets chicken pox ppl say the goddess loves them a lot so has come to visit them ... while on net in blogs its said its the wrath of goddess . kindly plz share ur knowledge on this.
  17. its 11 malas for 7 days ...keep water in copper vessel and after completing the jaap sprinkle a bit of tht water around the house especially the corners and the rest needs to be drunk by the patient . also get hold of the cd of the jaap and play it morning n evening and let ur mom hear it.... its the best remedy from illness.
  18. lot of ppl disuade others frm doing jaap on devi mantras saying it increases the heat in the body (hormonal disbalance or aroused) is this true? how much truth is there in this....if it does happen then y does it happen and how can one stop or overcome this barrier? regards angel
  19. is it Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce or Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce a pandit at banaras he's a mahapurohit at kalbhairav temple claims tht its Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce which is the panchakshari durga mantra....is it true?
  20. is it Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce or Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce a pandit at banaras he's a mahapurohit at kalbhairav temple claims tht its Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce which is the panchakshari durga mantra....is it true?
  21. how do i know if the 2 ppl i see in my dream are yaksha n yakshini or something more evil. previous some yrs back i started the chandi paath from then on i actually started this experience. first i saw a lady in my dream in cream colored salwar suit oval face long hair in braid and red bindi...in the dream my mom tells me to do the puja in the evening but i forget and m busy playing with my sis n servant ( i was a kid of abt 10-13 yrs in the dream) just i really used to in real life. then suddenly this lady appears i got scared n she says u forgot to give me food ur mom told u to do puja but u forgot and give me anything to eat in the evening so get me oil thts enough and she follows me into the kitchen and i give her oil from the jar and also maida (wheat flour ) but she insists on just oil. n then she disappeared....this happened after 1 month of starting the chandi path for the first time....and just around the time the monthly finished. i checked the time it was around 3.30 -5 am after another month during the same time i again saw a lady this time she was in grey (practically black) sari n modern looking with no ornaments n jewels... in the dream i told my mom see there she is cant u see her and mom says who i cant see her... i say see she's there and she entering into the basement of our house and disappears. this happened around the same time as previous dream. then i started seeing a lady with all hair open n looking ferocious more like kali ..practically everyday around 4-5 am time she wud just stand near the bed n look at me... honestly i was scared to hell. few days later i saw another form i was visiting some dhaam in my dream some procession of ganga mandir or something . n then suddenly i see this lady in red sari with her teeth jutting out like tht of boar and with a trishul. she is dancing n i get scared n she comes towards me and says dont be scared of me ... i notice tht her feet are that of elephant. with all these things i really cudnt sleep i was scared to sleep or close my eyes. when i slept my body wud become heavy or i wud get these dreams. now suddenly out of now-where i started getting dreams of a man who assumes different forms and gets physical with me in the dream... honestly its a sickening exp. since i m not the type but in the dream i cant stop it and i dont hate it too. becuase of this i kind of hate relationship n somehow dont feel like getting married. feel like my chastity is being unchastisied. i saw the lady visit sometimes in bridal form n say no matter wat u try i wont leave and u wont be able to get rid of me either. and the man well he manages to seduce me or force me. i dont like this a bit recently on the day of shivratri, i dreamt a man who looked like a tapasvy or sadhu or may be tantrik he had this dread locks n dark n wore a dhoti or wrap kind and he was saying in my dream to a lady who was a middle aged lady tht i m not after u but its ur daughter i seek n i m just looking on tht lady isnt me but i see him getting physical with her. then the worst exp yesterday i was asleep and i saw tht my body has become possessed by this male thing and i m trying to tell my sis before it possess me to give me some particular water as tht will alone free me from this person but my tongue is not moving n i m having immense difiulty in trying to relay the info to her in the dream. then the thing possess me and i go near the puja room and open the door and laugh a lot ...my mom is calling out my name n asking me wats wrong y m i up so late in the night but i ignore her voice and open the door of the puja room and i see smoke maybe agarbati or sambrani but i cant see any god's photo becuase of the smoke and then i start telling the goddess there "see i have ur devotee in my grip wat can u do ..wat will u do, u black women" and laugh all the while i keep tryin to seek the goddess help by tryin to say her mantra or her name but i m not able to n then laughin i put the hand inside the puja room and i woke up....till then no matter how much i tried i just cudnt wake up. after waking up i felt my whole body painful as if i was beaten black n blue and got a fever now. also in my dreams i see temples gods and real ones ...these places i have never visited in person but they do exist as i get to know later. plz if anyone can tell me wat it is? is it something evil yaksha ghost devil wat? wat does it want i asked it but it wont reply or reveal its identity. i was pretty goodlooking before all this started and pretty liked by one n all...but now i have turned skinny and pale skin...appetite has gone totally and watever i say i make enemies and ppl dont bother abt me anymore treated like a garbage bin as ppl just love taunting me or saying things abt me. i have started feeling a strong urge tht maybe if i kill myself i will be able to end this misery but then probably the god is strong enough to get of tht thght from my mind my behaviour has become erratic n violent too and previously i was very shy n calm girl but i have become a kind of revolt and rude and dont care for anyone n abusive too and short tempered. my sane self tells me something is seriously wrong with me and i need some strong help to resolve this issue. so plz if you can guide me how to stop all this and wats exactly hapenning and wat this thing is plz plz help i know u all will think tht probbaly its bad food or ill health leadin to these kind of things but trust me it is not...even while awake i feel someone cross by in fact i saw a boy who resembled the then servant at our place stand by the bed n call my name n i wasnt sleeping i thght how dare he calls me by my nick name n didnt reply n then after few mins thght i shud take him to task n went to scold him n saw tht he was in the garden....so u see i m not halucinating at all.... plz help. ps- sometimes the dreams i get turn true more like future forcasting.and i do the meditation of the chandi mantra .
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